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Examination results - 1938 - 39.

Successes gained during the School Year, 1938 - 39.

London University.
J. Brewer: English, Latin, French, Mathematics, History, Geography.
Z. E. Hayes: English, French Mathematics, History Botany.

Oxford Locals.


P. Mackenzie: Honours with Distinction in Latin and History. Pass in English, Geography, Religious Knowledge, French, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Art.

B. Morton: Honours with Distinction in Latin. Pass in English, History, Geography, Religious Knowledge, French, Arithmetic, Mathematics, Art.

K. Keenan: Pass in English, History, Geography, Religious Knowledge, French, Arithmetic, Mathematics,

S. Robinson: Pass in English, History, Geography, Latin, French, Art.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


Preliminary Grade: (Maximum marks 99. Pass 66). S. Roberts 86; S. McCarthy, 80; B. Lockyer, 76; D. Hopgood, 74.
Grade I. Credit: P. Oakes; Pass: M. Myers.
Grade II. Pass: H. Francis, J. Pugh.
Grade V. Pass: B. Barnes, M. Soanes. Violin,
Grade IV. Pass: F. Vick.


Grade I. Credit: R. Leech.
Grade II. Distinction: C. Summerton; Credit: J. Pugh; Pass: P. Watts, M. Baum, R. Cunningham, J. Baum.
Grade IV. Distinction: R. Dix-Lewis.
Grade V. Distinction: Y, Thiollier.

Incorporated London Academy.

Silver Medal: S. Smart.

Bournemouth Festival.

Duologue. Bronze Medal: C. Summertoa and M. Davis. Duologue. Certificate: R. Dix-Lewis and R. Browning, P. Watts and M. Baum.
Solo. Bronze Medal and Certificate: B. Shorman.

City and Guilds of London Institute.

Cookery, Second Class: M. Simpson.

Royal Drawing Society.

Division I. Honours.

M. Andersen; M. Baum; G. Bond; Pauline Browning; J. Conlon; P. Corbishley; E. Farnworth; H. Francis; A. H. Garner; J. Hayes; M. Hayward; Patricia Joy; Pauline Joy; P. Keane; R. Leech; M. O' Brien; S. O' Brien; J, Philpot; S. Smart; B. Tarry; P. Taylor; J. Thiollier; F. Thomas; P. Watts; E. Whitcomb.


A. Bond; A Browning; N. Daly; D. Dunning; S. Havelock; R. Heafield; J. Hillier; M. Morgan; M. Myers; C, Slattery; P. Robey White.

Division II. Honours.

M. Brewer; N. Brewer; S. de Charmoy; M. Davis; E. Farnworth; J. Hayes; M. Hayward; Patricia Joy; J. Morton; S. Palmer; M. Soanes; C. Summerton; P. Taylor.


A. Bond; M. Keenan; M. Caldon; B. Marfleet; J. Conlon; B. Morton; A. H. Garner; S. McCarthy; D. Gaydon; M. O'Brien; L. Harke; J. Pugh; J. Higgs; P. Robinson; Pauline Joy; B, Shorman. P. Keane;

Division III. Honours.

J. Baum; S. Palmer; P. Daly; S. Smart; R. Dix-Lewis; B. Shorman; E. Famworth; R. Stevens; J. Hayes; P. Taylor; P. Mackenzie; N. Whitcomb.


M. Keenan; S. Robinson; B. Morton; M. Soanes.

Division IV. Honours.

J. Hayes

R. Dix-Lewis; R. Stevens; D. Elliott; N. Whitcomb.

Division V. Honours.

P. Daly; P. Miller; R. Dix-Lewis; A. Luckham; J. Hayes; S. Smart.


Division VI. Pass.

S. Smart; A. Luckham; P. Daly; P. Mille; D. Elliott.

Full Certificate: J. Hayes, B. Adamson.

The National Society of Art Masters. Upper Section.

Full Certificate.

First Class: S, Smart.
Second Class: J. Hayes, P. Miller.

Middle Section.

First Class. P. Daly; B. Shorman; R. Dix-Lewis; R. Steven; D. Elliott; N. Whitcomb.
Second Class. S. Palmer; B. Turner.

Lower Section.

First Class. P. Keane; P. Mackenzie; S. Robinson; P. Taylor; J. Baum E. Farnworth; A. H. Garner; N. Goater; M. Hayward;
Second Class. M. Baum; M. Soanes; J, Tliiollier; P. Watts; Patricia Joy; Pauline Joy; K. Keenan; B. Morton.

Prizes adwarded for House Examinations.

M. Scott - Needlework; M. Simpson - Cookery; M. Martin - General Proficiency; S. Smart - Elocution;

Form Prizes.

Senior School.

Form VI : J. Brewer
Form Va : J. Hayes
Form Vb : S. Palmer
Form IV : P. Mackenzie
Form IIIa : R. Stevens
Form IIIb : J, Morton

Junior School.

Form IIa : G. Bond
Form IIb. S. Hagan
Form Ia : M. Smith
Form Ib : M. Thomas

All the other little people, twenty-six in all, received very handsome Prizes.
Prize for Regular Attendance: S. McCarthy.
Silver Cups awarded to the Forms that had the highest Percentage of marks during the year.
Senior School: won by Form Vb.
Junior School: won by Form IIb.

Winning House for the year - Ignatians.
The " Shorman " Cup awarded to the House scoring highest Marks for Discipline during the year - won by the Xaverians.
Winners of the Cup presented by Shelagh Smart for the House gaining the highest Percentage in Studies - won by the Ignatians.

Netball Cup: won by Form V.
Tennis Cup: won by Form Vb.
Rounders Cup: won by Form IV.

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