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During the past year there have been several occasions on which local Past Pupils in particular were able to meet. In the last issue of the Magazine an invitation was extended by Reverend Mother to a Reunion on January 8th. Those who came spent a happy evening together, but we hopei to see double the number next time!

After Easter, a Committee was formed to consider arrangements for the Southbourne Garden Fete, proceeds of which were to be devoted to the B.C.D.F. The Past Pupils of the Convent were asked to be responsible for the Household Stall, and several meetings were held at the Convent to discuss the best means of collecting goods and of running the stall. Laura Templer or Judy Bacon attended the General Committee meetings and brought their reports.

We thank all who helped in collecting, selling tickets, and especially those who gave their services so. willingly on the actual day. Altogether, 1,417 gifts were received. The helpers worked in relays under the direction of Mademoiselle Mollard (who generously offered her services to our stall) and of Miss W. Kelly, who was responsible for packing all the contributions. We publish a snap of the group who happened to be "on duty" when photographs were being taken.

We are sure that all concerned will be pleased to know: that Reverend Mother received a letter from Father Murtagh, thanking all who had given such support to this branch of Catholic Action.

During this term a Netball match, Past v. Present, was played, and the teams were afterwards invited to tea at the Convent. The Past Pupils represented were J. Bacon, E. Godfrey, L. Thornback, W. Johnston, A. Francis, A. Manning.

We should like to arrange other matches if those who are willing to play would send in their names.

The Senior Section of Past Pupils always eagerly await news of Reverend Mother Kelly to whom so many write faithfully. She still maintains a deep interest in her pupils of former days and there can be no doubt that all of them have a large share in her prayers, especially the Rosary to which she has such devotion.

Reverend Mother Kelly was indebted to the Reverend Mother of the Convent, Herne Bay for news of Joyce Francis (Mrs Weston), "Joyce has been received into the Church. Her training in her old School with Reverend Mother Kelly she has never forgotten and this has brought her the faith no doubt. She is dying of cancer".

We thank God for this grace and ask prayers for Joyce, who has since died. Reverend Mother wrote to Joyce and sent a copy of the Magazine. Despite her condition, Mrs. Weston managed to reply and we feel sure that her contemporaries would like to read some of her last letter.

"I am glad now to be going Home, especially as I am a Catholic. God has been very good to me. Would you pray for me - I know you will - that I will be given strength and courage to face all future suffering. I know it will not be long now. I am so interested in the Magazine and I recognised the name of Dorothy Hobbs, the Cartwrights and many others. How I should have liked to have seen my School again - but this was not to be'.

We also ask prayers for the soul of Bertha Gale (Moore) who died in May. R.I.P.

Winifred Hornbuckle (Cary) wrote most appreciatively of the Magazine and the pleasure it gives her. Margaret Fairlie, Maria Bertini and Mrs. Skeates (Ida Head) came to visit Reverend Mother Kelly during the year, Nora Duggett (Moriarty) also called and gave news of Mary Walsh (Moriarty) and of Dame Werburga, O.S.B.

After so many years it was* a great pleasure to have news through Reverend Mother Kelly of Janete Howard (Ritchings) who wrote, "I was in Boscombe with my two sisters, Kathleen and Elvina, for a long time before the death of our Mother.

You taught me music and were Mistress General. I have on my desk a photograph of you which you sent me many years ago".

Amongst the frequent callers to see Reverend Mother Kelly are Vera White (Blackley), Dorothy Tucker (Hobbs), E. and W. Cartwright, M. Lloyd, J. Miller (Riddle), K. Watson (Andrew), P. Breaks (Hobbs), M. Briggs and D. Poole. Mrs. Miller gives news of Betty (Mrs. Spalton) and Peggy (Mrs. Cunningham) and of their children.

W. Merriam visited us during the Summer. Dame" Placida, O.S.B. (V. Gatland), writing (for Reverend Mother Kelly's Feast) mentioned a visit paid to her Convent, Oulton Abbey, Stone, by Mrs. Brady (J. O'Rielly), and her sister Eileen.

In the course of the afternoon they discovered their mutual connection with Boscombe, especially when a snap of Reverend Mother Kelly, taken years ago by Mother Briggs, was produced. Dame Placida also gave news of Edie Green who was hoping to go to Mexico in the autumn and whom she hopes will visit Oulton Abbey next year.

All who know Mary Dyson will wish to offer her sympathy on the death of her mother whom she nursed devotedly during her long illness. We ask all to remember Mrs. Dyson in their prayers as well as Mary herself who has always been such a faithful member of the Association.

Our sympathy is extended also to Margaret Rose McGlade on the death of her mother, Betty and Catherine Weatherley's grandmother. R.I.P. Although she is away from Bournemouth for the greater part of the year, Marjorie Wood never fails to come in to Mass and for a short visit, when she returns to Boscombe from her arduous work among the Polish children at Pulborough.

Members of the Association will unite in offering special congratulations to Mother V. M. Dunnett, who celebrated her Golden Jubilee on May 3rd. Although a Past Pupil of Boscombe, Mother Dunnett spent the greater part of her Religious life at our Convent in Southsea.

On September 14th many of the Southsea Past Pupils came to congratulate her personally, and to recall happy memories of the days when she was their Headmistress, The Southsea Past Pupils who came to Boscombe were pleased to meet among the Community, Nuns who were either their Mistresses in Southsea or their contemporaries.

They were welcomed by Reverend Mother herself, a former South-sea pupil, and Mother Welstead, Mother Pigott (who received congratulations on her Silver Jubilee), Mothers Briggs, Golby, Wallace, Pannell, Potter and Loftus.

They had another cause for rejoicing as this year marks the Golden Jubilee of the foundation of the Convent of the Cross in Southsea.

Unfortunately, Mother Dunnett's health did not permit her to join the two other Golden Jubilarians, Mothers Ryan and B. Boulton (also a Past Pupil of Boscombe), who went to the Mother House at St. Quentin to join the Jubilarians there. However, it was a great joy for Mother Dunnett to have the ceremony in our Chapel, where her sis'er Irene could be present.

We are pleased to announce that Kitty Coombes entered the Novitiate of the Medical Missionary Sisters at Osterley, and we shall pray for her and wish her every blessing.

In March, one of our former mistresses, Miss Flynn, received the habit at the Carmelite Convent, Branksome. Mother Welstead, Mother McEvoy and a group of pupils whom Miss Flynn had taught attended the ceremony, and after the Clothing of Sister Mary of the Blessed Trinity, the two members of the Community were very happy to be able to speak to their former pupil Sister Mary of the Resurrection (Marjorie Smith).

On September 8th, there was a Clothing and Profession Ceremony at our own Convent, East Cowes. It gave us great happiness to know that Reverend Mother General was present to receive the Vows of the two Novices, Sister Brown (Ruth) and Sister Brigid. Some of Ruth's school friends were present, and we join our congratulations with theirs.

Reverend Mother General was able to spend a few days in Boscombe and she regretted that this short visit occurred during the School holidays. On her return journey to France, Reverend Mother General was accompanied by Mother Billaux whom we had been pleased to welcome to Boscombe during the holidays, and by several pupils of our French Houses at St. Quentin, Soissons and Bar-le-Duc, who had spent the summer vacation here.

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