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2005 (Xmas) News and Messages - 1.

THE REUNION 3rd July 2005

As you can see from the list we had a good attendance and everyone seemed to enjoy meeting up with old friends over tea. Even those who couldn't find former pupils of their own age group managed to find some common ground for conversation, experiences, members of staff etc.!

FELICITY FREEMAN (TAYLOR), who was a pupil during the later years of the Convent, was so pleased to meet and talk with friends and classmates of her late mother ANN TAYLOR (BOYS). We saw a photo of Felicity in our May newsletter, when PAUL GILLINGS kindly printed some pictures taken at the St. Thomas Garnet's Silver Jubilee celebrations.

HAZEL DAWKINS (HUMPHREYS) was over from the USA, staying with her brother in Fordingbridge. Hazel keeps in touch with CHRISTINE THACKRAY (BROWNING). Several people became Association members at the reunion, which is very pleasing when so many other Past Pupil groups are dwindling in numbers. IT IS STILL ONLY 4.00 A YEAR.

It was so good to see our PRESIDENT, JEAN WALSH (HUGHES), at the reunion, ANGIE had driven her parents from Devon and they had spent the weekend in the Motorhome, we are very grateful to her.

On your behalf I sent birthday greetings to JEAN for her 89th birthday on 3rd November. We have her dedication and hard work to thank for the flourishing Association we have today.

Click Here 2005 Reunion Photos

As usual the Committee members had arrived early to prepare the Hall, TOMMY BROWNING AND FRANK BROOKS supplied the muscle to get the tables in place and Frank's sweet peas were beautiful on the tables, so the premises looked inviting.

I would like to thank committee members for their hard work and dedication, it is a busy day for them. We are always glad of help in the kitchen or to give a break to those who welcome you all and cajole you into signing the Visitors Book, imparting such secrets as ' years at school!'

CINDY WELLER (PRICE) is always a willing volunteer, we are grateful.

JACKIE PERRY (MORRIS) had come from Shrewsbury and was disappointed not to meet some contemporaries, whose names she had seen in a previous newsletter.

ANNE WORBY (BOND) came with her sister GENEVIEVE BASTO (BOND), it was good to see the latter looking so well after her recent illness. We had a little group of our more senior members present;


SISTER RUTH MARY BROWN brought SISTER JOAN from Bedhampton, the latter always enjoys seeing some of her 'old boys' from the Convent!

SISTER MAY MAGENIS sent apologies as she would be on retreat and then on holiday at home in Ireland.

SISTER BERNARDINE brought SISTER ROSA down from London. It means a great deal to us to have former members of staff present at the reunion. SISTER FRANCES came in too.

We missed Committee member LINDA HOOPER (HERBERT), who was in Australia; you will read about her special visit later in this edition.

VANESSA BENNETT (LARCOMBE) sent her apologies too, she was spending some time in Zanzibar with her daughter, who was doing voluntary work in Tanzania prior to beginning her course at Oxford University.

NANCY PLACE(BREWER) was unable to attend this year. In the letter of apology, which SHEILA HART (DANAGHER) sent she remembered that SISTER CATHERINE NORTON was 70 on 2nd June; belated birthday greetings SISTER KATE.

I still have an UMBRELLA, which was left at the reunion in 2004. It has pink and grey flowers with some navy blue in the background. If you have any ideas which you would like to see implemented please let us know.

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