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Junior School - 1939

Junior School.

The juniors have so many interesting things to tell that we hope to have a page quite to ourselves in the School Magazine.

When we came back after the Christmas holidays we practised our Percussion Band ever so hard as we were told that if we played very nicely we might be able to give a real concert.

Before Easter we had our wish for we gave a Musical Concert in the Senior School to which our parents and friends were invited. In this way the juniors were able to help in the collection for Lenten Alms and also to give pleasure to all who came. Every one hoped that we should give another concert, and of course, we should love to do so.

On March 18th, we offered our Feast Day wishes to our dear Reverend Mother and she invited us to a Fancy Dress Party on the 20th. We enjoyed the games and dancing and some of us were even allowed to stay and watch the Seniors when our party was over.

During the Summer Term some of us took Music Examinations and we were all successful. On the Feast of Corpus Christi three of us had the happiness of making our first Holy Communion and some of Form II were confirmed by Bishop King in our Convent Chapel on July 5th.

As the weather was very wet we were not able to go to St. Catherine's Hill for our Outing, but I think we had even more fun at a Tea Party in the Junior School, followed by dips, hoop-la and other side-shows in the garden. To end the day the Seniors very kindly did a play for us. We really are lucky little girls!

Just before the end of term we showed all our handwork, needlework and painting. The visitors liked everything very much-in fact many of them would have liked to buy the dolls made by Form Ia - but of course each of us wanted to keep her own.

What a big surprise when we came back this year! The classrooms had been painted in lovely bright colours and the Babies were luckiest of all for they had a lovely big new room painted in blue and cream.

If you were to visit us you would find interesting Botany tables and charts which help us to enjoy all the lovely things which we see every day. Some of us are even allowed to do gardening and perhaps that is what we like most of all.

There are several new little pupils since the war began and some of their parents used to be little girls at the Convent.

We have our special card on which we mark our acts and prayers for Peace.

Soon the Crib will be placed in the Hall and we shall ask the Baby Jesus to bless us and all of you when He comes at Christmas.

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