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Games Notes.


The Easter term this year was very short, and illness prevented us from arranging matches with other schools. This was a disappointment, as our 1st Team had been most enthusiastic, and some of the players, especially S. Palmer, P. Miller and R. Dix-Lewis were playing an excellent game.

Since the re-opening in September, we have been able to make Friday a " Competition Day," as the day girls now stay to lunch and matches are more easily arranged. The honours so far have fallen to the Ignatians, but there has been very keen play and much enthusiasm in all matches.

Special mention must be made of B. Shorman and R. Kann as defence players, and B. Morton who gave some excellent displays of shooting.


October 18th. - 1st Ignatians beat 1st Xaverians 17 - 11
October 18th. - 2nd Ignatians beat 2nd Xaverians 5 - 2
October 25th. - 2nd Ignatians beat 2nd Xaverians 5 - 3
October 28th. - Boarders beat Daygirls 20 - 6
November 8th. - Boarders beat Daygirls 23 - 17


The big event of the tennis season was the Inter-Schools Tournament. After a lot of hard practice we sent in a Senior and a Junior couple. The junior couple were unfortunately knocked out in the first round by Sentryfields, while the Seniors were beaten in the second round by Talbot Heath.

Senior Couple: B. Morton, R. Dix-Lewis.
Junior Couple: J. Morton, H. Francis.

The only other match was played against Wentworth, who beat us by five games. In this match, P. Miller and R. Dix-Lewis played particularly well and beat Wentworth's First Couple in a hard and exciting game. Difficulties at the end of the summer term prevented us from playing off the usual form matches for the Tennis Cup.


Batting and fielding were particularly good this season, but our bowling was not as accurate as we should have liked. B. Morton, S. Palmer, E. Farnworth, B. Shorman, R. Dix-Lewis gave some splendid displays at batting and gained the highest scores.

Table Tennis.

The Boarders had a " knock-out tournament " and played " the best of three games." The winners were B. Morton (Senior Section) and A. Bond (Junior Section). A very exciting game completed the Competition; B. Morton gaining the highest number of points.

Ignatian House Notes.

Ignatians! How proud we are of our name, especially this year. When the 4th centenary of the foundation of the Society of Jesus by our Patron Saint was commemorated, we felt that, as Ignatians, we might share in the feast. Perhaps future Ignatians will be able to rejoice fully when the celebrations are held, after the war has ended, but we must carry on and maintain the spirit of St. Ignatius during these difficult times.

The first term of the school year has been quite satisfactory with regard to work and games. You have all tried very hard at netball and have shown a keen spirit and interest in all the matches we have played; and I am more than pleased that we have beaten the Xaverians every time.

Only seven Ignatians can represent their house in a netball match, but everyone of you can maintain the spirit of the house by doing your best. Extras are within the reach of all, and may be gained by support of any school activity, such as helping the Refugees end bringing gifts for the sailors of H.M.S. Antony. All of you can win good discipline marks if you make a real effort, and you must do so, for the Xaverians nearly always score over us here.

I appeal especially to some of you in the Middle School who do not exert yourselves sufficiently in this respect, and I shall expect a marked improvement next term. Form IIIa did well in winning their match against IIlb, and enthusiasm has been shown in this form.

It is easy to be keen over something new, but you must keep up the enthusiasm when the novelty has worn away.

The object of the House system is to arouse a keen competitive spirit. But it does not really matter who wins as long as each one is thoroughly loyal and does her best. Remember, Ignatians, we are working, not merely to win a silver cup but we must ever have in mind the motto of our Patron " Ad majorem Dei gloriam " - " For the greater glory of God."


Xaverian House Notes.

On the whole, I am pleased with you, Xaverians! Most of you are trying hard with your studies, but I am sure that a little more effort will not kill anyone. We have been victorious over the Ignatians quite often this term, and I want you to keep that up. Whatever happens, do not decide to slack and take a rest, but instead let us make up our minds that we are going to show those Ignatians what we can do if we try.

The games, I am pleased to say, have improved considerably this term. You have shown much more enthusiasm, and it seems a pity that in spite of this we have allowed the Ignatians to walk triumphantly off the court every time we have played against them. However, we put up a good fight and everyone played her best; I cannot ask more from any of you.

Really, the actual victory matters very little; the important thing is to show a good sporting spirit. One team must be disappointed and if we happen to be the losers, let us learn to take a beating in the right way without any grumbling, and with a determination to do much better next time.

I must now say a few words to the new members of the House, namely Form IIIb. It is your aim to get higher marks than the Ignatrans of IIIa, and you must do your utmost to carry out this duty. Your work must never be done in a slap-dash manner; that will get you nowhere, and remember always that " what is worth doing is worth doing well."

Apart from games and studies, each one of you must promise me to make a big effort in improving her discipline marks. You axe inclined to chatter more than is necessary. Please try hard to correct this for the honour of your House.

I should like everyone of you, from the lowest to the highest form, to show loyalty and determination, and always to carry out your duty with a smile on your face. That is the spirit I want, Xaverians!


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