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The year 1950 has brought Past Pupils into closer contact with the Convent than any before. Very many have written on the occasion of the Golden jubilee of their dear Reverend Mother Kelly, and we can find no more fitting introduction to this section than her letter to you all.

My very dear Children,

The Editor has kindly allotted me some space for a Letter to you all, and I very gladly avail myself of this opportunity.

I want to thank every one of you, young and old, for your loving wishes and tokens of affection on the occasion of my `Golden Jubilee of Profession'.

To the 'Present Pupils' and `Younger Generation' I offer my sincere gratitude for all you have done for the Convent and for me, in raising funds for cur proposed New Assembly Hall. The Building Fund as you know was started five years ago, by a former Pupil, Marjorie Lloyd, to be a gift to me on my Golden Jubilee Day. You all, Present and Past, have responded most generously and loyally and I thank you with all my heart.

And what shall I say to "My own Old Girls", those whose Head Mistress I once was, who have grown old with me, but whose affection has never wavered? What can I say but that you occupy a very warm place in my heart and that you are ever in my prayers? For twenty, thirty, forty years and even more, you have kept in touch with me and you have shared with me your joys, your hopes and your anxieties; and last May when you were invited to Boscombe, several of you came long distances to spend the day with me and join your good wishes to those of your old Companions.

My gratitude to you all is as sincere as is my affection for you.

May God keep you for ever in His care.

Affectionately yours,

M. Kelly.

The circular letter telling of the jubilee celebrations sent by Dorothy Tucker (Hobbs), President of the Association, brought news from many quarters.

Violet Wallin (Carey) wrote: "I am glad to enclose my small gift which does not by any means represent my great affection for Reverend Mother Kelly or the worth of the happy memories I have of the years under her care. I only wish I could make it many times more."

Nelly Derwin (Parker) from Arizona: "It would be good to have a talk with you dear Mother Kelly. You had us all "buffaloed"! I hope you understand that expression. I can think of none more exactly fitting. Even after this stretch I see perfectly your face and carriage."

Stella Tory (Thompson): "In reference to the reunion on May 31st: "I have seldom enjoyed an afternoon so much - it was wonderful to meet so many of my old School fellows after so many years and to know I was not forgotten."

Sister Mary Barbara (Lily Bertini) writing from Ascot: "It must be wonderful to be able to look back over fifty years of devoted work for the Glory of God. Many, so many will be thinking of you and remembering, with happiness and gratitude the days spent under your loving care and guidance."

Doctor Kreiner (Netty von Grafen), Bonn: "It is a pity that I cannot come to England, I shall do all that I can for your Golden jubilee, praying for you."

Mary Dyson. Just to say a very big "Thank you, for all the love you gave to me when I must have been a very trying child."

Violet Gatland (Dame Placida), St. Mary's Abbey, Oulton: "Many loving congratulations and best wishes for a very happy jubilee day. What a wonderful day for Boscombe, how much you have done for the School and everyone connected with it. Truly your hands will be very full ones to offer to Our Blessed Lord. I shall often think of you on the day and also the two other Jubilarians."

May Cooney, from Johannesburg: "Queenie and I only wish we could be present in person and not only in spirit at the festivities . . . Maria Bertini told me that May Weld-Blundell will be coming, so our small class of our last year will be represented. At the end of term there were only four left - May Weld-Blundell, Gabrielle, Nellie Mulligan and myself."

Josie Riddle (Mrs. Miller), who was in Canada at the time: "I am so sorry to have missed the celebrations, but shall be with you in spirit - I am at present visiting my son-in-law's parents. The disastrous floods were part of my reason for coming away from Winnipeg - not that our own house was flooded, though it was threatened - but for the reason that Betty and Tommy were working on flood relief work at night and it made them feel freer if they knew I was not alone."

Marguerite Dumoulin (Sister Paul Marie, F.C.O.), writing from Belgium sent "Heartiest congratulations and assurance of prayers . . . I spent two days at your House at La Louviere last year. Boscombe is not forgotten and never will be, and whenever I meet Florence Weeks (Madame Willens) it is always a pleasure for us to remember the happy days we spent there together."

Madame Stroobants (Marguerite Minet) also wrote from Belgium. It was a great pleasure to have news of her again.

Lizi Philippart (Dumoulin) : "Je vous envoie ma petite contribution au fonds de construction projete d'un "School Hall." Je m'associe aux prieres qui seront dites a vos intentions et vous souhaite encore mille bonnes choses."

Mary Moriarty (Welch)
: "A great occasion it is to celebrate fifty years of God's constant grace and your constant co-operation with Him. With all the wickedness about in the world the Angels will have something to smile about to-day . . . It is nice to meet Doris Poole at Downside." We regret to learn that Mary has been seriously ill but are ,pleased to know that she is recovering.

Aline Tailliet (Thieme) : "Je penserai surtout bien affectueusement a vous le 22 novembre en joignant mes prieres a celles de toutes les personnes qui vous aiment, remerciant Dieu de m'avoir donne la joie de vous avoir connue".

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