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Examination Success - 1936 - 1937, Page One


Inter-Collegiate Examination in Religious Knowledge.

Higher School Religious Certificate.

Pass - J. Daly, E. Neville, R. Rose.

School Religious Certificate.

Pass with Credit - J. Brewer, A. Parry, B. Vick.

Pass - B. Browning, M. Hennessy, D. Spraggs.

Oxford Locals.

School Certificate.

A. Parry - Credit in English, History, French, Mathematics and Art. Pass in Geography.

R. Rose - Credit in English, History, Latin and French. Pass in Mathematics Botany and Geography.

B. Browning - Credit in History, Latin and French. Pass in English, Mathematics and Geography.

J. Brewer> - Credit in History. Pass in Latin, French, Mathematics and Geography.

Pass in French Oral - J. Daly, A. Parry, B. Browning, J. Brewer, M. Hennessy, D. Spraggs, B. Vick.

Alliance Francaise.

French Competition for Schools (organised by the Cercle Francais de Bournemouth).

Book Prize - E. Neville.
Certificate - Highly Commended - J. Daly.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.


Preliminary Grade - Pass - C. Summerton, J. Pugh, M. Peate, J. Higgs.

Grade II - Distinction - K. Walter.

Hon. Mention - P. Hyland.

Grade III - Distinction - M. Soanes.

Hon. Mention - P. Cole, B. Miller, P. Miller. Grade IV - Pass - T. Walter, B. Barnes. Grade V - Pass - M. Scott. Grade VI - Pass - E. Neville. Grammar of Music, Grade IV - Pass - E. Neville. Violin, Grade II - Pass - F. Vick.

Class Singing.

Grade I - Distinction - Junior School.

Singing Class. Grade 1 Distinction

Grade V - Distinction - Senior School.


Preparatory Grade - Pass - C. Summerton, R. Cunningham, J. Pugh.

Grade I - Distinction - R. Dix - Lewis. Hon. Mention - K. Walter, F. Vick, A. Russell. Pass - P. Hyland, B. Barnes.

Grade III - Distinction - Y. Thiollier. Pass - T. Walter, M. Daly, J. Noble.

Grade IV - Distinction - M. Scott. Hon. Mention - D. Spraggs. Pass - R. Rose, E. Neville.

Incorporated London Academy.

Grade III - Distinction - Z. Hayes, M. Martin. Pass - N. Franks. Bronze Medal - R. Rose, D. Spraggs.

Bournemouth Festival.

Duologue, Pass Certificates: M. Scott and Y. Thiollier; R. DixLewis and K. Walter.

Lyrical Piece, Honours Certificate: P. Hyland. Pass Certificate: A. Russell.
Dramatic Scene, Pass Certificates: Teams I and II.

Royal Society of Arts.

Senior School Commercial Certificate.

E. Neville - Pass in English, Arithmetic, French, Spanish, Economic Geography, Book-keeping, Shorthand, Typewriting.

D. Collier - Second Class - Commercial French.

National Council for Domestic Studies.

Institutional Certificate - Second Class - D. M. Smyth.
Housecraft - Second Class - Z. Hayes, P. McLoughlin, N. Franks.

City and Guilds of London Institute.

Cookery. First Class - J. Hughes. Second Class - D. Smyth.
Preliminary Dress - making. Pass - P. McLoughlin, N. Franks.
Teacher's Diploma in Dress-making. First Class - J. Hughes.

St. John Ambulance Association.

First Aid Certificates - Z. Hayes, P. McLoughlin, N. Franks.
Home Nursing Certificates - J. Hughes, D. Smyth, Z. Hayes, P. McLoughlin, N. Franks.


Preparatory Division.


S. de Charmoy. P. Summerton. R. Slattery.

F. Simpson. M. Caldon. D. Maguire. A. Bond. G. Bond. M. Peate. S. McCarthy. A. Browning. M. Morgan. A. Dunning. P. Green. P. Robinson. J. Hillier. J. Higgs. C. Slattery.

Division I.


C. Summerton. V. Barnes. J. Shannessy. J. Dalwick. F. Vick. J. Baum. B. Dixon. P. Philpot. E. Donald

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