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Junior School - 1953.

The following are the children who had the happiness of making their First Holy Communion on the Sunday within the Octave of Corpus Christi:

Roger Claesson, Paul Gillings, Richard Hoyle, Anthony Goodwin, Laurence Saunders, Penelope M. Ball, Patricia Birkett, Gabrielle Browning, Winifred D. Cooper, Margaret Mary Donlevy, Valerie F. Daniells, Patricia Elvins, Cynthia Eveleigh-Smith, Sheila Kirrane, Marilyn B. Lavers, Edwina M. Lewis, Carol Wickham, Jacqueline Wood, Angela M. O'Keeffe, Patricia A. Smith, and Katherine Downing. Deirdre Orton
and Anne Sheath received their First Holy Communion on May 31st at St. Mary's, Queen of Peace, Southbourne.

When grown-ups talk about school, they always say how lucky we juniors are, and if you ever take a peep into St. Joseph's you will see that this is true.

As well as ordinary lessons, we enjoy ourselves at Percussion Band, learning dances to show our parents on that exciting night when we have such a happy time at the Pavilion - and taking part in the Christmas Play, which is perhaps best of all.

Would you like to hear of some of the happy days we have spent during the year? Of course, we simply love bringing flowers to wish Reverend Mother a, Happy Feast on St. Patrick's Day. We like to see our classrooms decorated and all the desks hidden away while we enjoy the party to which Reverend Mother invites us.

This year, in the summer term, there was a special party for all the juniors under seven years of age at the time of the Coronation. Kerryton garden was decorated with flags and streamers and small tables were set on the lawn. We had hoped that the Mayor would come to see how much we were enjoying ourselves, but as he was unable to be in Bournemouth on that day he asked Councillor McInnes to visit us in his place, (photo below).

Reverend Mother General came to Boscombe during the summer term, and she stayed just long enough to see the exhibition of our Exercise Books, Art and Needlework. You may guess how pleased we were to take our Mummies, Daddies and friends around the class rooms to show them all we had done - because we do not spend all our time having parties and fun.

We try, hard at our lessons and sometimes the Mistresses seem quite surprised at our answers. Did you ever hear before that Our Lord ascended into Heaven from Mount Everest and that St. Michael is a great saint, and he has a car, because he drove the Devil down to Hell! The results of last year's work will be printed at the end of these notes - and then we know you will be in a hurry to read the poems and compositions which some of us have written for the Magazine.

Places Gained in the Year's Work

Distribution of Prizes and Certificates

Awarded in the Junior School during the School Year 1952-1953


Associated Board
Grade I - Credit: Norma Blakeman, Rosemary Ive, Mary Jennings. Pass: Claudia Lightfoot, Maureen Goodwin, Moira Pearce.
Grade II - Credit: Patricia Cobb.

Grade I - Credit: Mary Bavey.

Royal Drawing Society

Group II. Stage I. Honours

A. Colbourne, E. Dearlove.

The following candidates, having gained Honours in Group II, Stages I and II, have been awarded Primary Certificates:

Lindy Arkle, Janet Brewer, Linda Chiverton, Patricia Cobb, Christine Ellard, Avalon Hutchins, Rosemary Ive, Karena Hapgood, Janet Jamieson, Patricia Knight, Elaine Lewis, Maureen Oxley, Jeanne Weston, Janet Alford, Valerie Anderson, Norma Blakeman, Janet Boys, Maureen Ellis, Joyce Fletcher, Anita Harris, Elaine Hunter, Kathleen Kitchen, Sandra Matthews, Doreen Mount, June McIlroy, Jill McIlroy, Patricia Smith, Valerie Sharp, Mary Turpin, Teresa Ward.

Group III. Stage I. Honours

Susan Canning, Irene Wuytack, Susan Panther, Gillian Wixen.

Places Gained in the Year's Work

Upper II - Catechism Prize and 1st Place: Kathleen Kitchen. 2nd Place: Gillian Wixen. 3rd Place: Ann Steel.

Form; II - Catechism Prize: Mary Bavey. 1st Place: Irene Wuytack. 2nd Place: Linda Chiverton. 3rd Place: Avalon Hutchins.

Lower II - Catechism Prize: Mary Parsons. 1st Place: Hazel Bather. 2nd Place: Marianne Harrison and Nina Thorne. 3rd Place: Pamela Mulroy.

Upper I - Catechism Prize: Liliana Torretti. 1st Place: Margaret Hudson. 2nd Place: Frances Hoyle. 3rd Place: Janet Dales.

Lower I - Catechism Prize and 2nd Place: Gabrielle Browning. 1st Place: Mary Alison. 3rd Place: Sandra Robertson.

Transition - Catechism Prize: Richard Hoyle. 1st Place: Deirdre Orton and Marilyn Lovers. 2nd Place: Valerie Daniells. 3rd Place: Margaret Mary Donlevy.

Preparatory Form - Prize for each one.

Silver Cup for Form with Highest Average in the Tests: Upper I.

Silver Cup for Pupil who gained 1st Place most times during the year: K. Kitchen.

Silver Cup awarded to IIb for the splendid Collection made for the Orphans of the Diocese.

Attendance Prizes - Jean Colbeck, Maureen Costigan, Janet Brewer, Christine Garwood, Anita Harris, Anthony Goodwin, Roger Claesson.

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