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From: Lim Kim Yang
Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2004 5:04 AM
Subject: Former pupil

Hello Mary: I was so surprised to come across the website! I was a pupil at the Convent from around 1963 (Junior 1, 2 and 3) and then in the senior school (Classes 1A - 5A). I left after doing O Levels in, I think, summer of 1971. At that time, I went under the name Lynn Wright.

I can recall some of the people mentioned in the "Memories" section -- Katie Board, Nicky Fletcher, Karen MacNamara (a great swimmer!), Linda Freeman, Jane Scammell, Pippa Evans, as well as Yvonne and Veronica Coope, Anne Crossland, Theresa and Claire O'Neill, Terry Jones, Maggie (can't recall her surname - how bad, - she was one of my best buddies after she moved over from Marydale), Mary-Anne Welstead, Sonia Firmin, Mary Gazzi, Jackie Cutler, Gail FitzGerald, Julie Bishop,

I think if I sat here longer I could think of more names!

After leaving the Convent, I did A Levls at Brockenhurst Sixth Form College, then took a degree in Chinese Linguistics/Phonetics at Leeds University. In 1978 I moved to Hong Kong, where I worked in the public relations field until 1989, when my employer transferred me to Singapore, which is where I still live and work.

I get back to the UK every couple of years and usually take a wander down to see the old school. I would be interested to hear from any former classmates who I can remember or who remember me!


Caroline Adams who was at the Convent from 1952 until 1954 now lives in Canada; she was thrilled to find our past pupils website and sent congratulations whomever set it up.

She would like to put out a message asking for news of:-

Claire Anderson, Rosemary Ennis, Anita Woodeson and Benita Kent, please.

Krysia Zagorzycki would like news of :-

Dorothy Handcock, Charmaine Spalding and Jane Barnes, please.

Ann Espezel's daughter asks for news of:-

Rosemary Maine, on behalf of her mother's sister Wendy.

Anne Kraszian nee Burton is in Freemantle, Western Australia, she would love to hear from anyone who remembers her from Convent days in the 1950s.

She does not have an E Mail address but I, Mary Brooks, have her postal address. Anne, and several other people have enquired about Celia Elgar, does anyone know about her?


Linda Bull (nee Freeman) - CLICK Here

- Click on Lindas' name to see the full letter on the 'Memories' Page.

I remember Ruth Cozgrove, Adelina Forte, Susan Watham and many others, Geraldine Zupan. I also remember "Carrots", and Christina Brystronowski (?).

I was a pupil with of Katie Board, Nicky Fletcher, Karen MacNamara, Michaela, Catrona. I left at the end of the summer term 1968 and went to Merrow Grange in Guildford Surrey.


Memories from Jo Rolfe - CLICK Here

- Click on Jo's name to see her full letter and e-mail address on the 'Memories' Page.


Memories from Mary Collis-Bird - CLICK Here

- Click on Mary's name to see her letter and e-mail address on the 'Memories' Page.


Our congratulations and best wishes to our committee member, Mrs Betty Savory, who received the Diocesan Medal at 'Our Lady of Peace' Church for her dedication in the cause of Ecumenism over many years especially `Churches Together in Southbourne' has been established now for a long number of years.

In addition, there is also Betty's work for the Brother Lionel Missionary projects in India and the local MacMillan Cancer Trust, and finally, though not least, her continuing practical support of various aspects of parish life as a whole.

A message from Betty Savory

"I would like to thank everybody who came to the Mass at 6.30 pm. last Sunday. As the Mass progressed, I could not understand why so many of my friends were present! I was led to understand the McCann family were to be the `stars' of the evening!

The final presentation of the Medal was a huge surprise - even my Grandchildren, Rosalie and Charles McCann, had managed to keep the secret.

Thank you also to all those who have supported me in my work, especially Father Dunne, and all those who prepared the lovely celebration after the Mass.
It was certainly an evening to remember!"

Golden Jubilees

Greetings to you all,

Some of you might like to be reminded that Sister Marguerite Cowerd and Sister May Magenis celebrated their Golden Jubilees, 50 years of religious life, on 8th September. The actual celebration took place on Saturday 6th September. Sister May went over to Ireland soon after that to celebrate with her family there.

They are both at the Convent on the Isle of Wight and were professed in the community of The Religious of the Cross, which is now part of The Sisters of Christ.

Sister Marguerite was a pupil at the Convent in Boscombe and Sister May was a member of staff in the later years before the order left and The Handmaids of the Sacred Heart took over. The Parish Priest offered masses for their intentions and I have sent cards, on behalf of the Association.

On 4th September Margaret Simpson and I went over to see them, taking flowers from us all.

If any of you wish to send your own congratulations the address is :-

Sisters of Christ, 'Springhill', Millfield Avenue, East Cowes,
Isle of Wight. PO32 6AT
With all good wishes.

Mary Brooks

Thanks to Deborah Broadfield, BC76, the magazine for 1976 has now been added to this site for past pupils to view.
Also, thanks again to Deborah, BC77 is now being added.

If you have acopy of BC75 hiding away in a dusty attic - or any others not yet listed on the 'Convent History' pages, please let me, Mary Brooks, know and we can add them to this site and perhaps rekindle memories of past friends.


With regret, we have to inform you of the death, on 4th April 2003, of JUDITH ROBERTSON, former member of staff at the Boscombe Convent. Judith and her husband Ross both taught there, in the late 1960s and 1970s.

To Ross and the family we send our sincere sympathies. We hope to include a tribute to Judith in the next Past Pupils Newsletter.
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