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Games Notes.


This year we had a series of twelve House matches, and counted the score at the end of the season. The Ignatians won again, the total, score being Ignatians 63 goals, Xaverians 60. Although the Xaverians lost, this season's score shows a big improvement.

The Form matches were played with great enthusiasm, and the "Final" was an exciting game between Forms V and Upper IV, Form V winning by one goal.

Lower III v. Upper III: - Winners Upper III, 10 - 8.

Lower IV v. Upper IV: - Winners Upper IV, 4 - 3 .

Upper IV v. Upper III: - Winners Upper IV, 18 - 4.

V v. Commercial: - Winners, V, 17 - 2.

V v. Upper IV: - Winners V, 10 - 9.


Captained by N. Brewer, the Xaveriacis were determined to make up for their defeat in Netball, and they beat the Ignatians in the total score by 18 runs to 112. The Ignatians' Captain was J. Morton.

The Form matches were again played with great enthusiasm, and Upper IV, who were determined to beat the Vth, succeeded.

Lower III v. Upper III: - Winners Upper III, 10&1/2 - 8&1/2.

Lower IV v. Upper IV: - Winners Upper IV. 13 - 1.

Upper III v. Upper IV: - Winners Upper IV - , 8&1/2 - 4.

V and Commercial v. Upper IV: - Winners Upper IV, 9 - 8.


The tournament was very exciting this year as Lower III won their games and played against Upper IV in the semi-final Form V beat Upper IV in the final, a very good match with excellent serving and netplay.

Lower III: - S. Darby, J. White.

Upper III: - M. Smith, M. Browne.

Lower IV: - A. King, J. Collings.

Upper IV: - J. Higgs, G. Bond.

Commercial: - R. Leech, M. Anderson.

V: - A. Bond, J. Morton.

Lower III v. Upper III: - Winners Lower III, 6 - 4.

Lower IV v. Upper IV: - Winners Upper IV, 6 - 4.

Lower III v. Upper IV: - Winners Upper IV, 6 - 3, 6 - 2.

V v. Commercial: - Winners V, 6 - 1.

V v. Upper IV: - Winners V, 6 - 5, 6 - 4.

1942 - 1943

In view of the steady increase in numbers and to encourage a more competitive spirit, it was decided to form a third House under the patronage of St. Stanislaus. At the beginning of the School year N. Brewer was chosen to fill the office of Head Girl. R. Stevens was elected Captain of the Yaverians in her place, with P. Watts, Captain of the Ignatians and M. Brewer of the Stanislausians. The school Games Captain for this year is G. Bond.



November 6th. - 1st VII v. St. Anne's: Scratched.

November 13th. - 1st VII v. Queensmount: Boscombe Convent 15, Queensmount 14.

November 27th. - 1st VII v. 1st St. Mary'; Gate.

November 27th. - 2nd VII v. 2nd St. Mary's Gate.

November 30th. - 1st VII v. 1st Southampton Grammar.

December 4th. - 1st VII v. Southbourne High School.

December 4th. - 1st Junior v. Southbourne High School Junior. (Under 14.)


The Seniors have not allowed us very much space. Perhaps it is because they think us little and good! However, our ranks are nearly as long as theirs this year, since so many new girls have come to school. We are sure that this is an answer to the prayers which Reverend Mother asked us to say before the summer holidays.

Juniors, you know, are very busy people. Form Ila are beginning to prepare for the Senior School, and Form IIb to take their place as "Seniors" of the Junior School. Forms la and lb must look after the younger ones, whose classrooms are still in the Convent.

Transition Form are trying to forget that they were the babies last year, while the Preparatory, both those who work and those who play, are very much alive!

You will see from the Examination results that some of us have taken exams in Music, Elocution and Drawing.

Because we are such lucky little girls and have such a happy time at school, we try not to forget other children who have not all the good things that we enjoy.

In the Easter term, 1942, we collected for the Orphans of the diocese, and our money was sent to the Bishop. During October this year, we decided to buy 100 Black Babies, to mark the Centenary of the Holy Childhood which we all love.

Every 2s. 6d. bought a baby, and we were allowed to name it. It was very exciting to watch the ribbon move up and tip until it had passed the target mark. Finally we had more than 150 Black Babies. Everyone was delighted, although one of the babies asked sadly when she might have her black baby to take home and show mummy!

Christmas is very near. At the Crib we shall pray to Our Lord for our parents, teachers and also for Peace. We must ask our patron, St. Joseph, to take care of ns and keep us safe, as he watched over our Lady and the Infant Jesus.

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