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Past Puplis Association 1944 - 45

The Past Pupils' section in our last Magazine anticipated the happy time when Peace in Europe might enable members to unite and renew their contact with the Convent. It has been comforting to learn that this little publication has helped to keep many of you in touch with old friends.

When Peace was declared, Reverend Mother's thoughts turned at once to a fitting expression of our gratitude. Details of her plan for the erection of an Altar have appeared in the editorial. But if Reverend Mother has her plans, the Past Pupils have their secret too - although now it must be an open one.

In 1950, dear Reverend Mother Kelly will celebrate her Golden Jubilee. The happy thought came to Marjorie Lloyd, one of our Past Pupils that preparations might be made in advance for that great day. She submitted her scheme of inaugurating a "Golden Jubilee Building Fund," to His Lordship, the Bishop, who replied as follows:

"I learn with great pleasure that some "Old Girls" of the Convent are taking steps to raise a respectable sum of money to present to Reverend Mother when she arrives at her Golden jubilee some five years' hence.

As this intended present will enable the Convent to go ahead with some further extension of their educational work, I feel sure it will make a strong appeal to all who are interested in the future of Catholic Education in the Bournemouth area.

Hence the project has my blessing and cordial support." - John Henry King, Bishop of Portsmouth.

We hope the "mystery" of the Building Fund is now solved. It is the special possession of Past Pupils, who, we know, will not spurn the co-operation of Present Pupils in endeavouring to offer some worthy token to one who holds an honoured place in the hearts of all who love Boscombe.

We send our congratulations and good wishes to the following, whose marriage took place since the last issue of the magazine:
B. Bleeck, D. M. Breaks, B. Browning, R. Browning, E. Farnworth, P. Joy, M. Jones, B. Shorman, S. Smart, Y. Thiollier, E. Strong.

We are pleased to announce the birth of

Richard Nicholas to Mrs. Tanner (B: Browning), Angela Mary to Mrs. Hall (M. Pardon), Ann to Mrs. Magner (M. McLoughlin), Peter John to Mrs. Conway (M. Jones),
Maryvonne to Madame Delanoe (Y. Pinder), Frances to Mrs. Hoyle (S. Ennis), Gabrielle to Mrs. Browning (R. de Sousa), a second son to Mrs. Smethwick (E. Neville), a second daughter to Mrs. O'Shea (G. Shorman), a son toMrs. Holinshead (H. Whitehouse), a son to Mrs. Trotter (B. Clarke),

a son to Mrs. Dadley (H. Stevenson), Timothy to Mrs. Lahaye (P. Graham), Christopher to Mrs ter Brake (B. Hunt), a son to Mrs. Wyse (M. Lidbetter), Shaun Wayne to Mrs. Turner (D. Horsley).

Special thanks to Mrs. Smethwick, Mrs. MacLucas (G. Mason), Mrs. Lahaye for the snaps of the children. Mothers! please follow the good example.

Our sympathy is offered to Mrs. Poate (K. McLoughlin) on the death of Baby Robert who was a victim of a flying bomb in the summer of 1944. We are glad to say that Kitty has now recovered from her own injuries and shock.

Sympathy to J. and P. Daly on the death of their father.

As space is still limited we must be content this year with giving a few extracts from letters. The following from Mrs. Rose will be of interest to all, but especially to those who knew Felicity.

"When letters were allowed, I wrote to her and then her letter came - the first I had received for six long years! Dear Reverend Mother you will guess my joy and relief my thanksgiving and gratitude to Almighty God and His Holy Mother for their merciful care of her. My poor Felicity had a terrible time in 1939 and early in 1940, when she was hunted and harassed by the Germans who refused to allow her to stay in Moravia.

They wanted to send her over the Holland boundaries and said it was not their affair what happened to her there. Then the poor little thing became ill and the Mother General managed to get a respite from the Germans. A Jesuit tried to get her into Convents in Switzerland, Italy and Jugoslavia. Just as it was about decided for her to go to Italy, the Mother General asked the 'Superior of their Convent in Slovakia to receive her, and obtained a visa from the Slovakian Consul in Prague - Felicity thus managed to leave Moravia on the 26th Aril.

We should like to mention individually all those who called or wrote during the year, and those who visited us while staying in Bournemouth. Many thanks to all for support and help given in the various activities of the School, just within the limit of time, April 30th, the Germans gave her.

She says she was "hidden" in Slovakia till the war ended. Now she is back at the Mother House at Prerov. Isn't it simply marvellous that all the Sisters and the Convents, even in Estonia are all safe "

We unite with Mrs. Rose and family in thanksgiving and rejoicing at this good news.

The Magazine continues to bring pleasure to all our Past Pupils overseas as May Gooney's last letter from Johannesburg shows: " . . Thank you very much for the Magazine which arrived about the end of March.

Although in `battledress' it is just as attractive and fully as interesting as ever . . . Naturally I look first for news of old girls, hoping to find many familiar names . . Please remember me to everybody. Hope I may be able to come and see you again some day . . . "

Even nearer home a single copy did yeoman service. Marjorie Wood tells how hers had travelled and been widely read. "It reached me the week-end that Lorna Shadwell was staying with us. She took it away to show to Evelyn Hall (that was).

Evelyn posted it to Perth where it was read by Kitty, Peggy, and Nora Dowling and Eileen Lydon (nee bowling). She asks for a copy of the next number for herself . . .The Magazine has now returned to be taken by Lorna to Freda (nee Morello) . . . "

As a larger edition will be published in future (we hope!), we earnestly appeal to all Past Pupils to send tidings of themselves or others, so that this section may become more interesting and up-to-date.

The eagerness of Past Pupils to meet again at the Convent has been expressed in a recent letter from Mrs. Tucker (D. Hobbs):

"I still hope, dear Reverend Mother, that you will, as soon as rationing and other wartime difficulties become easier, be able to arrange a Benediction for the Old Girls, followed by an "At Home," when the Community would receive us and perhaps the Senior Girls who are leaving that year. I am sure I am speaking for the majority of Old Girls when I say that their happiest moments at the Convent were spent in your lovely Chapel - indeed Reverend Mother, I am sure you would be gravely troubled if it were not so.

And so I think we should pay our visit first in the Chapel. Secondly, those of us who wish to see a nun can do so, we know, but there are so many with whom we wish to renew perhaps only an acquaintanceship - we have'nt the face to ask for them at the front door. And how are we, the old old girls to get to know the young nuns if we never meet them!. Not to speak of the Young Old Girls. I am putting this suggestion now and hope that sometime something on these lines will materialize."

By a strange coincidence the present Sixth Form had put forward a similar plan. They would like a Games' Club or a Dramatic Circle to be formed amongst the Past Pupils.

Reverend Mother will be pleased to arrange an "At Home" early in the New Year. All Past Pupils will be notified, and we trust that they will come in large numbers prepared to offer suggestions.


Target for 1950 - 5,000

To stimulate interest amongst the Forms, M. Lloyd has generously offered to double the highest amount collected each month. The following are the winning Forms up to the end of October: May - Lower V. June - Upper II. July - Ib. October - Upper III.

In June Lower III had the proceeds of their Entertainment doubled.

The total of the Form Collections from May to October "with the double on"

At the time we go to press the Fund stands at 500 odd - with the help of the Christmas Sale of Work, which will be held on December 1st, we hope to bring it up at lest another 100.

Our grateful thanks to Miss Lloyd and her helpers, to Mrs. Powell and her volunteers, and last but not least to our devoted Staff for all the help given at the Pageant, the Victory Dance and (in advance) at the Christmas Sale of Work.

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