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The Association had intended to hold its second Retreat and Reunion on July 26th. Early in that month Bournemouth was declared a Defence Area, and to our intense disappointment arrangements had to be cancelled.

On that account the publication of the School Magazine is particularly welcome this year, for by means of it, members may keep in touch with one another and with the Convent at a time when personal contact is so difficult.

Times of trial tend to strengthen the bonds of friendship, and all Past Pupils may be assured that they have a large share in the prayers of the Community. We offer our sympathy to those who have already suffered from the effects of war, and ask God's protection for all, especially for those whose duties detain them in the most dangerous areas.

There are no activities of the Association to report this year, but we know that members appreciate the News Bulletin more than any other records.

Great concern was felt early in August when news reached us that dear Reverend Mother Afchain was seriously ill. However, we must thank God, that, despite her age, Reverend Mother Afchain bore the strain of an operation, and recent letters from Ryde speak of her wonderful recovery.

Older members will regret to hear of the death on May 14th, of dear Mother de Liniere. R.I.P. Her former pupils will remember Mother de Liniere's devoted work as Music Mistress. After long suffering her death was most peaceful, and those who loved her rejoice that she was spared the knowledge of the misfortunes of her dear country.

At Easter we learned of the death, on March 19th, of Gabrielle Jeffery, whose career had been marked by such intense activity. Her school days at Boscombe being ended, Gabrielle grew up in the days of great agitation for votes for women, the first decade of the century, and in 1911 she founded the Catholic Women's Suffrage Society.

The Catholic Citizen, organ of St. Joan's Social and Political Alliance, paid striking tribute to the character of its foundress, praising her sense of proportion, intuitive vision, disinterestedness, courage and experience. "It was characteristic of Gabrielle that she held office in the society never as Chairman, but for a short time as honorary secretary, for thirteen years as treasurer, and from the beginning as committee member.

She had for publicity and the empty honours of leadership, a disregard which would have been superb had she been less humble." Gabrielle was buried at Hove on Holy Saturday, and we ask you to remember her in your prayers. Mass was offered in our Chapel for the repose of her soul. R.I.P.

It is impossible to put before our members any proposals for a Reunion, but we should very much like all our local Past Pupils to arrange to form a Catholic Action Study Circle. We shall we pleased to do anything in the way of organising it, and of putting a Room and books at your disposal.

News and letters from Past Pupils are always welcomed, and through your old Convent you will be able to maintain contact with one another. Once again may we recall to your memory the Annual Subscription. We feel sure that all our Past Pupils would sanction our giving a donation towards the Homeless out of the Association funds.

News of Past Pupils.

Maria Bertini writes fairly often. She has remained at her post in London, and is doing excellent work as an Air-Raid Warden. She gives us news of Sister Mary Barbara, I.B.V.M. (Lily), who is still in Ascot.

Annie Molloy (Mrs. Trevethan Frampton) has not been in good health for some time. She has become a life-member of the Association. She called to see us during the autumn with her husband. Their son Geoffrey is in the Army.

Peggy Graham (Mrs. Claude Lahaye) writes occasionally. She and her husband and their little daughter Suzanne had to evacuate to a west country town.

Winnie and Eva Cartwright call to see us as often as they can. Both are kept busy. Winnie helps as a Volunteer Worker in a canteen, and Eva is a fully qualified A.R.P. Ambulance driver.

Lorna Munnik never fails to write to us for Christmas. She still teaches at the Convent in Johannesburg. It was during the last war that she and her parents came to England.

May Cooney writes occasionally from her home in Johannesburg. She is well and always gives us news of Queenie. The latter has two grown-up daughters.

Mary Pascal has not been in good health recently, and we send her our sympathy. She has been staying with Violet Carey (Mrs. Wallin). The latter is well. She has three children who are doing well at school.

Monica Beauclerk wrote some time ago. She had to leave her home in Paris when war began and is now in England with her son.

Kitty Waring and her husband and three children returned to England from Belgium when war began.

Hilda Cartwright (Mrs. Dennis Waring) calls to see us whenever she comes to Bournemouth. Her daughter Sally is now a Boarder with us.

Kathleen Burke (Mrs. Watson) comes in occasionally. Her elder son has entered a Missionary Order.

Mabel Golden (Mrs. Pugh) lost her dear mother early this year. We offer Mabel and her family our sympathy. Mabel's daughter Josie is one of our Day Pupils.

Marjorie Lloyd is a fairly frequent visitor.

Josie and Lucy Riddle (Mrs. Miller and Mrs. L. Meade) call from time to time. Josie's two girls, Betty and Peggy, have now left school and have started on their careers. Betty has chosen Children's Nursing, and Peggy Hospital Nursing. We wish them every success.

May Weld Blundell (Mrs. Frederick Montague Weld-Blundell) writes often. She is an eminent and a very keen Catholic Social worker. She and Alice and their families are well.

Irene Dunett lives quite near the Convent. She too is an ardent Catholic Social worker.

Dorothhy Mackie (Mrs. Treanor) spent a few months in Boscombe. We were so pleased to see her again. Her daughter Sheila was a Boarder for a while, but unfortunately Dorothy was obliged to return to India and took her two children back with her.

Winnie Pole writes from time to time, but we do not often have news of Edith, who is in South Africa.

Kathleen Andrews (Mrs. Keith Murray) called in with her elder daughter Ray, who has just left school. She gave news of Jessie Andrews (Mrs. Stansfield Worthington). The latter is still in Canada.

Violet Gatland (Dame Placida, O.S.B.) wrote during the year from her Convent St. Mary's Abbey, Olton, Staffs. She told us that Edie Green is still working in Canada.

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