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THE YEARS' EVENTS - 1944/45, Page One

OUR DIARY for 1944/45.


Boscombe greets its readers with an apology for the long silence. Shortage of paper has prevented publication of a Magazine during the past two years. Although there is still a restriction, we decided to have a small Magazine this Christmas in the hope that next year a `Special' edition may appear. Articles written by Past Pupils would add much to the interest of this publication, and the Editor would be grateful to receive contributions from them.

Hostilities having ceased, we unite in thanking God for keeping us safe during the years of danger. In gratitude for the preservation of the Convent and as a memorial to Past Pupils, relatives and friends of the Nuns and Pupils, Reverend Mother has arranged for a marble altar in honour of Our Lady, to be erected in the Convent Chapel.

For us, one of the first fruits of Peace was the long deferred visit of dearest Reverend Mother General. After all her trials and difficulties during the war, it was a consolation for her to find the School in such a flourishing condition, and we assure her that we shall do all in our power to keep up its traditions and be true Children of the Cross.

During her short stay, Reverend Mother General had the opportunity of meeting representatives of nearly all the Teaching Orders of Nuns in this country. By a happy coincidence the Summer School, held under the auspices of the Convent Schools' Association, met at Boscombe Convent this year and Reverend Mother General was able to welcome the Nuns who attended it.

The summer vacation brought about several changes which had been little anticipated. Mother d'Alancon has left Boscombe to fill the office of Superioress at our Convent in Ryde. No words can estimate her generous and untiring work for Boscombe and the real interest which she took in the training of each of the children who came under her care. Perhaps we now begin to realise what before we took for granted. Memories of all our Plays will be associated with her and we shall try to keep that zeal for the Missions which she fostered in the School.

We ask Our Lord to bless Reverend Mother d'Alancon and to give her health to continue her good work in His Service. While wishing her every happiness in her new surroundings we trust that she will keep a little corner in her heart for her former Boscombe Pupils.

It was with regret too that we heard that Mother Woulfe was no longer to be with us. The juniors especially miss her in St. Joseph's, and the Boarders offer their thanks for her devoted work on their behalf. Our very best wishes follow Mother Woulfe to the Convent at Horndean.

Partings are sad, and it was indeed a pleasure to know that at least one old friend of Boscombe would be back with us. We welcome Mother Soehle who has come here for a well earned rest after the strain of the past years, and we trust that her stay in Boscombe will be truly happy.

To replace Mother Woulfe, Mother Woolfrey has come from Ryde. All the juniors are determined to show her what good children they can be, so that she may have reason to be proud of St. Joseph's. We wish Mother Woolfrey all the good things that are included in a "Welcome to Boscombe."

Reverend Mother and the Community send their Christmas greetings to all readers, especially Past Pupils. As we enjoy the blessings of Peace this Holy Season, let us not forget the many who are still suffering in Europe. If we ask the Infant Jesus to strengthen them and to alleviate their sufferings, Boscombe's children past and present will be playing their part in the good work for which the Holy Father and the Archbishop of Westminster have appealed.

Our prayers and sacrifices to help these unfortunate people will be a most acceptable Christmas gift to Our Blessed Lord Who considers what we do for others as done to Him.

May Our Little King bless all Boscombe's children and set His seal on everything which we undertake in the New Year.


A New Year and a new plan! Most of our time during the Christmas holidays was devoted to preparations for a Nativity Play which was presented early in January. Thanks are due to the Grail who so kindly permitted us to stage one of their productions, `No Room'. In addition to the unfailing attraction of Christmas scenes this play contained a wealth of thought particularly applicable to the world of to-day.

Not only at Bethlehem was there `No Room' for Christ, but even now He is being crowded out of our hearts and homes.

The success of the production, especially the excellent choral speaking must be attributed to the untiring work of Mother Potter. Large and appreciative audiences contributed a substantial sum to the Relief for Europe Fund.

Summer Term.

Religion and Life Week was arranged in Bournemouth from April 30th to May 7th. All Senior pupils attended the meetings held at the Pavilion and had the advantage of hearing the Christian attitude to the major problems of our times.

During this term, a team of eight pupils was chosen to write an essay on `Citizenship', for a Competition open to all Bournemouth schools. A Civics' Shield, presented by the Education Committee, was to be presented to the winning team. Talbot Heath gained First Place, and the Convent Second. Congratulations to R. Brown, P. Clayton, P. Coyle, E. Hughes, A. Newman, P. Sibeth, M. Smith, and L. Templer, each of whom received a book prize.

Excitement is expected at the end of the Summer Term, but July 1944 was perhaps unique. Parents and friends were invited to an Exhibition of our work on July 19th and 20th. "Quite a normal event," someone may remark, but NO. This time not merely Handwork, Needlework and Art were shown, but all exercise books and even Test Papers! Woe to the slackers!

Form V Lower, the Cookery experts, were able to run a Cake Stall of their own, while V Upper and Form VI helped in the preparation and serving of Teas. Mother Boulton's Art Stall was a particular attraction, and the proceeds were a fitting reward for her energy and interest. On July 19th, a Programme of Music, Singing, Elocution and Folk-Dancing was provided by the juniors. In the evening a meeting of Parents was held, at which an address was given by Rev. W. J. Tomlinson, S. J.

The Middle School and Seniors gave their entertainments on July 20th, and all were kept busy at the various stalls, proceeds of which were given to the Catholic Relief for Europe Fund. Our parents really enjoyed this opportunity of seeing the School `at work', so to speak, and they had every chance of meeting the Staff and gaining first-hand information about us!

On September 14th, many of us were present in the Convent Chapel for the Clothing Ceremony of Miss Shelley who had been teaching in the junior School, and of Norah Loftus who had been studying with some of us.

A few of the Seniors were allowed to help in the Choir, and afterwards we had the pleasure of congratulating the happy Novices and also Mother Potter, Sister Joan and Sister Anastasia who had made their Final Vows,

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