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Junior School - 1952.

Everyone in the Junior School is very busy and excited because Christmas is near, and on December 5th and 6th we are going to give a Concert in our own Hall. The stage is already up and we enjoy practising very much. Can you believe it-every one of us has a part, even if we have no words to say!

Forms Upper II and II are learning an Operetta, "The Boy Mozart", and we hear them rehearsing with Mother Potter and Miss Gobell. During their Singing lessons, Mother Pannell has taught Lower II a pretty musical play, "Old Goodman Time", and we hear that the Hours are all to be dressed in gold, the "Yesterdays" in mauve, and "Tomorrows" in rose.

Forms I and Transition are doing a Nativity Play, "The Animals' Gifts''. As well as the Elocution pupils, who have practised with Mother Potter and Miss Dunsdon, there are ever so many Angels, including all Preparatory Form, so you see that in St. Joseph's we are good from the beginning. Perhaps the best fun is to try on the lovely costumes that Mother McLoughlin has made for us.

During last year we had a lot of happy days in St. Joseph's, but there is only space to tell you about some of them. On St. Patrick's Day, when we wished Reverend Mother "A Happy Feast", and did our songs and dances for her, Reverend Mother invited us to a party in the Junior School and afterwards to funny films in the Convent.

March 25th was Mother Pigott's Silver Jubilee, and as Mother McEvoy had told us about it some time before, we found it hard to keep the secret that we were all to come to the Play Room and give our present and wishes to Mother. When we had said "Happy Jubilee" we surrounded Mother Pigott with our flowers which we had brought to thank her for looking after us so carefully.

We always look forward to the days when Mother McEyoy has a "shop" arid sweets specially for us. On Sports Day we all had a happy time and were very pleased with our prizes. We hope that some of the snaps taken then will be shown in the Magazine.

For some little boys and girls the best day of all was Corpus Christi - their First Communion Day. Father Weaver said the Mass and told the childrerj how very happy he was to be there.

The children who received their First Holy Communion on that day were:
M. Cristofoli, A. Graham, P. Small,
R. Ginty, M. Goodwin, J. Higgs, M. Hudson, A. Lewis,
S. Maher, E. G. Sisson, J. McFadden, J. Sonnex, S. Wall;

and on July 16th: M. Alison, P. Iselton, S. Robertson.

And what about our lessons? Every week, we try hard to win the medal for First Place in class, or for Good Conduct, and at the end of the Summer Term, there were many prizes and certificates for Reverend Mother to give us at the Junior Prize Distribution. All those who worked so well deserve to have their names printed in the Magazine.

The School Year 1951-52
PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS related Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Pianorte -
Grade I. Distinction: S. O'Donnell.
Grade II. Pass: K. Kitchen.

Royal Drawing Society-Guildhall Exhibition

Commendend. 1st Class: M. Brown, P. Ryan, B. Bettesworth.
II. Stage I. Honours: G. Horley, Buttesworth, C. Thompson, J. Blakeman, P. Cobb, S. Long.
II. Stage II. Pass: G. Horley, B. Bettesworth.

The following Candidates, having gained Honours in Group II, Stages I and II, of the School Examination, have been awarded the Primary Certificate of the Society:

E. Beedle, M. Brown, S. Grubb, D. Skelton, C. Pound, M. Doble, S. Blackmore, S. Canning, M. Claesson, V. Evans, P. Jolliffe, J. Humble, S. Kaufmann, B. Kelleher, P. Lowe, J. Maher, M. Newman, S. O'Donnell, J. O'Donnell, S. Panther, P. Ryan, G. Wixen, B. Wall, I. Wuytack, G. Young, J. Day.

Group III. Stage I.
Honours: A. Abbott, J. Banting, C. Horton, V. Soler, S. Smith.

Places Gained in the Year's Work

Upper II.-Religious Knowledge,
S. O'Donnell; 1st Prize, P. Ryan; 2nd Prize, B. Kelleher; 3rd Prize, P. Lowe.

II Parallel.-Religious Knowledge,
J. Blake-man; 1st Prize, M. Doble.

Lower II.-Religious Knowledge,
M. Ellis; 1st Prize, K. Kitchen; 2nd Prize, J. Alford; 3rd Prize, S. Mathews.

Upper I.-Religious Knowledge,
M. Costigan; 1st Prize, M, Parsons; 2nd Prize, N. Thorne; 3rd Prize, S. Mawson.

Lower I.
Catechism Prize, F. Hoyle; 1st Prize, M. Hudson; 2nd S. Maher; 3rd V. Ainger.

Transition.-Catechism Prize, P. Birkett;

1st Prize, G. Browning; 2nd Prize, P. Birkett; 3rd Prize, S. Robertson.

Preparatory Form.-Prize for each pupil.

Silver Cup for Form with highest Average in the Tests.-
Upper II. Silver Cup for Pupil who gained 1st Place most times during the year.-P. Ryan.

Silver Cup for Highest Marks in Royal Society of Music Examinations,
Lower Grades,-S. O'Donnell, 130 Marks, Grade I.

Cup for School Activities.-Upper II.

Attendance Prizes for pupils who were never absent during the year.-S. Horton, S. Weston, M. Parsons, J. Alford, J. Brewer, M. Ellis, J. Fletcher.

Juniors still take a great interest in the Holy Childhood. This year for the first time there was a special Holy Childhood Day on February 1st. This was arranged for children throughout the country.

We went to Benediction at Corpus Christi Church where Father Baron explained to us the work of the Holy Childhood and the many things which are needed in Missionary countries. We sang the special hymn chosen for the day and Susan Panther presented our offering of 18 to Father Baron.

During Lent we collected for the Orphans of the Diocese. Although we could not hope to do better than the seniors, we were pleased to know that we helped them to make their total 50. The Bishop said that we were very good indeed.

We say "Thank you" to Reverend Mother for all the nice surprises she thinks of for us, and at the Crib we shall pray for her and for ail our Nuns and Mistresses.

We hope that everyone will like our little poems and compositions, and we end with a wish of "Happy Christmas". This is Our Lord's birthday and while we enjoy our presents and fun, we shall think of St. Joseph Our Blessed Lady and the Baby Jesus, and ask Him to bless our School and our homes.

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