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Examination results - 1941 - 43, page one

Successes gained during the School Year, 1941 - 1942.

Oxford Locals.

School Certificate.

(Very Good is a higher mark than Credit. Credit is higher than Pass.)

R. Stevens:
Matriculation Exemption. Very good in English Language, French, Mathematics, Art. Credit in English Literature, Geography, Latin. Pass in History.

B. Trew:
Very good in French. Credit in English Literature, Geography, Domestic Subjects. Pass in English Language, History, Matbcmatics, Art.

J. Thiollier:
Pass in English Language and Literature, Geography, Mathematics, Domestic Subjects, Art.

Pass in French Oral: R. Stevens, B. Trew.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


Grade III. Credit. - M. Browne.

Grade IV. Pass. - A. King.

Grade V. Pass: E. Webb, J. Morton.


Grade I. Credit. - S. Waring.

Grade II. Credit. - S. Waring. Pass: N. Daly.

Grade III. Credit. - R. Leech.

Places Gained in the Year's Work


V Upper. - Ist, R. Stevens.

V Lower. - 1st, P. Watts; 2nd, A. Bond; 3rd, D. Trew.

IV Lower. - 1st, M. Cooper; 2nd, S. McCarthy; 3rd, P. Browning.

IV Upper - Ist, S. Havelock; 2nd, M. Wheeler; 3rd, A. Fisher-White.

III Upper. - 1st, S. Waring; 2nd, M. Caldon; 3rd, J. Hillier, M. Morgan.

III Lower. - Ist, L. Templer; 2nd, E. Boys; 3rd, V. Jones.

Silver Cup awarded to the Form gaining the highest percentage for Studies during the year. - Form IV Lower.

Winning House for the year: - Xaverians.
The "Shorman" Cup for Discipline: - Ignatians.
The "Shelagh Smart" Cup for Studies: - Xaverians.

Cup presented by Miss Hughes or Domestic Science: - J. Thiollier.
Netball Cup: - Form V, Upper and Lower.

Rounders' Cup: - Form V Lower.
Tennis Cup: - Form V Lower.

Junior School

II A. - Ist, R. Brown; 2nd, J. Winterbottom; 3rd, A. Ide.

II B. - Ist, J. Collin; 2nd, J. Norman; 3rd, M. Parnwell.

I A. - 1st, E. Smith; 2nd, M. Kelly; 3rd, S. Cox.

I B. - Ist, M. Turnei; 2nd, M. Hughes; 3rd, H. Price.

Transition. - 1st, M. Humby; 2nd, W. Gilchrist; 3rd, B. Hart.

Preparatory Form: Division I. - Ist, K. White; 2nd, P. Perkins; 3rd, S. Medley.

Division II. - Ist, G. Bond; 2nd, A. Walshaw; 3rd, B. O'Connell.

Winners of Studies' Cup: Form II A.

Winning House: St. Philomena.

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