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Successes gained during the School Year, 1951 - 1952

Successes gained during the School Year, 1951-52
Inter-Collegiate Examination in Religious Knowledge
School Religious Certificate

Credit: Genevieve Bond, Patricia Buck, Pat-tricia Cowles, Pamela Hitchin, Ronaleen Lee.

Pass: Sheila Barty, Margaret Clement, Mary Hannigan, Wendyanne Johnston, Teresa Lane.

General Certificate of Education

Evelyn Harper: Pass at Advanced Level in English, French and History.
Sheila McFadden: Pass at Advanced Level in French.

Pass at Ordinary Level

Sheila Barty: English Language, History, Religious Knowledge and Art.
Genevieve Bond: English Language, Literature, French, History, Geography, Art, Mathematics and Biology.
Margaret Clement: English Language, Literature, French, History and Biology.
Patricia Cowles: English Language, Literature, Latin, French and Biology.
Helen Edmond: English Language, Literature, Latin, French, History and Geography.
Mary Fitzpatrick: English Language (to complete former Certificate).
Mary Hannigan: English Language, Literature, French, History, Religious Knowledge, Geography and Art.
Pamela Hitchin: English Language, Literature, French, History, Religious Knowledge, Geography, Art, Mathematics and Biology.
Wendyanne Johnston: English Language, Literature, French. History and Geography.
Teresa Lane: English Language, French, History and Biology.
Ronaleen Lee: English Language, Literature, History, Religious Knowledge and Art.
Linda Thornback: English Language, French, History, Geography, Art and Biology.
Jane Thurgood: English Language, Literature, French, History, Geography and Mathematics.
Catherine Weatherley: English Language (to complete former Certificate).

Pass in Oral French
E. Harper, S. McFadden, G. Bond, P. Buck, M. Clement, P. Cowles, H. Edmond, M. Hannigan, W. Johnston, E. Lane, J. Thurgood.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Pianoforte

Grade I- Distinction: S. O'Donnell:
Grade II- Credit: A. Burton. Pass: A. Larson, V. Wales.
Grade Ill-Credit: A Knott, P. O'Donnell. Pass: S. Fisher, K. Kitchen, C. Orton, M. Richardson.
Grade IV- Credit: A. Manning. Pass: J. Daykin, C. Orton.
Grade V- Distinction!: C. Elgar. Pass: B. Barton.
Grade VI- Credit: I. Lucantoni.
Grade VII- Pass: M. Brown.
Grade VIII- Credit: J. Brewer. Pass: A. Rickard.


Grade Ill-Pass: P. Rollin.


Grade IV- Credit: J. Brewer, C. Elgar.

Theory of Music (Maximum Marks 99)
Grade II- Clodagh Orton, 92; N. Yiannaki, 70.
Grade IV- B. Barton, 92; M. Barker, 91; Caroline Orton, 89.
Grade V- P. Buck, 87; C. Elgar, 96; I. Lucantoni, 85; C. Morton, 89.
Grade VI- A. Rickard, 76.


Grade I- Credit: J. O'Donnell, A. Spicer, C. Withall.
Pass: B. Bettesworth, I .Wuytack.
Grade II- Credit: S. Levy, A. Turner. Pass: M. T. Jombart, E. Kitchen, J. Lucas, C. Withall, J. Coombes, S. Butcher.
Grade Ill-Distinction: G. Durant. Credit: A. Woodeson. Pass: B. Barton, P. O'Donnell, N. Yiannaki.
Grade IV- Credit: W. Johnston.

Bournemouth Musical Festival

Piano Duet, 1st Place: I. Lucantoni, A. Rickard.
Piano Solo, Honours Certificate: B. Barton, C. Elgar, I. Lucantoni.
Choir (Under 18 years), 1st Place and Challenge Cup won by Senior Choir.
Choir (Under 15 years), Honours Certificate: Junior Choir.

Royal Drawing Society Examinations, 1952

The following Candidates, having gained Honours in Group II, Stages 1 and 2, have been awarded the Primary Certificate of the Society:- M. Hannigan, D, Maidment.
Group III. Stage 1. Honours

A. Burton, S. Day, A. Firmin, J. Graham, E. Kitchen, C. Habgood, M. T. Jombart, A. Larson, S. Lee, S. McCappin, T. Tallant, D. Maidment, C. Riddle, V. Lewis, A. Jolliffe, G. Jackson, A. Godsiff, A Long, J. Long, K. Stephens, P. O'Donnell, C. Adams, B. Kent, A. Woodeson.

Group III. Stage 2. Honours

S. Derham, S. Barnes, D. Milton, M. Mc-Cormick, F. Webster,, J. Collins, B. Barton, M. Ennis, N. Yiannaki, P. O'Donnell, P. Bolland, J. Daykin, P. Murray, J. Panther, S. Millis, C. Adams, B. Kent, C. Orton, C. Driscoll, C. Anderson, R. Ennis, M. Walsh, B. Seeney, J. Ellard, A. Mallaley, P. Rollin, A. Wheatcroft.

Group III. Stage 3.

Honours: J. Lucas. Pass: C. Elgar.

The following having gained Honours in Group III, Stages 1, 2 and 3, of the School Examination, have been awarded the Full Drawing Certificate of the Society:-
M. Pool, P. Turner, Z. Frowde, S. Butcher, O. Cristofoli, A. Fry, S. Levy, G. Willett, S. Lock, S. Godfrey, M. Ash, M. Brearley, J. Downey, A. Knott, B. O'Con-nell, T. Lamb, P. Peters, E. Hancock, R. Lee, S. Barty, P. Buck.

Group IV. Stage 1. Pass: D. Jones.
Group IV. Stages 1 and 2. Pass: M. Craig, D. Crick.

Guildhall Exhibition, 1952

Prize and Bronze Star Certificate-
M. Ash, D. Crick.
Book Prize Certificate- B. O'Connell, S. McCappin.
Highly Commended Certificate- M. Brearley, A. Knott, S. McCappin.
Commended 1st Class- S. Day, S. Derham, A. M. Firmin, A. Larson, S. Lee, M. Pool, M. McCormick, P. Turner, F. Webster, A. Fordham, A. Boys, M. Craig, S, Butcher,

Places Gained in the Year's Work

Form VI-
Prize for History and English: Evelyn Harper.
Prize for Application: Sheila McFadden.
Upper V- Doctrine Prize: Patricia Buck. 1st Prize: Pamela Hitchin. 2nd Prize: Helen Edmond. 3rd Prize: Patricia Buck.
Lower V- Doctrine Prize: Clare Murray. 1st Prize: Bridget O'Connell. 2nd Prize: Myrette Ash. 3rd Prize: Clare Murray. Application: Jean Chant.
Parallel V- Divisiori I: M. Craig. Division II: G. Maryan.
Form IV- Doctrine Prize: A. Plumer. 1st Prize: A. Walsh. 2nd Prize: C. Anderson. 3rd Prize: Caroline Orton. Applpication: P. Pitcher.
Upper Ill-Doctrine Prize: P. Murray. 1st Prize: J. Collins. 2nd Prize: C. Orton. 3rd Prize: B. Kell.
Parallel III- Catechism Prize: J. Claesson. Form Prize: P. Turner.
Lower III- Doctrine Prize: 1st Prize: S. McCappin. 2nd Prize: S. Lee. 3rd Prize: E. Kitchen.

Certificate Awarded by the Bournemouth Education Authority for Civics Essay
J. Thurgood.

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