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This is perhaps the most important section of our Magazine, and every year it is encouraging to receive letters from Past Pupils of varying ages and times, telling how much pleasure they derive from reading School news and particularly news of their own contemporaries. Of course, all understand that reference cannot be made to each member, but we shall try to keep each group of Past Pupils represented.

Reverend Mother and the Community would be grateful for assistance in trying to introduce into this part of the Magazine names of former pupils with whom we may have lost touch but whom other Past Pupils have met or with whom they may have come in contact.

So, please remember that we are anxious to hear of each one of you and of your companions at the Convent.

The faithful group who represent the days when Reverend Mother Kelly was Headmistress call or write regularly. Dorothy Tucker (Hobbs) as President of the Association is always pleased to attend School functions including the Annual Dance held at the Pavilion, Bournemouth, which has become a real re-union centre for local members.

The suggestion of such a function came originally from Marjorie Lloyd who remains most enthusiastic and is so generous in her support.

Eva and Winnie Cartwright call frequently to see Reverend Mother Kelly and Mother Briggs. We were pleased to see them with their father Sir Charles among those accompanying His Worship the Mayor at the Meyrick Park celebration for the Festival of Britain.

Josie Miller (Riddle) gives news of her sister Lucy (Meade) and of her daughters Betty and Peggy, the former of whom is still living in Canada; while Peggy is in Ireland.

Maria Bertini on her last visit gave an account of her recent visit to Italy. She keeps her sister Lily (Mother Mary Barabra, I.B.V.M.) informed of all that happens at Boscombe. During the summer vacation, two of our Nuns attended a Course held at St. Mary's Convent, Ascot, where Mother Barabra is Guest Mistress. They were most grateful to her for her kind attention and for her interesting comments as she showed them round her beautiful Convent and grounds.

Mildred Briggs spent a week at Boscombe during the summer and very kindly conducted sane of the French girls when they went to see the principal sights of London. Doris Poole has managed to come for a day to see Reverend Mother Kelly, although her duties at Downside keep her fully occupied. It is interesting to hear of her work with the boys.

Irene Dunnett, Kathleen Watson (Andrews) and Mary Dyson are among the local Past Pupils who are active workers in the Corpus Christi parish.

Winifred Hornbuckle (Carey), writing to thank us for the Magazine recalled her contemporaries, J. Shawe, L. Tollemache, C. Jefferies now a Nun in the Franciscan Convent at Taunton, W. and E. Cartwright, the latter being "one of the times" in those days.

Marie Lamego in Rio de Janeiro still hopes that she may some time manage a visit to England. Her sister Eugenie has been in the country, but her stay was too short to fit in a visit to Boscombe. She derived great pleasure from a talk on "old times" when she met Mildred Briggs.

Before proceeding to another "generation" of Past Pupils we should like to offer congratulations to the following who have let us know of their weddings during the past year.

We shall pray that God may bless them in their married life.

C. Jansen to Mr. P. N. Crook-Rumsey.
M. Browne (Mrs. Tarrant), photo above.
P. Kennard (Mrs. I. Yokes).
A. Turner (Mrs. Durrant).
C. Joinville (Madame Mathon).
C. Gilles (Madame Durif).
C. Court (Mrs. B. Joyce).
T. McDonnell (Mrs. Saunders)

Similar good wishes go to our former Gym Mistress, Miss M. Walsh, who was married to Mr. P. J. Walsh at the Assumption Convent, Kensington, in May.

More good news! We are pleased to announce the arrival of:-

A son, Jeremy, to Angela Beach (King).
A daughter to Peggy Cunningham (Miller)
A daughter, Janina Rosemary, to RoseMary Ziolkowski (Rose).
A daughter, Susan Veronica, to Veronica Treadwell (Browning).
A son, Stephen Paul, to Mildred Latheron (Scott).
A son, Gordon Francis, to Barbara Hartley (Vick).
A daughter, Susan, to Mary Jones (Smith).
A daughter to Betty Spalton (Miller).
A daughter, Jane Elizabeth, to Margaret Roberts (Shorman).

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