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Group Photograph (Past pupils and Clergy) taken on June 1st 1938.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Convent of the Cross, Boscombe. 1888 - 1938.

Fifth Row,

Left to Right - Genevieve d'Alancon, Claire Blanshard, Jean Hughes, Doreen Butt, Rosemary Campbell, Peggie Green, Lorna Shadwell, Mildred Briggs, Eileen Courtney, Mary Sumner.

Fourth Row,

Left to Right - Hilda Cartwright (Mrs. Waring), Winnie Merriam, Dorothea Klein, Cecilia Court, Kathleen McLoughlin, Eileen Davis, Sheila Heron, Patricia Everett, Betty Clarke, Winnie Pole, Evelyn Brooks, Joan Hackett.

Third Row,

Left to Right - Mother E. McLoughlin, Mother Welstead, Mother Muriel Briggs, Miss Margot Stinton Jones, Irene Dunnett, Rita de Souza (Mrs. Browning), Josie Riddell (Mrs. Miller), Maria Berlini, May Weld Blundell, Josephine O'Reilly (Mrs. Brady), Kathleen Burke (Mrs. Watson), Ida Head (Mrs. Skeats), Marianne Boulton (Mrs. Darby), Mother F. Boulton, Gabrielle Jeffery, Mother A. Kelly, Father Turner, S.J.

Second Row,

Left to Right - Fr. Ferguson, S.J., Fr. Coverdale, Sj., Fr. Pinkman, Mother B. Boulton, Mother Butler Bowdon, Winnie Cartwright, Lucy Riddell (Mrs. Meade), Margaret Fairlie, Eva Cartwright, Kathleen Andrews (Mrs. Keith Murray), Mary Dyson, Ena Martin (Mrs. Marflett), Fr. McSwiney, Helen Whitehouse, Mother B. McLoughlin, Mother Dunnett, Father Ross, S. J.

Front Row,

Left to Right - Fr. Flynn, (on floor) Mother Tholen, Rev. Mother General, His Lordship Bishop Cotter, Mgr. King, V.G., Rev. Mother McKelly, Mr. A. Cole, (on floor) Fr. Sexton. (on floor)

It gives great pleasure to us to announce that the P.P.A. is now a fact. The following letter was sent round - after the first meeting on jubilee Day.

" At a meeting of the Past Pupils during the course of the Jubilee Celebrations, our proposal to form a Past Pupils' Association was enthusiastically received. This has given us great encouragement to go forward with our project.

There is no need to emphasise the pleasure it would give to me personally and to all your former mistresses to welcome you as a member. In Summer 1939, we hope to hold the first of our annual Reunions on a date which will be fixed later.

In order to become a member, each one pays either - an Annual Subscription of 7/6 for the first ten years of membership, and 5/- each succeeding year; or - a Life Subscription of five guineas (two and-a-half guineas for those who left the Convent more than twenty years ago).

The Fund thus formed will be used for: -

(a) helping to defray the cost of producing the Magazine - a copy of which will be sent free of charge to each member;
(b) general expenses, e.g. printing, stationery, etc.;
(c) an offering for the Retreat Father;
(d) an offering for an annual Mass for the living members;
(e) Mass offerings for the souls of deceased members;
(f) charitable purposes at home and for our Mission, Santa Rosa in British Guiana."

A list of Associates will be found at the end of this page.

During the month of November the Mass for the deceased Past Pupils was said, and we hope to arrange to have it in this month each year. The annual Mass for the living members will be offered each year during the Octave of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, September 14th. This year's Mass has already been said.

The date for the Retreat has not yet been fixed, and we would like to get suggestions. It could take place the last week of July or the first week of August. Would each member write and say whether she prefers to have a week-end included or from a Monday to Saturday.

There are still many who have not yet joined the Association. We sincerely hope that a larger number still will enrol before September 1st, 1939

List of Associates
Life Members.

Bertrni, M; - Brady, Mrs. (O'Reilly); - Cartwright, E; - Cartwright, W; - Annual Subscribers.

Blanshard, C; - Browning, Mrs; - Clarke, B; - Daly, J; - Dunning, D; - Franks, N; - Hitchcock, Mona; - Hitchcock, Margaret; - Dunnett, I; - Jeffrey, G; - Keith Murray, Mrs; - Howard, K; - Klyne, D; - Merriman, W; - Pole, W; - Shorman, G.; - Simpson, M.; - Skeates, I.(K. Andrews); - Tucker, Mrs. (Hobbs); - Watson, Mrs; - Weld-Blundell, Mrs. (May); - Smith, Mary; - Smyth, D; - Stevenson H; - Strong, E; - Waring, Mrs. (H. Cartwright); - Whitehouse, H.

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