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THE YEARS' EVENTS - 1937, Page One

OUR DIARY for 1937.

Easter Term.

Scarce had we really recovered from our Christmas revelries than we found ourselves back and hard at work. The holidays had to be shorter than usual to make up for time lost in the previous term. Then much must be fitted into a few weeks.

January 14th.
Great excitement prevails in the Art Room each class is going to make a part of the Coronation decorations.

January 17th.
Now we know why the Domestic Science Students have been fluttering around the kitchen quarters so much lately. It was our turn to-day to visit the kitchen and behold the latest additions - two Esse Cookers. We did enjoy the afternoon and were most grateful to Sister for showing and explaining everything to us.

January 19th.
The Seniors attended the first of a series of Lectures on European History given by H. Sellon, M.A.

January 29th.
There was a decided rush to get downstairs this morning-snow has an attraction especially for those of us who had never seen it before. How much we actually enjoyed it may be gleaned from another page. The only thing we did not like was that two matches had to be scratched on account of the weather.

January 30th.
To-day we heard with regret that Reverend Mother General had been bereaved by the death of her devoted Assistant, Mere Beuret. Although she was not known to us personally, yet we are aware that she took a keen interest in all our doings, and we shall not forget her in our prayers. R.I.P.

February 2nd.
We had been looking forward to a Recital to-day, but it had to be postponed till later in the month.

February 3rd.
The Blessing of Throats in honour of St. Blaise took place this morning.

February 6th.
Half-Term already! As this is the only " going out " week-end this term, it was a very welcome break. The weather was not in a good mood - rain practically all the time.

February 8th.

The Junior School celebrated Reverend Mother's Feast by a Fancy Dress Dance.

February 9th.
To-day it is our turn to take the floor. Reverend Mother with her usual kindness saw to it that we even more than herself enjoyed her Feast day. To our delight we helped with the preparations for the " Feast "- First tea, then the Grand Parade in Fancy Dress, judging (a) the cheapest costume; (b) the most original costume, and then when we had danced to our heart's content we gave three rousing cheers for Reverend Mother to thank her for the very happy day she had given to us.

February 10th. Lent.
Who is responsible for the following? First Thoughts.

Lent has come round once again.

Oh my goodness! What a shame! No more sweets and no more fun. The time for fasting has begun.

After Reflection. Still we mustn't think like that. We must do our best?that's that.

Just give up something you think nice And quickly eat that beastly rice.

Resolution. Try to keep our temper back And in our work try not to slack,

Then we shall find that Lent goes fast We've done our very best at last.

Form 111b

February 17th.
The " Old England Players " acted scenes from " Macbeth " and " Julius Cesar." We were particularly delighted with the Witch Scene.

February 27th.
The successful candidates in the Music and Elocution Examinations of the Associated Board went to the Town Hall to receive their Certificates.

March 2nd.
V A won the first of the Inter-Form Netball Matches playing against IV B.

March 8th.
" Shakespeare should be acted in class - not merely read." Many and varied were the opinions expressed when this subject came up for discussion at the meeting of the Debating Society to-day. (See Debating Society Notes.)

March 10th.
Believe it or not - a real Whist Drive! We enjoyed it so much that before the evening was over we clamoured for another one, even before the end of the term. The date was then and there fixed for March 19th.

March 17th.
In the afternoon the traditional Netball Match was played between 'the Irish and English teams. We congratulate the English team on their victory. As the Feast fell in Passion Week, it was most appropriate that a Lantern Lecture on the. Passion should occupy our evening.

March 19th.
The Feast of St. Joseph was a day of unusual activity. Our Elocution examinations were held in the morning, and although examinations are not what one would choose on a Feast Day, it was reassuring to feel that we had the special help of St. Joseph in our ordeal to-day.

In the afternoon some of us had a peep into the junior School, where we came upon a scene of intense excitement. So envious were we of the " Lottery "that we determined to claim one for the Seniors at some future date, but you must read the junior School Notes to get a full account of what went on there to-day.

The Seniors had their innings in the evening, although I think the whole day had been spent in joyful anticipation. Our second Whist Drive afforded us every bit - as much pleasure as the first, and we hope that our enthusiasm on this occasion will cause Whist Drives to become a habit.

March 20th.
As the majority of our entries seem to deal with diversions in some shape or form, we would like you to notice that during the past week we have been absorbed in Tests - no, not on " How to Enjoy Oneself," but on all the stiff work that has gone on steadily in spite of the active social life.

March 22nd.
And now Orals! The morning was devoted to a Latin Verb battle in which all the Senior Forms took part. Va dealt successfully with all questions and won the day.

March 23rd.

Still fighting - but this time in French. Congratulations to Va who managed on this occasion, too, to hold out the longest. And now " Goodbye "- don't you think we have earned our Easter holidays?

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