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A happy enthusiastic spirit prevailed at our first Reunion which was held on July 28th. Those who were fortunate enough to be present had only one regret - that so many were denied the pleasures which they enjoyed of meeting friends, visiting the old haunts and inspecting recent extensions to the school building.

Lest any of our members should have the disappointment of not being able to attend the 1940 Reunion, we publish the date now, July 26th (followed by the Retreat), so that all may have an opportunity of making arrangements for that week-end. We should like to welcome double the number next time, for the larger the gathering, the greater is the enjoyment for each one.

The Retreat given by Fr. McGowen, S. J., was a great success. May we invite local Past Pupils to attend some of the instructions even though they may not be free to make the full Retreat.

Links between the past and present are always cherished and we know how pleased all members will be to have news of dear Reverend Mother M. Serusier was elected dent at Ryde. Reverend Mother Afchain never tired of telling stories of her pupils in the early days and still maintains a keen interest in the events of the Convent to-day.

It is her wish that our Association should grow and prosper and she will always welcome news from any of the members.

As our Southsea Convent is in the danger zone, several of the older members of the Community who were not engaged in the school, evacuated to Boscombe or Ryde. We were pleased to welcome Mother Costello, known to so many of our former pupils, Mother A, McLoughlin and Sister Brigid.

We regret to report the death on October 7th of dear Mother Crofton. Her long years of devoted labour will not be forgotten and we would ask all past pupils to give her a remembrance in their prayers. R.I.P.

The publication of the Magazine affords us an opportunity of expressing our Christmas and New Year wishes to our past pupils. They will have a special place in the prayers of the Community. Let us hope that in 1940 we shall have the happiness of adding many more names to our membership list.

For the benefit of those wishing to renew their membership or to enrol, the annual subscription of 7 / 6 will be welcomed early in the year.

In accordance with the expressed wishes of many members we give news of past pupils, so that members may be able to keep in touch with one another by means of the Convent Magazine.

Much as we would like this issue to be as big as in other years, we feel it is only right that we should do our part in economising, as there is a shortage of paper and all prices are considerably higher.

News of Past Pupils.

Before the news bulletin there is one important announcement in the form of an Appeal. No, it has nothing to do with money - it is an appeal for news of and from you all. Send us a letter from time to time with news of your doings, your families and your various activities, and we would like photos too that could be reproduced here.

Congratulations to Evelyn Brooks (Mrs. Scarsdale Brown) on the birth of a son; and to Betty Darby (Mrs. Ray Edwards) on the birth of a girl, Sally Frances, May 3rd, 1939. A real " grandchild " of the Cross.

Our best wishes to brides of the year: -

Marguerite de Liege,
Peggy Barber,
Mary Smith,
Kathleen Howard,
Jean Clifford Jones,
Helen Whitehouse,
Betty Clarke.

We offer our sincere sympathy to: -

Reverend Mother Kelly and Mother Agnes Kelly on the death of their niece, Sheila Rochford, on August 31st.

Genevieve d'Alancon on the death of her sister, Dame Fabiane, O.S.B., October 29th.

Doreen Butt, on the death of her father in August.

Jean C. Jones (Mrs. A. Wylde) on the tragic death of her sister in July..

Mrs. Miller (J. Riddle) and Mrs. Meade (L. Riddle) on the death of their father in November.

Dorothea Klyne on the death of her father in August.

During the year many of the more recent local past pupils availed themselves of the invitations to join the present pupils at the Whist Drives, or at a "The Dansant." Many too came to the Exhibition of Work at the end of the School Year. Special mention must be given to those who came for the Retreat:

Marie Bertini, now busily engaged in A.R.P. work in London.

Clare Blanshard comes for a week-end when she can. Her time is fully occupied since she has become a secretary in one department of the B.B,C.

We were all pleased to hear that Paul had successfully completed his medical studies.

Betty Bleeck arrived home from Paris just in time for the Reunion and Retreat. She is very happy in her work as English governess in a family. Later in the summer she brought her fiance to see us.

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