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Games Notes, Page 1 - 1952.

In the Easter Term of the Season 1951-52, weather conditions caused most of the matches against other Schools to be cancelled. On March 22nd the Convent 1st Net-ball Team played Fernhill Manor and won 17-9.

Interest was concentrated on the Inter-House and Inter-Form matches. Competition was keen, especially between the Ignatians and Stanislausians, whose final scores were level.


1st House Teams Results

(Winning Team named first) Ignatians v. Stanislausians, 13-9. Xaverians v. Campions, 14-12. Ignatians v. Xaverians, 16-10. Stanislausians v. Campions, 16-9. Stanislausians v. Xaverians, 17-8.

2nd House Teams

Ignatians v Campions, 8-7. Xaverians v. Stanislausians, 13-4. Campions v. Xaverians, 5-3. Ignatians v. Stanslausians, 15-12. Stanislausians v. Campions, 11-10. Xaverians v. Ignatians, 7-5.

Final Scores

Ignatians 69, Stanislausians 69, Xaverians 55, Campions 49.



1st Team - 2nd Team

M. Craig - M. McCarty
R. Hockey - Clodagh Orton
A. Keates - I. Hancock
M. McFadden - S. Gates
M. Hughes - D. Jones
P. Hitchin - J. Brewer
P. Buck - A. Spicer


1st Team - 2nd Team

R. Lee - C. Hackett
A. Manning - A. Knott
M. Clement - V. Almack
M. Ash - C. Anderson
M. Brearley - M. Richardson
J. Chant - K. Stephens
J. West - S. Fisher


1st Team
V. Horley A. Francis P. Cowles W. Johnston C. Weatherley M. Fitzpatrick G. Bond

2nd Team
J. Jones P. Bolland M. Barker E. Hancock M. Dyer P. Murray C. Driscoll


1st Team
S. Godfrey L. Thornback M. Hannigan E. Parker A. Murray C. Morton E. Harper

2nd Team
C. Browning B. Barton S. Chant D. Lee C. Orton M. Hirst A. Woodeson


Upper III v. Upper III Par., 20-6. Upper III v. Lower III, 20-7. IV v. Upper III, 6-5. Lower V v. Lower V Par., 13-12. Lower V v. IV, 13-5. Upper V v. Lower V, 12-10. Upper V v. VI, 19-8. Winners of Netball Cup-Upper V.


Lower III

E. Kitchen T. Tallant A. Joliffe C. Hapgood J. Croft M. Fortune A. Larson

Upper III

P. Bolland D. Squire P. O'Donnell B. Barton V. Quilty Clodagh Orton P. Murray

Upper III Parallel

F. Webster J. Ellard A. Godsiff K. Stephens G. Jackson C. Clement J. Claesson

Form IV I.

Hancock J. Jones A. Woodeson C. Orton M. McCarty S. Fisher J. Brewer

Lower V Parallel - Lower V
V. Horley - S. Godfrey
A. Manning - A. Keates
D. Lee - M. McFadden
A. Francis - M. Ash
S. Levy - M. Brearley
W. Kent - T, Lamb
J. West - A. Murray

Upper V - Form VI
R. Lee - S. McFadden
P. Buck - R. Hockey
W. Johnston - M. Hughes
M. Clement - C. Weatherley
P. Cowles - E. Parker
L. Thornback - M. Fitzpatrick
G. Bond - C. Morton

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