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2006 (Spring) News and Messages - 1.

26 Queensland Road,
Dorset. BH5 2AB

`Phone 01202 421615

May 2006

E - Mail

Dear Friends,

I begin this letter to you refreshed by the Easter celebrations. Despite a chilly wind the sun is shining, some of the time, and we are surrounded by the signs of the renewal of life. Yellow seems to be the predominant colour of Spring, wonderful masses of primroses, daffodils, forsythia and gorse, reflecting the brilliance and growing warmth of the sun.

At this time of the year we took forward to our Annual Reunion for all former pupils and members of staff, which is on the 2nd July, as always the first Sunday of that Thomas Garnet's School - formerly St. Joseph's, our Junior school.

The afternoon commences at 2.30p.m. and we usually finish at about 5p.m. People are free to come and go as they please, there is no set pattern to the afternoon, just a few announcements at some stage, intermingled with the chatting and tea.

We are very grateful to PAUL GILLINGS, The Head Teacher and himself a Past Pupil, for once again allowing us to use the Hall, which holds so many memories for us. Sadly for us PAUL is retiring at the end of the scholastic year, in July.

We wish him a very happy retirement, may he enjoy the leisure to pursue all the activities he has in mind. The new Head Teacher will also be a Convent Past Pupil, we are indeed fortunate. We congratulate and welcome JULIE CUTLER (NEE MATTHEWS), who attended the Holy Cross and Convent Schools. JULIE is at present the Deputy Head at Corpus Christ! School. ANGIE WALSH remembers JULIE in her class so I am sure that many others do too.

In this edition you will find an appeal from JANE O'BRIEN (THURGOOD), who is keen to organise a reunion of her age group, who were in the FIFTH YEAR in 1951,/1952. Read on if you reach your three score and ten this year !

The Reunion makes a good venue for meeting up with former friends; we usually have the pleasure of the company of some former members of staff too.

Our membership numbers are down a little but while we lose some, new ones are gained; compared with many other such Associations there is still a lot of interest and enthusiasm from you, for which we are grateful. Any suggestions welcomed! Without the hard work and commitment of your committee we would not be able to function so successfully, I thank them for their support

We are indebted to ROSANNA JONES (BREDDA), the secretary at St Thomas Garnet's School, who prints the newsletters so cheerfully and expertly for us, with the co-operation of Paul Gillings; our sincere thanks to them. With all good wishes.

I print past pupils names in capital letters for extra clarity. Where applicable the maiden name is within brackets.


The Past Pupils' Association continues to thrive. The numbers fluctuate but we still send out over 200 newsletters. Sadly we lose some members but then we gain new contacts, often through the excellent website. People put their names into a 'search' and are amazed to find such a wealth of information and nostalgia.

When they contact me I do my best to put them in touch with old school friends; if you see a request for news of former pupils please get in touch.

The members of your committee are dedicated to ensuring the continuation of the Association; although we only meet twice a year we are in frequent communication. Your thoughts and contributions concerning the future of the Association are always welcome.

Members of the Committee are:-
PRESIDENT - JEAN WALSH (HUGHES), a former pupil and member of staff.

BETTY SAVORY Former member of staff.

Those of you for whom I have e-mail addresses will have received news of the illness of JEAN WALSH (HUGHES). Jean's hard work and determination have been the inspiration in our efforts to keep the Past Pupils' Association alive and thriving.

From a small knock on the leg Jean developed an ulcer, which grew large and was very painful. She also suffered shingles on the head. Eventually the consultant at Exeter Hospital decided that a skin graft was needed. Initially this did not seem to have taken but now the surgeon says that there are patches of successful graft which he hopes will gradually join together.

Jean has now been in hospital for 6 weeks, in either Exeter or Sidmouth. She is very restless to get home but the Dr. wants her to stay another week or two. With her very poor sight and hearing time goes slowly for someone so mentally active. Robin has been in hospital and now a Nursing Home for 8 weeks. ANGIE has been marvellous, keeping us informed, visiting and caring for her parents, despite an injured ankle, sustained when she had a bad fall, and still managing to keep her sense of humour! Jean and Robin are Indeed blessed to have her.

The latest news is that the wounds are healing and Jean hopes to go home very soon. I enlisted the help of powerful prayers, The Sisters of Christ, The Carmelite Sisters and The Handmaids of the Sacred Heart!

Jean asked me to thank you for all the prayers and messages, it helped to know that so many were keeping her in their thoughts and prayers.

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