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Boys' Preparatory School - 1939, Page One

Jottings 1939.

This year the Studies' Cup was easily won by the Roman House. We all thought they would get the Games' Cup too, but, after many a sharp battle, the Greeks finally conquered and bore it off triumphantly.

The year Examination results were as follows:-

London Academy Elocution Examination.

Grade II: Niall Murnane.

Grade III: Michael and Jim Burke-Gaffney.

National Society of Art Masters.

Lower Section.

1st in Section II: G. Kennedy, M. Sibeth, G. Barlow, M. Burke-Gaffney, J. Burke-Gaffney, P. Howard-Garner.

2nd in Sections I, II and III: A. Potter, B. Greensmith.

2nd in Sections I and III: R. Taylor.

2nd in Sections II and III: I. Vokes, J. Wilson, M, Lanng.


Form Ila: M. Burke-Gaffney, first in English, Latin, French and Mathematics.

Form IIb: P. Howard-Garner, first in English, Latin and Geography.

Form Ia: F. Dod, first in Reading and History.

Form lb: A. Slattery, first in Sums and Writing.

Preparatory: A. Wilson, first in Catechism and Reading. Reverend Mother presented each boy of the Baby Class with a Picture Book for working and playing so hard!

The First XI Final Inter-House Football Match was perhaps played with more than usual vigour as the teams appeared to be equally strong. The Romans won the toss giving them the advantage straight off; and until half time things were going well for them, helped on by the splendid example of their captain.

Immediately after the interval it could be seen that the Greeks meant business and from then onwards they easily took command of the game. The forwards and halves did grand work making up for a noticeable weakness in the centre.

The 2nd XI Final Match showed promise for a good team next year but some young hopefuls will have to learn to keep their positions on the field and pass, rather than run all over the place with the ball! Results were as follows: -

1st XI: Greeks 1, Romans nil. 2nd XI: Greeks nil, Romans. 1.

The teams were:-

Centre back: Romans, J. Wilson; Greeks, I. Vokes.

Left back: Romans, I, Drummond-Murray; Greeks, A. Potter.

Outside left: Romans, J. Talbot; Greeks, M. Sibeth.

Centre forward: Romans, N. Murnane; Greeks, H. Bond.

Centre forward: Romans, M. Burke-Gaffney; Greeks, G. Kennedy.

Centre forward: Romans, R. Pointer; Greeks, J. Burke-Gaffney.

Centre half: Romans, M. Lanng; Greeks, P. Drummond-Murray.

Centre half: Romans, P. Howard-Garner; Greeks, F. Sandy.

Right back: Romans, M. Green; Greeks, R. Taylor.

Outside right: Romans, A. Heron; Greeks, K. Batten.

Goalie: Romans, B. Greensmith; Greeks, B. Bailey.

Thanks to last year's good work, Cricket showed a marked improvement especially the bowling, at which Sibeth, Sandy, Greenssmith and Wilson were really promising. Batting was good but the fielding was lazy, especially among the Romans in the Final Match, when, in spite of good batting by Murnane and Wilson who both hit boundaries, the Greek team won.

The Junior Team's Final Match was played with great keenness, valiant efforts at batting and bowling making up for what was lacking in form. L.B.W. was a frequent cause of hasty retiring from the field; and one or two future cricketers tripped over their own bats in their eagerness to take runs.

Final results were: -

Senior Team: Greeks 33. Romans 26. Junior Team: Greeks 14. Romans 11.

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