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PAST PUPILS' ASSOCIATION - 1942 - 43, Page One


Greetings from Boscombe, a wish of "God Speed, "
Happiness, health, all the blessings you need.
Your School's high ideals strive still to uphold,
The Cross is your standard as in days of old.

Of Past Pupils now we must make a review,
ATS, WRNS or WAAFS - yes, and all others too,
In National Effort you all have a share,
Not forgetting the mothers, our future, their care.

News of Past Pupils we're eager to hear,
To pass on to all when in "press" we appear.
Pray and work hard that just peace may be won,
And promise yourselves when the fighting is done,

A splendid Reunion of our P.P.A.
Take courage and hope . . . may God speed that great day.

We send our congratulations and good wishes to the following, whose marriage took place since the last issue of the magazine:-

E. Neville; D. Elliott; M. Lidbetter; B. Hunt; B. Hirst-James,

We are pleased to announce the birth of:-

Patrick Anthony to Mrs. Mahoney (J. Hunt).
Rosemary to Mrs. Griffiths (E. Davies);
of a second son, Jannik, to Madame Delanoe (Y. Pinder).
Nicole Gabrielle to Mrs. Knowles (D. Elliott);
Virginia, to Mrs. O'Shea (G. Shorman) ;
Robert, to Mrs. Poate (K. McLoughlin);
Anthony, to Mrs. Scott (J. Shoolbred);
Thomas James, to Mrs. Smethwick (E. Neville);
a daughter to Mrs. Leigh (D. Jones).

Our sympathy is offered to the following:

Reverend Mother and Mother Kelly, on the death of their nephew, Lieut. A. Rochford;
Mother Dunnett and Irene on the death of their nephew;
Marjorie Wood, on the death of her brother;
Freda Morello, on the death of her husband; and
Lorna Shadwell, on the death of her brother

- all on Active Service.

Mrs. Tucker and Mrs. Breaks (D. and P. Hobbs), on the death of their mother.
Mrs. Tory (S. Thompson), on the death of Audrey (Mrs. Scott).
Mrs. Skeates (Ida Head) on the death of her husband.
Rachael Kann, on the death of her mother.


Reveren Mother Afchain

It is with deep regret that we record in this Magazine the death of our dear Reverend Mother Afchain, formerly Superioress General.

The sad event, the culmination of a very short illness, took place at our Convent in Ryde, on January 9th of this year. News of her having sustained a fall on January 1st caused grave fears, but we trusted that her marvellous spirit of courage and endurance would preserve her for us for some years to come.

God deemed it otherwise. During those last days she remained in close union with Him, praying constantly and willingly accepting the pain which must have been hers.

On Tuesday, January 12th, the funeral took place after Solemn Requiem Mass, Celebrated by His Lordship, Doctor King, Bishop of Portsmouth, who also performed the last rites at the cemetery.

Reverend Mother was born at Le Cateau, Nord, 82 years ago. While still very young she entered at the Mother House, St. Quentin, and made Profession there in 1881. In 1895, she came to England as Superior of this Convent.

Many of our Past Pupils must be familiar with the stories she delighted in telling of those first happy year: especially her experience of learning English as a self-appointed pupil of the Baby Form. The years went by and Reverend Mother Afchain was making her reputation as an administrator.

The school buildings here were greatly extended, and our beautiful Chapel was erected during her term of office. It was no surprise when, in 1913, she was selected as Co-adjudtrix to Reverend Mother General, Mother de St. Preux, who had become an invalid.

In 1919 she succeeded her as Superioress General of the Society. For the 20 years she carried out the responsible duties of this office, she resided at the Mother House, which was then in Belgium. We do not know who was the happier on the occasion of her visiting this country twice a year, Reverend Mother on coming back to England or those in our Houses at Ryde, Southsea and Boscombe, in receiving her.

Despite her many and heavy responsibilities, Reverend Mother - could always find time for the kindly word to those in trouble, and was herself an example to all when there was a Cross to be borne. She came to our Convent at Ryde after her resignation in 1939.

Hostilities had just then broken out, and her last years must have been saddened by her native country's becoming again a battle-ground. This we can only surmise as Reverend Mother would never make any reference to her personal sorrow.

For those who knew her, it is not necessary to enumerate her good qualities. All who came in contact with her were struck by her strong personality and genuine kindness of heart.

She was a great soul who lived only for God, whose devotion to the duty of the moment will have merited for her the reward of the good and faithful servant.

May she rest in peace!

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