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Junior School - 1949.


Have you noticed that in all stories the nicest things are at the end? We think that is why the juniors have only just come to tell you about themselves.

St. Joseph's must be a very happy part of the School, because Form IIB, who were in the Convent once, seem very pleased to be back with us in their bright new classroom. And shall we tell you a secret? Not only little children want to come to class but even dogs and pussies. Tim and Kerry often try to pay us a visit, but like Mary's little lamb, they have to wait outside!

We, lucky children inside, are enjoying our lessons, especially now when there are so many exciting things to do. In our Catechism lessons we love to learn about the Baby Jesus, and on the Feast of His Holy Mother, December 8th, everyone in the junior School will take part in a Christmas play, to help us to think very often about Our Lord.

Reverend Mother, the Nuns and all the Senior girls are coming to see us and we hope they will enjoy the acting. Perhaps they will not be able to guess who we are when they see us dressed in our costumes!

In our Drawing and Handwork lessons we are so very busy making decorations and Christmas cards which we shall be able to take home to show our Mummies and Daddies. Did you know that Monica Ennis, Form IIA, won the Prize in the `Apostle' Art Competition, also Pamela Rollin,

If you peeped into the Play Room on Monday morning at 11 o'clock, you would see how very much we want to do well at our lessons. We are so excited to know who has won the medal, for First in Class, and even if we cannot always do very good sums and writing, we try very hard to win the Conduct Badge.

At the end of the year, prizes are given to the children who have the highest marks in the Tests.

Here are the results of the Examinations which Mother McEvoy read to us on Prize Day in July and then the lucky winners received their prizes from Reverend Mother.

Places gained in the Year's Work.

Upper II. - Catechism Prize, C. Anderson. 1st Prize C. Anderson, 2nd Prize P. Fisher, 3rd Prize M. Hirst.

Lower II. - Catechism Prize, P. Murray. 1st Prize, M. Blaker; 2nd Prize, W. Ady; 3rd Prize, S. Rooke.

Upper I. - Catechism Prize, T. Tallant. 1st Prize, F. Tanner; 2nd Prize, E. Kitchen; 3rd Prize, S. McCappin and A. Goddard.

Lower I. - Catechism Prize, M. Claesson. 1st Prize, P. Ryan; 2nd Prize, S. O'Donnell; 3rd Prize, R. Dickinson.

Transition. - Catechism Prize, T. Smith. 1st Prize, B. Firmin and K. Kitchen; 2nd Prize, J. W. Smith.

Preparatory. - Each little person in Preparatory received a Prize for General Improvement.

The following pupils received a Prize Regular Attendance. - M. Blaker, M. Doble, V. Goodland, T. Kalyvides, A Long.

The Silver Cup for highest percentage in Tests was won by Upper I.

One of the most important days in the year for the juniors is the Feast of Corpus Christi. The following had the happiness of receiving their First Holy Communion in the Convent Chapel on that day.

Martin Browning:   Raymond Pelosi:   David Coining:   Bernard Firmin:   Colin Wilson:   Valerie Anderson:   Biddy Bettesworth:   Maureen Chapman:   Jean Claesson:   Margaret Claesson:   Joyce Fletcher:   Mary Glover:   Vivian Holland:   Elaine Hunter:   Sheila Kaufmann:   Kathleen Kitchen:   Colette Moor:   Jennifer Panther:   Susan Panther:   Valerie Sharp:   Betty Wall:   Gillian Young:  

In October we were pleased to see the Bishop who came to Corpus Christi Church, and many of us, as well as some of the Seniors, received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Patricia Allaway:   Vivian Holland:   Valerie Almack:   Josephine Hull:   Bridget Barton:   Elizabeth Kitchen:   Biddy Bettesworlh:   Judith Maher:   Janet Blakeman:   Mary McCarty:   Patricia Bolland:   Doreen Milton:   Dawn Chandler:   Colette Moor:   Maureen Chapman :   Clare Murray:   Jean Claesson:   Paula Murray:   Christine Clement:   Pauline O'Donnell:   Janet Davis:   Jennifer Panther:   Carol Driscoll:   Elizabeth Parker:   Julia Dwyer:   Pauline Pitcher:   Rosemary Ennis:   Juanita Pope:   Monica Ennis:   Marion Richardson:   Annemarie Firmin:   Patricia Ryan:   Bernard Firmin:   Teresa Tallant:   Margaret Fortune:   Winifred Ann Turner:   Ita Hancock:   Mary Walters:   Sheila Hannam:   Clare Withall:   Margaret Hannigan:   Irene Wuytack:   Penelope Hoare:  

The Bishop spoke to us all, telling us how to be real little soldiers of Jesus Christ, trying to be good and to avoid any of those things which do not please Our Lord.

Those are the most important things which have happened during the year, but we must end with a secret. On the last day of term, we are to have a Fun Fair, with a hundred lucky numbers. Each of us who draws a lucky number will have a Christmas present. We think there may be some of those cuddly toys which the Nuns make or little wooden cut-outs and pictures - we all hope so.

We hope you will like what the juniors have written for the Magazine. There seem to be some little poets this year.

A very happy Christmas to everyone. We are praying to the Baby Jesus to bless us and our Mummies and Daddies, and all the Nuns and mistresses, and to make all people in the world good and happy as He wishes them to be.


The frost is here, And fuel is dear. And woods are damp, Here comes a tramp He looks so old O terribly cold! His coat is worn. His trousers torn, I guess he hates The Winter!

Juliette Graham (Lower II).


I visited the Isle of Wight. We went by boat. On the way we saw big ships, aeroplanes and a light ship. I played hide and seek with daddy. We saw a concert party, afterwards we went by car to see the island at its highest point.

Wendy Norrington (Lower I).


I have a little teddy bear, I often sit him on his chair, I dress him in a lovely suit, And he can play a little flute. Judy Maher (Upper I).


I have an old Golly, He looks very jolly. His name is Jack. He puts on his warm coat. And goes outside. He gets on Nanny-goat, And has a good ride. Georgina Hunt (Upper I).


On Christmas Eve while children sleep,
And stars through nursery windows peep.
Santa hurries on his way,
To bring them toys for Christmas day.

For every child he brings a toy,
He travels far to bring them joy,
Christmas only once a year,
The Birthday of our King so dear.

Annemarie Firmin (Lower II).

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