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From Our School Diary - 1951, Page One

January 16th dawned crisp and clear, and crowds of girls in the familiar navy and Royal blue uniform of the Convent streamed in, refreshed after a month's holiday and inspired by New Year Resolutions which were still in their first fervour. This term there was little time to exchange holiday gossip, as within two weeks the half-yearly Examinations began.

From February the days slipped quickly and smoothly away until before many realised it, March had come and with it, the pleasing prospect of celebrating Reverend Mother's Feast Day, an occasion to which we look forward more than to any other.

On Friday, March 16th, the school assembled in the Gym room to assure Reverend Mother once more of the love and devotion of her pupils, to thank her for her untiring work for the school, to remind her of the achievements of the past year and to assure her of our determination to keep up the Convent's proud tradition throughout the year.

The Head Girl, Susan Winsey, then presented Reverend Mother with a clock which has since found a place in the Senior House.

Reverend Mother thanked us in the simple but sincere speech that we have grown to appreciate so much. But, pleasant as Friday was, we waited with eager anticipation for Saturday, St. Patrick's Day, the real feast.

Alas, for the Irish, on account of the bad weather the Netball Match between England and Ireland was postponed and they had to forego the pleasure of winning the match for St. Patrick, until the following Tuesday.

The afternoon found throngs of eager girls rushing into school at about 3 o'clock. The phenomenon was explained by the tinkling of dance music coming from the Gym room and the attractive tea-tables in the various refectories.

Although a Film Show later in the evening gave great pleasure to juniors and Seniors alike, undoubtedly the highlight of the party was a surprise concert given by the Boarders of Form VI and Upper V.

During this we were highly amused to see our Head Girl playing the part of Sylvester "the big bad putty tat" who fixed his hungry eye on " tweetie-pie " portrayed by Catherine Weatherley. Among the other items Catherine Morton's monologue as Mrs. May provided a prolonged laugh for Community and pupils.

The following Wednesday a repeat performance was given for those who had not been able to remain for the previous one. The "break-up" followed within a couple of days, but for many the most memorable event of the term was yet to be experienced.

On Maundy Thursday, Mother McEvoy had kindly made arrangements to take a party of a hundred to the Albert Hall so that we might be present at the Passion Play performed by the Grail. This spectacular performance was something quite different from anything we had seen.

"The Four Witnesses" included every branch of trade from Statesmen and Doctors to a Barrel Organ player; every type of Saint from the early ages to the present. The play is one in which the audience must play a vital part for the theme running through it is "Were you there when they crucified my Lord?"

School re-opened on April 12th, and we were able to be present and form the choir at the Mass on the Feast of St. George. The same privilege was possible on the Feast of the Cross when we sang the "Kindermesse" with the "O Crux Ave" as an Offertory piece.

The following day a group of seniors went to Corpus Christi Church where they sang motets and hymns at the wedding of Miss P. Macleod to Captain R. Barnett.

Letters of thanks and congratulation were sent to Mother McEvoy in connection with the singing on this occasion. Every year the older girls look forward to the privilege of forming the Choir in the church on the Feast of Corpus Christi where we sang the Mass and learnt a special "Panis Angelicus" for this feast of the Blessed Sacrament.

This year the Feast of the Sacred Heart coincided with the first day of June. The "Missa de Angelis" was sung in the Convent Chapel where many Day Pupils were present as well as the Boarders.

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