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Junior School - 1951.

Juniors are not asking for a very large space in the Magazine because parents and friends came only a short time ago to see our classrooms and work. That was much more interesting than anything we can describe; but we mention a little of what happened for the sake of any who were not able to come to the Convent on Parents' Day at the end of the Summer term.

Every one of us took part in the Dances on the Tennis Courts and we were then very happy that so many visitors came over to St. Joseph's and looked at our Needlework; Art, Handwork and our exercises too. Those who had worked well all the year had many pretty things to show, and neat copy books with many ticks and good marks.

In the Easter Term we had taken part in a Concert in honour of Reverend Mother's Feast.

Reverend Mother and the Nuns enjoyed our Songs, Dances and Band, and of course the Feast Day Wishes which we recited! Form11B were clever enough to be able to present Reverend Mother with a Magazine of their own!

Those were very happy days, but there were two even more important ones for some of us. On July 1st the following children received their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel:

Chrysogon Bavey, Mary Bavey, Vanessa Peniston-Bird, Diana Burleigh, Veronica Burton, Jean Colbeck, Maureen Costigan, Karol Dooley, Angela Durant, Sandra Favret, Mary Ginty, Mary Hefferan, Susan Horton, Frances Hoyle, Anita Owens, Mary Parsons, Vivienne Pelosi, Deirdre Pope, Carols Pound, Teresa Small, Christina Thomson, Nina Thoren, Charlotte Tolhurst, Jean Wyatt, Barney Bettesworth, Phillip Bingham, Patrick Cremin, John Hefferan, - and on August 15th, Karol Skey.

At the beginning of this term the Bishop came to Corpus Christi church and a group of Convent children were Confirmed on that day.

Those who were made "Strong and perfect Christians" were: -

Chrysogon Bavey, Mary Bavey, Norma Blakeman, Margaret Claesson, Evelyn Dearlove, Sandra Favret, Joyce Fletcher, Mary Glover, Juliette Graham, Elaine Hunter, Pamela Jolliffe, Marie Th&ese Jombart, Kathleen Kitchen, Sheila Kaufmann, Jennifer Law, Patricia Lowe, Maureen McCormick, Josephine Nolan, Jane O'Donnell, Susan O'Donnell, Anita Owens, Susan Panther, Vanessa Peniston-Bird, Valerie Sharp, Christina Thomson, Cynthia Turner, Gillian Young.

The Bishop asked them to remember two things all their lives; first that God will always give us the grace we need if only we ask him, and secondly that God wishes us always to have a cheery happy face - not only in our childhood, but even when we grow up.

There is great excitement every Monday morning when Mother McEvoy comes to give the badges for 1st Place in Work and Conduct. How proud the winners are!

At the end of the summer term at Prize Day we listened to the results of the year, and Reverend Mother gave the prizes and certificates.

Congratulations to all those whose names were mentioned, and we hope every junior will try to have his or her name among the winners at the end of this year.

Our charming photo shows a happy group at half-term.

Distribution of Prizes and Certificates awarded in the junior School during the School Year 1950 - 51

Public Examinations.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Grade I.
Credit: - V. Wales. Pass: K. Kitchen, V. Soler, M. Brown, A. Burton, P. Cobb, S. Kaufmann.
Grade II. Pass: J. Blakeman, M. Fortune, M. T. Jombart, K. Kitchen.
Grade I. - Credit: E. Kitchen.
Grade I. - Distinction: M. T. Jombart. Pass: E. Kitchen, A. Turner.

Royal Drawing Society Examinations, 1951

Primary Certificates awarded to: - A. Abbott, J. Banting, A. Burton, S. Derham, G. Downey, A. Firmin, A. Goddard, J. Graham, C. Horton, A. Jolliffe, M. T. Jombart, E. Kitchen, J. Kirk, A. Larson, S. McCappin, S. Northover, V. Soler, S. Smith, T. Tallant, V. Wales.

Group II. - Stage 1. Honours gained by:J. Day, M. Doble, M. Fortune, M. Hannigan, D. Maidment, C. Moor, C. Pound, A. Turner.

Royal Drawing Society Exhibition, 1951

Certificate for Highly Commended: S. Derham.

Commended 1st Class: - A. M. Firmin, F. Tanner, M. Hannigan, S. McCappin.

Places gained in the Year's Work

Upper II. - Religious Knowledge, A. Goddard; 1st Prize, E. Kitchen; 2nd, D. Savage; 3rd, S. McCappin.

Lower II. - Catechism Prize and 3rd Prize, J. Pope; 1st Prize, P. Ryan; 2nd Prize, S. O'Donnell

Upper I. - Catechism Prize and 1st Prize, J. Alford; 3rd Prize, K. Kitchen; 2nd Prize, D. Mount.

Lower I. - Catechism and 1st Prize, M. Parsons; 2nd Prize, P. Bingham; 3rd Prize, M. Costigan.

Transition. - Catechism Prize and 2nd Prize, K. Dooley; 1st Prize, V. Ainger; 3rd Prize, F. Hoyle.

Preparatory. - Prize for each Pupil.

Silver Cup for the Form with Highest Average in the Tests. - Upper II.

Silver Cup for Pupil who secured 1st Place most often during the Year. - S. McCappin.

Silver Cup for Highest Marks in Piano Examination, Lower Grades. - V. Wales, 124, Grade 1.

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