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Junior School 1944 - 45

What an exciting, busy and happy year we have had in the junior School!

On coming back to School in September we found we had moved to St. Joseph's where we had our own Gym and Playground.

St. Joseph gave us a good welcome and was so pleased to have us with him that he quickly increased our numbers, and of course made it necessary to start a building fund, and evidently St. Joseph thought it such a good idea that he kept us up to it like anything. And would you believe it? The JUNIORS beat the Seniors Hollow!! and headed the list by a long run - But this is jumping to the Summer Term!

I must go back to Christmas time when, Forms IIb, Ia and Ib were proud when they were chosen to sing some carols in the Chapel, and practised in the Chapel too; with Our Lord looking on in Person, and I am sure He must have mistaken them sometimes for Cherubs up there in the Choir.

Then - Let me see! Oh Yes. V. DAY!! Two days' holiday - Flags and decorations - made by ourselves at handwork.

The next thing was the greatest event . . . . . Reverend Mother General's arrival. In her honour we performed a Pageant in the wood! Rehearsed out there too - We did enjoy singing and dancing in and out of the trees. We invited our parents and friends to come and see it and thereby swelled the building fund.

And talking of Funds? - I can hear you asking what about the "Black Babies"? Oh no, they have not been forgotten. They are still busily climbing up the steps into Heaven.

Some of us had the great happiness of making our First Communion.

In 1944 - T. Barrie, A. Butler, D. Horwood M. Clement and M. Thelwell, P. Grant M. Miller, became a Catholic on July 23rd and received her First Communion on August 1st.

In 1945 - A. Boys, C. Browning, A. Coleman, O. Cristofoli, C. Currer, G. Currer, M. Donlevy, C. Hackett, C. Leonard, M. McFadden, K. Middleton, J, O'Reilly, J. Shaw, M. Walters.

At the end of the School Year we had Tests and the Results were given to us on "break-up" day.

Here they are: -

Form IIa - 1st, A. Wyatt; 2nd, V. Scrimshaw; 3rd, Y. Francis.

Form IIb - 1st, J. Stone; 2nd, J. Downey; 3rd, J. Griffiths.

Form Ia - 1st, J. Thurgood; 2nd, C. man; 3rd, S. Medley.

Form Ib - 1st, A. Walshaw; 2nd, M. well; 3rd, M. Lock.

Transitional Upper - 1st C. Lupson; 2nd P. Surridge; 3rd, M. Walters.

Transitional Lower - 1st, V. Hart; 2nd C. Saunders; 3rd, M. Craig.

Preparatory Upper - 1st, S. Rooke; 2nd M. Laurence; 3rd, S. Millis.

Preparatory Lower
- 1st, A. Terry; 2nd J. Hurt; 3rd, J. Cuell.

Winners of the Studies Cup - Form lb.

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