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Games Notes.


It is not due to lack of enthusiasm that our Hockey has not been up to the same standard as other years - it is principally clue to the weather. During the Easter Term we were most unlucky; the rain seemed to wait until we were just ready for the game.

This term it was deemed more prudent for us not to go out to the Park for Hockey but confine ourselves to Netball on our own courts. However, we may resume our Hockey practices after Christmas.



S. -
A. -
A.C. -
C. -
D.C. -
D. -
G.K. -
1st Team (Boarders)

M, Martin
J. Brewer
P. Miller
R. Dix-Lewis
B. Morton
F. Vick
D. Elliott
1st Team (Day-Girls).

R. Browning
J. Hares
Y. Pinder
B. Shorman
S. Palmer
B. Barnes
A. Luckham

The fixtures for the Easter Term were all cancelled - some due to the weather and some due to illness. We managed to play off some House Matches.

1st VII Xaverians beat 1st VII Ignatians, 18 to 4.

2nd VII Ignatians beat 2nd VII Xaverians, 13 to 11.

Junior VII Ignatians beat junior VII Xaverians, 8 to 1.

Keen contest marked the Inter-Form Matches and Form V had a quick strenuous game when they met Form IV in the Cup Final.

The trophy went to Form V.


The Summer Term found us all in good form and we made the most of our practice times. Towards the end of the Term the Form couples were chosen for the Inter-Form Matches.

Va : - S. Smart and J. Hares.
Vb. - M. Keenan and S. Palmer.
IV: - B. Morton and R. Kann.
IIIa : - A. H. Garner and M. Hayward.
IIIb : - J. Morton and P. Taylor.

The usual interest was taken by the whole School and all the matches closely watched. Play all through was steady and good.

The finals left Vb winners of the Cup.


Enthusiasm is the key-note on the days when a Rounders Match takes place. This year it seemed to run higher than ever. It was not till the end of the Term that the ordinarv onlooker discovered the reason. Form IV was determined to win this cup and they did.

They showed splendid spirit the whole term and deserved their laurels.

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