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Boys' Preparatory School - 1940, Page One

Jottings 1940.

The Studies' Cup was won by the Roman House after an exciting struggle. By the second term of the year the Greeks seemed to be gaining higher marks in all subjects, but towards the end of the School Year the Romans pulled up splendidly and were finally successful.

The Games' Cup was won by the Greek House.

The 1st XI Football Match was played with great enthusiasm. Play was very even on both sides until the Romans, in their determination to win, made the mistake of " crowding their goal " and giving a " Penalty Shot " to the Greeks, who won by 30 points to 27. R. Pointer, J. Horn, H. Bond, M. Sibeth, tackled very well and made some excellent passes.

The 2nd XI match, although not quite so fast as the 1st, was no less exciting. The good work in the centre by J. Burke-Gaffney and J. Pratt was spoilt for the Greeks by the slowness of their wings. The Romans won by 28 points to 21.

This year's Cricket showed a great improvement towards the end of the season. Good batting and quicker fielding by R. Pointer, H. Bond, T. Potter, R. H. Wills made some very good games. Our most promising bowler of the season was M. Sibeth.

Our photo shows on the left, the Slattery Family, 1938 and next to them, 'The long and short of it'

Instead of a Play at Christmas we had Tableaux. There were eighteen altogether copied from well-known pictures of the Childhood of Our Lord: Some of us found it hard to keep still, but everyone seemed to be very pleased with what we had to show.

"Mary Immaculate" was beautiful to look at. Who would have guessed that the lovely form in blue and silver with stars around the head and serpent at the feet was really Tony Potter?

This was the first picture. Each that followed was equally pleasing, especially the one of the Baby Angels preparing the stable and helping the Holy Mother to sew clothes for the Divine Child.

The little.Angels, in aprons, or with broom or dustpan made everyone smile. The part of Baby Jesus was taken by Bruce Morris, and the Boy Jesus by Pat Ely in the tableaux of " The Finding in the Temple," and of the " Prince of Peace."

We had a very good idea to get some money for the Holy Childhood. We built up a ship with tables and benches with brown paper sides, bows, funnels and even an upper deck. A step ladder made a very real gangway.

On board " H.M.S. Holy Childhood " were toy animals and mysterious parcels. We paid sixpence for a ticket, which acted as a permit to get on board and find the gift on which was the same number as that on the ticket.

A sailor, Richard Pointer, in full rig, showed us about the ship doing a few steps of the " Sailors' Hornpipe " in between times to make us laugh.

There was a Tuck Stall too, and we had a jolly rowdy sweet scramble to finish up the noisy afternoon.

We paid our usual visit to the Lourdes grotto in the Nuns' Garden for February 11th. At the end of the Spring Term we had a second procession to " Lourdes " to thank Our Lady for keeping us free from " flu," or any other epidemic. Two big boys carried Our Lady's Statue, while we all carried lighted candles singing " Hail Queen of Heaven " with six drums from the Band to keep us in time.

We had great fun staying up late to help decorate our Playroom ready for Reverend Mother's Feast Day, which we kept on March 16th with a Fancy Dress Party. We all enjoyed the dressing up very much, also the Refreshments which Reverend Mother treated us to in spite of " rationing." All the Nuns came to see our Grand Parade, and we gave a display of Figure Marching and Folk Dancing.

On June 21st, the Feast of Saint Aloysius, we did not have our usual Outing, but spent the day in our own grounds with combined Sports and Picnic. We were all up early for Mass, as it is our special treat to sing in the Choir on this Feast Day. Some of the Day Boys came to Mass to help with the singing. After breakfast we decorated our garden with shields and flags and set up a Tuck Stall and Red Cross Stall for which we had all been saving pennies.

Races began in grim earnest at 10 a.m. Reverend Mother came to watch our Display of Figure Marching at 11 a.m., after which we raided the Stalls where everything was soon bought up. At 12.30 each of us collected a mysterious parcel or case containing a picnic lunch with which we marched off to " Kerryton," the Girls' Domestic Science House, where we had our picnic on the lawn. The afternoon was 'spent in more races until 3.30, when the Prizes were distributed.

Benediction followed, at which we again sang in the Choir. A Strawberry Tea with ice cream brought a happy day to an end. We gave three hearty cheers for our Convent, agreeing that the day had been the next best thing to a proper " Outing."

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