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Boys Preparatory School - 1938, Page one

Jottings for Jubilee Year.

The SCHOOL CUP awarded to the House obtaining highest marks for the year in Class Work, Games, Gymnastics, Sports and Conduct was won by the Greek House.

This year's Examination Results were as follows: - Pass in the Preliminary Examination of the Associated Board of the Royal Society of Music - J. Burke-Gaffney.

London Academy Elocution Examination. Grade II - J. Knighton, J. Kennedy O'Byrne, J. Burke-Gaffney, J. Lewis.

National Society of Art Masters, Lower Section - J. Knighton, N. Elliott-Bateman, P. Slattery.

Royal Drawing Society,

Division II, Honours - J. Lewis, B. Greensmith, R. Holmes, J. Burke-Gaffney, J. Sweet, H. Bond, A. Potter, P. Howard - Garner, M. Green, K. Batten, N. Murnane.

Division I, Pass - C. Slattery, R. Pointer, J. Wilson, M. Burke-Gaffney, B. Bailey.

Preparatory Division, Honours - I. Vokes, M. Green, P. Drummond-Murray, G. Kennedy, N. Murnane, P. Lewis, F. Sandy, I. Drummond - Murray, R. Wilson, A Heron, P. Cullis, D. Slattery, M. Lanng, A. Slattery.

Pass - A. Dix-Lewis, P. Porter, M. Brook, B. Dod.

Our photo shows our 'Jubilee Year Group'


PREPARATORY. C. Swinhoe first in Reading and Sums.

FORM 1. P. Cullis first in Arithmetic and History.

FORM Ia. A. Potter first in Catechism, Geography and French.

FORM IIb. M. Burke-Gaffney first in English, Arithmetic, French and Latin.

FORM Ila. J. Knighton first in Geography, History and Mathematics.

Each of the Twenty-one Promising Pupils in the Baby Class was given a big Picture Book for either work or play !

Father Doran paid us his yearly visit to see how we were learning our Catechism. He gave us a very good Report, and His Lordship the Bishop sent us a special blessing.

The Inter-House Football Matches were played with the usual excitement end vigour, results being : -

1st XT. Romans 1 Greeks nil. 2nd XI. Greeks 2 Romans nil. The Final Inter-House Cricket Matches showed a higher standard of play than for some years. The scores were - Senior Game Greeks 22 Romans 14 Junior Game Romans 41 Greeks 40

The House Captains had their teams well in hand, showing the good spirit that had been noticed throughout the season. Next year's Captains will have a help towards spurring on their men, thanks to the kindness of Captain M. Hubbard, who has presented us with a grand Games' Cup. It will be awarded yearly to the House gaining most points in Physical Training and Games.

For Sports Day, as it was Jubilee Year, we were given a whole holiday; so we decided to have Side Shows and Competitions in between the Races.

We were out early decorating our Grounds with shields and flags and getting everything ready.

By 9.30 all the boys had assembled, and the fun began with the search for a hidden number - the finder of which carried off a Prize. Then the Races began in earnest with the following results:-

100 yards - A Div., J. Kennedy O'Byrne; B Div., H. Bond.

90 yards - A Div., N. Murnane; B Div., F. Sandy.

Babies' Flat Race - A Div., A. Slattery; B Div., J. Slattery.

Wheelbarrow Race - A Div., M. Burke-Gaffney and J. Sweet; B Div., T. Potter and F. Sandy.

Sack Race - A Div., J. Kennedy O'Byrne; B Div., R. Pointer; C Div., A. Slattery; D Div., A. Wilson.

Long Jump - A Div., J. Kennedy O'Byrne; B Div., G. Kennedy.

Three-legged Race - A Div., J. Kennedy O'Byrne and R. Holmes; B Div., A. Potter and F. Sandy.

Potato Race - A Div., N. Murnane; B Div., D. Slattery; C Div., C. Swinhoe.

The Inter-House Relay Races gave ten points to the Romans and twenty to the Greeks.

Between the Races the Competitions were opened, and we tried our skill at Throwing the Disc, Eating the Bun, Magnetic Fishing, Aunt Sally, Houp-la, Darts and Archery. The Tuck Shop was in full swing all through the day, ice creams and lemonade being much in demand.

Reverend Mother General, who had watched most of the Races with interest, presented the Prizes to the happy winners.

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