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Letters received from Past Pupils after they had read the last issue of the Magazine give great encouragement since so many remark on the pleasure this section of the Magazine has given them.

For members living at a distance, who are not able to attend Reunions or School functions, the news provided is doubly welcome. We ask them to continue to write and let us know items of interest about themselves or other Past Pupils with whom they come in contact.

Local members have supported all activities and it was gratifying to see so many at the School Dance. Thanks are again extended to all who helped with the Convent Stall at the B.C.D.F. Coronation Fete.

At last the erection of the School Hall is possible and we know it will prove of special interest to those who were associated with the inauguration of the Fund in connection with the Golden Jubilee of Reverend Mother Kelly.

Good wishes for God's blessing and every happiness are offered to those who have let us know of their marriage during the year

Mary Browning (Mrs. E. Brooks) - photo above.
M. Lloyd (Mrs. R. Lewis-Manning) - photo below.
Betty Mason (Mrs. R. Simpson).
Ann Wagstaff (Mrs. J. Spooner).
N. Brewer (Mrs. G. Place).
S. Robinson (Mrs. Manley).
We are happy to announce the birth of:

Nicholas Anthony to Anne White (Adams).
Jonathan to Angela Beech (King).
Nigel Arthur to Marie Tarrant (Browne).
Nicholas Richard to Patricia Norton Woodfine (Summerton).
Noneen Catherine to Mary Morton (Hennessy).
Jennifer Maureen to Shelagh Quinn (McCarthy).
Denis William to Veronica Treadwell (Browning).
Prayers are asked for the repose of the soul of Senora Laura A. de Plaza (Aremillas), who died on July 10th, 1953. She remained in correspondence with Mother Sohle for over forty years. The older group of Past Pupils who still keep in close contact with the Convent and who visit Reverend Mother Kelly was well represented at the wedding of Marjorie Lloyd (Mrs. R, L. Manning) - see picture below.

Among those present were Dorothy Tucker (Hobbs), President of the Association, W. Kelly, D. Poole, who manages to come for a visit despite her busy life at Downside, E. and W. Cartwright, who call frequently and who have been pleased to see Reverend Mother Butler-Bowdon, who has been staying in Boscombe for the past few months.

P. Breaks (Hobbs) keeps in touch with Mother Briggs and we are sure that many of the other contemporaries of Mother Briggs will share her happiness in the nevus that her sister Mildred is to receive the habit in the Convent Chapel at Boscombe on December 21st.

It seems opportune here to mention other Past Pupils who have entered our Novitiate at East Cowes during recent years. Sister Brown (Ruth) is continuing her studies at Springhill; Sister Coward (Margaret) had the privilege of making her Profession in September and is now at our Convent at Stakes. Catherine Morton, Head Girl for the School Year 1952-53 entered the Novitiate on the Feast of St. Michael.

Letters received by Reverend Mother Kelly include a long New Year letter from Dame Placida, O.S.B. (Violet Gatland). She mentioned that the photograph of "Little Women" reminded her of "Cranford" when she took the part of Miss Matty and Angela Cave's mother lent her lovely furniture for one of the scenes. Incidentally, we were very pleased to receive a surprise visit from Angela during this year. Angela was at school here as early as 1908. Janete Howard (Ritchings) wrote expressing her happiness at having been able to visit Boscombe in the previous summer and giving news of her sister Elvina.

Marie Bertini called during the summer, and gave news of Lily (Mother Barbara) who is Head of the Junior School at the Convent of the I.B.V.M. at Ascot.

Josie Miller (Riddle) and Lucy Meade (Riddle) come to see Reverend Mother Kelly from time to time. Mrs. Miller is always pleased to tell us of Betty (Spalton) and her baby daughter, who are in Canada, and of Peggy (Cunningham) and her children Julian end Linda.

Ida Head writes regularly to Reverend Mother Kelly and last Christmas Doris Milroy (Frampton) sent snaps of her adopted children. Doris is in Malaya. May Weld-Blundell is another very faithful and regular correspondent. J. O'Reilly (Brady) also sends news of herself from time to time.

During the summer the Nuns were pleased to see Marguerite de Liege (Madame Dupont) who came to Boscombe to bring her daughter Denise and two of Jerome's children, who spent the holidays at the Convent to improve their English.

Winifred Hornbuckle (Cary) tells how much she longs to see "dear old Boscombe again. The nearest I get to Boscombe is an occasional letter from my old friend Margaret Mayo". Mary Pascal writes and called several times during her stay in Bournemouth last summer. Irene Dunnett comes to see Mother Dunnett. She still devotes herself to the instruction of Converts. Vera White (Blackley) is another faithful visitor.

Rita Browning (de Sousa) has still her youngest child Gay at school, so we are kept in touch with the family news. Mary came to the Convent after her wedding with Mr. Eustace Brooks (a Past Pupil and brother of Mary and Teresa); we were all happy to witness such a thoroughly Catholic marriage with the privilege of the Papal blessing. Barbara Tanner (Browning) called in October and was able to tell of a Boscombe group residing in Wimbledon area. Barbara has two children, Richard and Angela, the latter being godchild of Moya Maidment, so Moya and Pat are in close touch with them.

It was good to hear that Barbara had met Jacqueline Brewer, who is sharing a flat with Rosemary Dix-Lewis. Mary Morton (Hennessy) is living in the same parish, but spent her summer holidays in Boscombe. Maire and Teresa Mary, her little girls, became quite accustomed to the Convent by the end of their holiday.

While they were here two other families of Past Pupils were in the neighbourhood, so Reverend Mother invited mothers and children to tea. Maire and Teresa Mary met Anthony and Nina, with their mother, Rosemary Ziolowski (Rose). They were joined by Yvonne Delanoe (Pinder's) six boys and Maryvonne. To complete the gathering Jean Walsh (Hughes) brought Michael, Peter and Baby Angela. Baby talk, French or English, did not matter! All came to the Chapel for Benediction and afterwards we managed to get some snaps in between games. The Nuns certainly enjoyed the babies and we should like to have more reunions of this kind.

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