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2007 (Spring) News and Messages - 1.

26 Queensland Road,
Dorset. BH5 2AB

`Phone 01202 421615

May 2007

E - Mail

Dear Friends,

I print the names of Past Pupils in capital letters, for extra clarity. Where applicable the maiden name is within brackets.


The Boscombe Convent Past Pupils Association continues to thrive and we are told that it is appreciated. Although the membership numbers fluctuate we still send out 200+ newsletters, twice a year. The Annual subscription is still 4.00 a year, despite increased costs; I managed to buy sufficient 2nd Class stamps for this posting before the price rise ! Our new contacts are often gained through the excellent website -

click on to the Convent link and enjoy a feast of nostalgia and memories.

The website creator, GLENN EDGELEY- LONG spent ages going through all the available School Magazines and putting on the contents - photos, occasions, Past Pupils' news etc. we are very grateful to him. SHEILA ELLIOTT has given me some more magazines, thank you. When the `searchers' e-mail me I do my best to enable contact to be made, it is a great feeling when I am successful.

Glenn is always ready to put on names under the, "Where Are They Now?" heading. He also likes new photos to add to the collection. After scanning them we will return them to you, make sure that you put your name and address on the backs; information such as year, names etc. add to the interest.

As you will have read in the opening letter we need help; the tasks of Treasurer and Membership Secretary are not too onerous, the former is a matter of receiving subscriptions and seeing to the Bankinq, which has been simplified since the introduction of a Standing Order Mandate. The Membership Secretary updates the Database according to new and former members, addresses etc. obviously liaisinq with the Treasurer.

Current Committee Members do not feel able to take on any more tasks. The younger ones have their careers & families and the older ones have commitments too, and are aqeing !

STEPHANIE JOHNSON (HOARE) was prepared to help but has unexpectedly had to take on a role as carer, as well as earn a living. CHRISTINE BROCKLEHURST (PLACE) has kindly allowed us to continue using her as contact address for subscriptions, for this newsletter.


This takes place on our usual date, the 1St Sunday in July, which will be JULY 1ST, at ST. THOMAS GARNET'S SCHOOL HALL, PARKWOOD ROAD, which was our former Junior School. There is a little parking inside the gates and some on the roads in the area. We try to ensure that disabled members have access to the on site parking and I will reserve a place if I know in advance.

The Committee members appreciate a break in their duties during the reunion so that they are able to mingle with old friends. The `girls' in the kitchen would be especially grateful as their job is ongoing throughout the afternoon. For those of you who have not attended a reunion with us it is an informal afternoon, just chatting over tea, coffee or squash.

Announcements are kept to a minimum. We begin at 2.30p.m., but if you have travelled a long way and arrive early, committee members are at the hall in good time, so just come in. Most people have left by 5.30 - 6p.m. You can come and leave as it suits you.

STEPHANIE JOHNSON (HOARE) has been contacting friends of hers and her sister PENNY BEATHAM (HOARE) from school days, and hopes to have at least one table of them. At the moment it looks as though we will enjoy the company of LILIAN ROUGHLEY, the well known actress. Some of us remember her late mother, KITTY (O'HANLON )with affection.


Faithful members, VANESSA BENNETT (LARCOMBE)& LINDA HOOPER (HERBERT) - Committee Member - are contemporaries of STEPHANIE. The venue of the Reunion is an excellent meeting place.

JANE O'BRIEN (THURGOOD) has just heard that JOSEPHINE JACKSON (LIDSTONE) is coming from Scotland.

I pass on relevant information between newsletters to those members for whom I have e-mail addresses. If you would like to be included in that mailing please let me have your e-mail address. When I send them the only address displayed is that of a committee member, who has agreed to allow me to show it. Yours are `hidden', to protect your privacy.


We hope that it will be possible for SISTER RUTH MARY BROWN & SISTER JOAN KULLANDER to attend the reunion, although we appreciate the comparative difficulty in travelling from the Isle of Wight. If SISTER MAY is able to come too that would be a most welcome bonus. Sr MAY is kept very busy looking after the Convent at East Cowes, which is also a Guest House. What a wonderful place to rest and relax !

The Convent is a lovely old house, up on a hill overlooking The Solent. `SPRINGHILL,' MILLFIELD AVENUE, EAST COWES, ISLE of WIGHT PO 32 6AT.

Sr. JOAN celebrated her 90th birthday on 23nd December. The Association sent her our love and congratulations and we received a letter of thanks in return. As there are many members of her family living on the Island there were great celebrations with 16 attending her surprise party. Her brother Hubert and his family live in Shanklin.

Sr. JOAN had an unexpected visit from one of her `little boy boarders' when she looked after the boys all during the war. His name is JOHN FORER, although it was more than 60 years since she had seen him she did remember him and was amazed that John had remembered her and came to see her. We wonder if any other Convent Old Boys remember him ?

Sr. RUTH has not been in the best of health during this last Winter, we hope that she is feeling better now. I sent the Order of Service for JOHN YOUNG, father of THERESA, in her reply Sister Ruth said that she had taught Theresa; that reminded her of an occasion at Oaklands when she remarked that she had taught someone, the Head replied, " Oh you, taught everyone!" Sr. RUTH says that sometimes it does feel like that !

We were sorry to hear of the death of Sr. HILDEGARDE at Sittingbourne Convent, Kent, where Sr. MARGUERITE COWERD had been looking after her. Sr. Hildegarde died on 16th December, aged 96. She had been at Springhill Convent in East Cowes from 1972 - 2004.

Sr. MARGUERITE is very busy caring for the elderly, infirm members of the Community, we are glad to learn that she had a few days break to re-charge her batteries. Sr. CATHERINE MORTON is Sister Provincial of The Sisters of Christ in Cameroon. It would be so good to see her, if ever she was over here at Reunion time. We miss the visits of Sr. MARY AGNES LOFTUS, who often managed to come, when she was in England.


Sr. FRANCES LOTINA and Sr. IRENE continue their invaluable work in the Parish of Corpus Christi. At the time of writing Sr. IRENE is having a well deserved holiday. This time last year I wrote that Sr. NORAH BIRCH was no longer able to walk over to the church, from the Convent at 6 Parkwood Road, I am pleased to tell you that once again

Sr. FRANCES is walking her over to the Saturday Vigil Mass. SISTER BERNARDINE CALLAGHAN & SISTER ROSA CRONIN are at the Convent at Regent's Park in London. I believe that Sr. BERNARDINE is making steady progress after her illness. SISTER MARGARET SCOTT, who had returned from the USA, following study as a Research Fellow, and was writing a book on The Eucharist, is returning to America.
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