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At this season when old friendships and ties are renewed, Boscombe welcomes the publication of the Magazine as a means of sending the good wishes of Reverend Mother and the Community to all Past Pupils and especially to those who never fail to send their greetings to us at Christmas. It is a comfort to know that so many of our former pupils find a sense of security and stability in their contact with the Convent during these difficult days when the world is so unsettled.

Time only strengthens the bonds that unite us, and we should never like anyone to feel that she belongs to a forgotten period of the past.

An extraordinary fact is that the older Past Pupils seem to have most vivid recollections, which it gives them real pleasure to recall, and which the Nuns find particularly interesting. Visits and letters are always appreciated; the Convent is an Alma Mater to each individual, and not to the Association in general.

Appreciation of schooldays, and a realisation of the advantages gained from a thoroughly Catholic education should encourage all members and especially those who have the privilege of being parents of to-day, to become conversant with the Schools' Question. Important principles are at stake and Boscombe would like to feel that its former pupils were pulling their weight in Catholic Action.

The Church and Christianity as a whole is in such need of men and women whose enthusiasm and support is as constant and whole-hearted as that of the enemies of Christ. Each individual matters so much; only by living as first-rate Christians can we impress the world with the vital force of Christ's message.

No Retreat was held this year on account of the General Mission throughout the country. However, opportunities for local Past Pupils to meet were afforded by a Whist Drive in February and by invitations to the various School functions.

Grateful thanks are extended to all who so willingly support any activities arranged.

Raffles have a two-fold advantage - they swell the Building Fund - and still more bring correspondence from many Past Pupils. The Building Fund has passed the 3,000 mark. Congratulations to all who have shared in the work. May this be an incentive towards a special drive until November, 1950, when Reverend Mother Kelly will celebrate her Golden Jubilee.

The essential purpose of this section is to keep members in contact with one another, and we are happy to record news received during the year.

Congratulations to the following, whose weddings took place during the year

Ann Russell (Mrs. McSweeney). January.
Angela King (Mrs. R. Beach). February.
Anne Adams (Mrs. P. White). March.
Maureen Rowe (Mrs. P. Parsons). June.
Marguerite Court (Mrs. V. Fetterman).

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Maire Elizabeth to M. Morton (Hennessy).
Peter James to Jean Walsh (Hughes).
Ian to Eileen Kennedy (Farnworth).
John to Dorothy Sautelle (Brooks).
A daughter to Mildred Latheron (Scott).
Neil to Ella Fidler (Strong).
Anthony Stanislaus to Rosemary Ziolkowski (Rose).
Anthony to A. McSweeney (Russell).
Loic to Y. Delanoe (Pinder).

Our sympathy is offered to:-
B. Haddy (Bleeck) on the death of her husband, Commander Haddy.
B, and R. Carus on the death of their mother in July.
M, and N. Brewer on the death of their mother in November.
Mrs. Meade (L. Riddle) on the death of her daughter, Barbara, after so short an illness, in November.
We assure them all of our prayers for them and for the dear ones thev have lost.

Requiescant in Pace.

We open the news with extracts from a letter received from Robert Louis Stuart, a student at the Beda College, Rome. Having completed his first year philosophy, he wrote asking prayers of the community and giving details of the experiences of himself and his two sisters, Janetta and Morna, who came to the Convent in 1911. After leaving Boscombe they settled in Oxford, where all three entered the University. "I became a Catholic in 1927.

My sister Morna was received into the Church in 1936, and my mother a short time after. My elder sister (who was a great friend of Angela Cave) died in 1945. Morna writes plays for the B.B.C. She has written two novels, `Nightrider' and `Till She Stop', and in 1938 a notable play on the life of Sir Thomas More, `Traitor's Gate', which was performed at the Duke of York's Theatre."

A large number of Past Pupils write frequently to Reverend Mother Kelly, who was at one time their Headmistress.

Dame Placida (V. Gatland), who is Guest Mistress at St. Mary's Abbey, Oulton, near Stone, was able to give news of Edie Green, who spent a few days at Oulton during her recent visit to England. She has now returned to Caracas, but hopes to be in England again in 1951. How small the world is! Dame Placida mentioned Edie's meeting Sylvia Palmer in Caracas, and their surprise at finding that each was a Boscombe pupil, although at very different periods of its history.

May Cooney, writing from Johannesburg, speaks of her eager anticipation of the arrival of the Magazine. May had hoped to come back to Boscombe soon after war, but she was prevented from undertaking the journey because of the unsettled state of political affairs. However, we hope that her plans for a visit in 1951 will materialise. May receives a good deal of Boscombe news from Marie Bertini, who comes to the Convent on some occasions every year. From May we hear news of her sister, Queenie, who has now four grand-children. Two of her sons are married but neither of her daughters.

W. and E. Cartwright are regular visitors and enjoy their chats with Reverend Mother Kelly and Mother Briggs. Eva kindly acted as one of the judges of the Fancy Dress Parade at the School Dance this year. Mrs. Tucker (D. Hobbs), President of the Association, was also present, and of course M. Lloyd, whose energy in working for the Building Fund is inexhaustible.

This group of Past Pupils and many others show their love of the Convent Chapel by the beautiful flowers sent on Feast days. The Nuns give a special intention in their prayers to all who so generously send flowers and plants, especially at Christmas. Irene Dunnett loyally patronises all our activities.

P. Lahaye gave interesting accounts of her family and told how she had met Mrs. Dadley (H. Stevenson) when on holiday. Hilda is another faithful member.

Mrs. Meade (L. Riddle) feels keenly the loss of Barbara. She and her husband had the consolation of being with her while she was still able to recognise them. A sad circumstance for the family is the fact that Mrs. Miller (J. Riddle) is at present in Canada where she went to visit Betty (Mrs. Spalton). When writing, Betty promised to try and send an account of life in Canada, and we hope it will form part of our next edition. Betty is living in Winnipeg. Peggy (Mrs. Cunningham) and her husband brought Julian to say goodbye before they left Boscombe for Ireland where they intend to remain.

Mary Pascal, who has been a frequent visitor during the past few years, joined the Staff at the beginning of the School Year as another Music Mistress was required. During last Christmas holidays she spent some time at the Convent with Mildred Briggs, who had come to see her sister.

Mrs. Hornbuckle (W. Cary) has written during the year and at the School activities we always see Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Browning (Rita de Souza) who gives us news of the girls. Gay, the baby of the family, is now in the Preparatory Form. Mary left School in July and is hoping to enter a Training College next year.

C. Blanshard and B. Haddy (Bleeck) planned to send a souvenir gift to Boscombe.

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