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A Message from Rev. Mother Mary Kelly - 1938


December 1938

My dear Children,

It is an immense joy and satisfaction to me to send you - our very dear Pupils, Past and Present - this special greeting of love and gratitude and encouragement through this Jubilee Number of your School Magazine.

The year 1938, now drawing to a close, is filled, for Reverend Mother General, for me, and, I feel sure, for each member of this Boscombe Community, with wonderful and happy memories - memories that will remain with us and console us through many years to come.

We shall bear in mind, you may be sure, the affectionate greetings and wishes that reached us from so many of you; the help you gave us so willingly; the gifts you sent. All these proofs of your affection and sympathy are treasured in our hearts and remembrance.

And now, in this Magazine, you will find reading that will, I hope, interest you and make you happy. I want you specially to notice, that thanks to the generosity of most of you, and of many of our friends, some of the work of panelling in marble the Sanctuary of our Convent Chapel, has been completed.

The remaining portion we shall have done as soon as we can afford it. It is there above all, in our Chapel, that you, our dear Children, are remembered that unknown to you so often, your former mistresses are praying for you, thinking of you, sharing your joys and sorrows.

I wish particularly to thank those among you, who have so willingly, perhaps at the cost of some sacrifice, become members of the " Association for Past Pupils " started this year. This Association, we confidently pray, may bring you more and more in touch with each other and with us.

In any case, be you near or far, you must always count yourselves to be our beloved Children, grouped near us at the foot of the Cross - so that when this mortal life is over, you may still be with us as one great family. Will you not have worn the badge on which is inscribed those beautiful and inspiring words, " O Crux Ave Spes Unica " - " Hail Cross! Our only Hope."

Begging God to bless you and all who are dear to you,

I am, my dear Children,

Yours affectionately in Christ,

M. Kelly, Sup.

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