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2005 (Spring) News and Messages - 1.

26 Queensland Road,
Dorset. BH5 2AB

`Phone 01202 421615

May 2005

E - Mail

Dear Former Pupils & Members of Staff,

As I begin this newsletter to you my mind is filled with memories of Pope John Paul's death and funeral. What a wonderful inspiration the manner of his dying and the tremendous surge of world wide affection and respect has been to us all.

The example of such a life has brought so many blessings. May he rest in peace. We pray for the help and strength of The Holy Spirit to be with Pope Benedict XVI.

Lengthening days, some warmth in the sun, between April showers, and beautiful displays of blossoms persuade me to believe that Summer is nigh. The Committee has met and discussed plans for our Annual Reunion on 3rd July.

Remember that it is always the 1st Sunday in July. PAUL GILLINGS, Head Teacher of St. Thomas Garnet's School, which is the venue, always books the Hall for us on that day, for which we are very grateful.

Why not arrange to meet up with old school friends there, plenty of tea, coffee or fruit squash and teatime fare is supplied. The atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly. We look forward to seeing you there; more information will be found inside.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of St. Thomas Garnet Independent School, in the building of the former St. Joseph's School, the Junior Department of the Convent. The celebration will be on 13th May and I will include a report on the occasion later in this Newsletter.

Thank you to all who keep in touch and supply us with material for publication twice a year. Other Past Pupils enjoy seeing the names of former friends and hearing about their lives, even a few lines are appreciated, you do not have to find time for a long essay !

We thank PAUL GILLINGS for allowing us to use the Hall every year, we all feel so 'at home' in the familiar surroundings of our old school, how fortunate we are. ROSANNA JONES (BREDDA), past pupil and the School Secretary, remains unfailingly efficient and cheerful as she prints 200 + copies of the newsletter for us.

You will be pleased to know that we present her with a small 'thank you' gift at Christmas and in the Summer.

We are managing to keep the subscription to 4.00 a year, details of methods of payment can be found at the back of this edition.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Brooks (Browning) Chairman and Newsletter Editor.

I print past pupils names in capital letters for extra clarity; where applicable the maiden name is within brackets.

At this time of the year we have received the eagerly anticipated thank you' letter from SISTER PATRICIA MACKENZIE; I would love to have space to print it all but, with great difficulty, I select extracts for you now. Those of you who contribute to the Christmas Hamper fund will have enjoyed a copy of the letter. I shall put out some copies at the reunion.

Carmelite Monastery,
Trip Lane, Linton,
Wetherby, Yorkshire. LS224HZ
January 2005

Dear Everyone,
Paeans of praise to you for such a marvellously generous Christmas gift, and special thanks to JEAN WALSH (HUGHES) and MARGARET SIMPSON (ATKINS) who asked my advice about various items we would like.

The newly extended Morrisons in Wetherby set out to do its utmost to please. On Christmas Eve a van appeared with 2 smartly uniformed young women, who showed remarkable muscular power in unloading vast hoards of boxes and bags, filling our entrance passage.

Everything was included from the traditional Christmas fare to the more exotic fruits and plenty of bottles of fruit juice and bumper packs of crisps etc. There was a pleasing crowning touch with a pot of white azaleas, which now stands in our main passage below an icon of The Annunciation by Fra Angelico.

We cannot help but see it as we pass it so often in the day. It reminds me to say a prayer for you all in your many needs. As we look back on 2004 we find it was a busy and eventful year...on March 25th we had the joy of our novice Sr. Carmel (yes that is her birth name!) making her 1st vows.

Some of her family from Manchester and Ireland were able to be with us for the happy occasion. On February 14th 2005, Sr. Pam, a former Anglican Sister, will make her final profession. Many of her friends both Anglican and Catholic will come to the ceremony, as well as her sister.

A close friend of Pam's is Bishop Jack Nichols, Anglican Bishop of Sheffield, he will be there with his wife. Jack came to give us a talk about his recent visit to Russia. Apparently the Orthodox Russians approve of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, because he has a beard, which they consider all bishops should have!

Jack is very friendly with the Catholic Bishop of Sheffield, who told him about his wife Judith buying goats from the CAFOD Aid Agency, as Catholic goats are cheaper than "Protestant" ones from their agencies. It seems a good idea to me that people are invited not just to give money to relief charities but to be able to sponsor the purchase of goats, chickens etc. that will be given to the needy.

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