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From Our School Diary - 1952, Page One

St. Patrick's Day

If the phrase were not inappropriate, we might call St. Patrick's Day one of our "red letter days", for added to the traditional excitement we now have the pleasure of celebrating Reverend Mother's Feast. The Junior School celebrations were reserved for the Saturday, but Seniors began on Friday 14th, when we were shown the film of "The Life of Pope Pius XII". The pictures were of interest to all, and to those who visited Rome in the Holy Year they brought back happy memories of the Vatican. On Monday, March 17th, the Senior School offered their wishes to Reverend Mother.

Together with our greetings, we were happy to offer a Feast Day gift-a little presentation which we hope Reverend Mother will devote to having a statue of St. Francis of Assissi erected in the garden, as this has been her wish for some time.

Congratulations to the Irish team, who carried off the laurels at the Netball match.

After tea we enjoyed another film show- this time a lighter and more amusing programme-and also a short playcproduced by Lower V entitled "Aunt Matilda's Collar".

After a very enjoyable day we assembled in the Chapel for Benediction, and we prayed specially for Reverend Mother, who had made the Feast such a happy one for us.

The Retreat

This year, the Retreat, for all the Senior Catholic Pupils was arranged for the weekend of Passion Week. The instructions were given by Father Ford, S.J., whom many of us remembered as a member of the Staff at St. Peter's in its early days. Father Ford combined a great deal of most helpful instruction with amusing anecdotes, and even the youngest found the time passing all too quickly. The Retreat was made in union with Our Blessed Lady, "The Handmaid of the Lord", and we promised to try to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion at least once a week. "The Pied Piper"

Form Upper III surprised us all by producing a play, or rather, an operetta, "The Pied Piper". Anne Spicer has given us an account of their preparations and of the actual performance, which everyone enjoyed immensely:-

"Imagine our delight when Mother Wallace, our Form Mistress, told us that we were to produce a play ourselves. Arrangements were quickly made. Mother promised to be responsible for the costumes, while Sylvia Rooke was asked to be pianist. Zena Frowde devoted herself to making the scenery, and succeeded in no amateur fashion.

Rehearsals provided the usual fun of forgotten words! and minor mishaps, but on the day itself everything seemed to meet with success. How proud we felt that Mother Wallace could sit among the audience and leave the entire management to us! The singing was good, and the dance went off without a mistake. One amusing incident (not intended to be such) brought peals of laughter. The Schoolmaster was the clown of the piece, and in one place where the whole caste was intended to shout "Hoorah!", the pipe of the Schoolmaster alone was heard, and players as well as audience enjoyed the joke while he stood there open-mouthed.

Reverend Mother spoke very appreciatively of our effort, and said that she regretted that our parents had not been invited. When all was over, we assembled in the classroom to thank Mother Wallace and to promise her that we would work twice as hard. The collection, since we asked all pupils to pay an entrance fee, enabled us to contribute 4 10s. to the Orphans' Fund.



Pied Piper - P. O'Donnell
The Mayor - J. Daykin
Gretchen, his daughter - C. Orton The Schoolmaster - A. Spicer Hans, a bold, bad boy - A. Mallaley Gertrude, his sister - V. Almack Karin - N. Yiannaki Inge - B. Barton Elsa, a little lame girl - J. Coombes

The Townspeople

Their Children


Accompanist - S. Rooke

Stage Manager & Scenery - Z. Frowde

Assistant Stage Manager - S. Chant

Music (Pipes) - E. Popplewell

Visit of His Worship the Mayor

Just before the end of his period of office we were honoured by an official visit of His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Mclnnes, who was accompanied by the Mayor's Chaplain, Father Dennis, S.J.

The Head Girl read The arrival of His Worship The Mayor. an address of welcome, which had been tastefully illuminated by Mother Pannell. Evidently this gave His Worship particular pleasure, and he assured Reverend Mother that the address would be kept and appreciated as a souvenir of one of the happiest incidents in his, year of office.

The Southbourne Fete

The Bournemouth Catholic Development Fund Committee arranged for a Garden Fete to be held in the grounds of St. Peter's School. Various Parishes and Sodalities were asked to be responsible for particular stalls. Household Goods were assigned to the Convent Past Pupils' Association, but of course Present Pupils were asked to assist.

Arrangements were made for each pupil to bring some contribution to the Stall each week, and these were collected by the Form Captains and taken, to Mother McEvoy's Room to be stored. On Friday mornings the approach to the Headmistress's Room became consequently rather like a soap and by-products exhibition-with Vim and such commodities much in evidence also!

Shortly before the Fete a request was made for Convent pupils to help with the refreshments in the capacity of waitresses or "washers-up". The events of the day awakened several to lyrical strains, which we record as the general impression from our point of view.

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