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2012 (Spring) News and Messages - 1.

26 Queensland Road,
Dorset. BH5 2AB

`Phone 01202 421615

May 2012

NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS - brooksftn21

Dear Friends,

Once again I write to you as we celebrate the season of Easter. We rejoice in the Risen Christ and the renewal of the season of Spring. May it bring hope and peace to your hearts and lives.

As usual at this time of the year we are looking forward to the Annual Reunion on the 1st July. It is always on the 1st Sunday of that month. JULIE - ANNE CUTLER (MATTHEWS), the Headteacher of St Thomas Garnet School, reserves that day for us. We are very grateful. There will be more details later in the newsletter. The venue is the School Hall in Parkwood Road, our former Junior School.

From 2.30 p.m we will be open for an informal meeting of tea, coffee and chat Why not arrange to meet up with old friends and join us there. See more details under 'The Reunion'. Once again the Anglo- European College of Chiropractic Director of Administration. Mr Jerry Lewis, has given us permission to use the big carpark on Parkwood Road. It is in the area bounded by the former Chapel. Liesse and The Hall. We are very grateful as parking is extra difficult at the moment

Following last year's Reunion FIONA LLOYD (KNOTT) joined us as a Committee member; at her instigation BRIGETTE COOMBES (FORD) has also joined the Committee. We are very pleased to welcome them, much needed help from younger members, in whose hands the future of the Associations will continue. Sadly we have lost BETTY SAVORY, who served with us for many years. A report of her death will be found later in this edition.

Another sad loss is TOMMY BROWNING, a loyal Past Pupil who always took a great interest in our Association. SHEILA MURRAY (McFADDEN) has died very recently.

In the past the Chairman has also been Editor of the newsletter, a role I have filled for 18 years. I feel it is time to separate those positions and we must find someone to become Editor of The Newsletter. Due to health and family reasons I am unable to continue writing the newsletter. So I ask someone to come forward and take over that role before the Christmas edition is due. I will give initial guidance, if required.

Please continue to support your Association, I am sure that you would not like to see it disappear. I thank the Committee, without whom we would not function.

Please let us know of any changes of address, postal and e mail; I use the latter to update you with current news. If the postal address changes the newsletter is returned, e mails just seem to get lost in cyberspace.

The annual subscription is still 5.00, despite rising costs, especially that of stamps, but we can manage for the time being. Remember to change your Standing Order, if it is still made out to 4.00 . All details will be found on the back page.

We thank ROSANNA FOX (BREDDA), secretary at St Thomas Garnet School who, cheerfully and very competently, prints the newsletters for us, and JULIE- ANNE CUTLER (MATTHEWS) who allows her to do so. We look forward to seeing you on 1st July. We wish you all good health every blessing and a warm Summer!


Mary Brooks


Throughout the newsletter the names of Past Pupils and members of staff will be printed in capital letters. If applicable the surname by which you were known at school will follow, placed within brackets.

We feel that there is still a need and a liking for an association which keeps you in touch with former friends and members of staff, and helps to retain your memories of school days. Its continuance and strength depends on you, particularly the younger people. It is difficult not having the school as a base but we hope that you are pleased with our efforts to keep the contact alive.

News to be printed depends on your contributions. We have paper on the tables at the Reunion, for you to write a few notes for publication, it is valued. All the details for paying the annual subscription can be found at the back of this newsletter, together with a Standing Order Form. It is 5.00, which I think you will agree is an affordable amount.

If subscriptions are not paid we will send the next newsletter but cannot continue after that because of the costs of printing, stationary and postage.



They contribute to the smooth running of the association in various ways; mainly in the advertising and running of the Reunion. EILEEN keeps the finances in order throughout the year and MARGARET works hard over the Christmas period and into January ordering the Hamper and later copying and sending Sr. PATRICIA'S letter of thanks.
She and her husband also keep the Membership Database up to date and print the address labels.

We are grateful to GERALDINE NICHOLLS (MAHY) for hosting our Committee meetings in her home in Southbourne.


Every year we like to have a Hamper delivered to The Carmelite Monastery at Wetherby, Yorkshire, where former pupil and member of staff, Sr PATRICIA MACKENZIE lives. This custom started long ago, when JEAN WALSH (HUGHES), was teaching at the Convent. Initially gifts of food were sent by staff members. Later they began donating money and the Past Pupils took over the fund.

Now every Christmas a local supermarket delivers very welcome items of food, which are received with great joy and gratitude. Those who contribute receive a full copy of Sr. PATRICIA'S very interesting and enjoyable letter of thanks. I print extracts in the newsletter. If you wish to donate towards the Hamper just add a little extra to your cheque or Standing Order.

Please state if the extra is a donation to the Hamper.

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