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Junior School - 1950.

Have you ever thought that some of the very best words begin with "J".
First, there is the Baby Jesus who was born at Christmas and whose statue we look at every day in our classroom Cribs.
Then comes dear Saint Joseph, who watched over Our Blessed Lord and Our Lady and who has been asked to look after the juniors especially.

That is why our house is called St. Joseph's.
And what is next - JUNIORS of course - they are the best part of the school and as nice things are always kept to the end, you know why you have only just reached us in the Magazine. Someone wanted to say that `Jim' should come next, but the clever girls in II.B. who have always learned their spelling were very surprised at this and told us that jumping and exercises were "Gym." Perhaps they are right.

Father Christmas has arrived in Bournemouth, but he has not come to us yet, although we are going to have Christmas amusements and stalls on Friday, Our Lady's Feast. If any of you peeped in during part of the morning you might see us practising for the plays and concert which we shall give at the end of the term. Reverend Mother will come and we shall be able to say "Thank You" to her for all the surprises she has for us in School and in Kerryton.

This term when we came back to School, what do you think we found behind the new classroom?? A lovely house built for canaries and doves. They have one room to play in and one to sleep in. All of us want to go and help to feed them.

Of course, we do not forget our lessons although there are so many other exciting things to do, and when you see the list of Prizes at the end of the Summer Term, you will know how well the juniors did. Reverend Mother General gave the prizes and she enjoyed the little concert we gave. Perhaps the programme will help you to imagine all that happened.

Prize - Giving. July, 1950

Piano Duet: M. Newman and S. Smith.

Elocution: Lower I.

Piano Solo: P. O'Donnell.

Violin Solo: S. Millis.

Elocution: Lower 11.

Piano Solo: B. Barton.

Songs: Lower II.

Places gained in the Year's Work

Upper II. - Catechism Prize, P. Murray.

1st, W. Ady; 2nd, M. Blaker; 3rd, J. Shore.

Lower II. - Catechism Prize, C. Withall. 1st, S. McCappin; 2nd, F. Tanner; 3rd, E. Kitchen.

Upper I. - Catechism Prize and 2nd Prize, J. Pope; 1st, P. Ryan; 3rd, R. Dickinson.

Lower I. - Catechism Prize, M. Glover. 1st, K. Kitchen; 2nd, J. Fletcher; 3rd, E. Hunter.

Transition. - Catechism Prize and 3rd Prize, P. Bingham. 1st, M. Parsons; 2nd, M. Costigan.

Preparatory. - Each little person received a Prize for General Improvement.

Prize for Regular Attendance. - P. O'Donnell, M. Maker, N. Yiannaki, M. Ennis, A. Spicer, A. Abbott, C. Withall.

Silver Cup for Highest Percentage in Tests. Lower 11.

Silver Cup for Pupil who gained 1st Place most often during the Year. K. Kitchen.

Silver Cup for Form that showed most interest in School Activities. - Upper II.

On the Feast of Corpus Christi, the following children were very happy to receive their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel:
C. Saunders, E. Slater, T. Smith, N. Blakeman, E. Dearlove, M. Ellis, J. Graham, R. Ive and A. Meenan. Many little juniors walked in the Corpus Christi Procession.

Sometimes we are taken to the Convent on special Feast days and very often there is an exciting or holy film to see. The last one was called "Pilgrimage to Fatima". Aren't we lucky little children?

Of course we do not forget the Little Black Babies and are pleased to bring our pennies for them. Last year the junior School collected 22 for them, and Mother McEvoy had a nice letter from Canon Scantlebury when she sent the money to him. During one term we gave pennies to help to buy bricks to build the new Assembly Hall.

As we want to have space for some of the compositions and poems which have been written, it is time to say "Good-bye" until the next Magazine. A Happy Christmas and please say many prayers as we are doing for the poor people in other countries who are so sad.

We are asking Our Blessed Lord to bless the Convent and our homes, and to keep us good and safe with Our Guardian Angels always near.

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