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2004 Xmas, News and Messages - 1.

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Dear Friends,

Once more Winter is here, the season of Christmas approaches and we send our warmest greetings to all of you to whom we are linked through our mutual association with the Convent in Boscombe. If ever the world was in need of the peace and unity of the Christmas message it is now. We pray that the miracle of Christ's birth will flood throughout the world and bring strength and peace of heart to all.

As usual, in the edition at this time of the year, we bring you news of our Summer Reunion. It was a happy afternoon with friends enjoying a few hours relaxing and chatting. Some people had come from afar to meet up with the faithful regulars. Five became members and since then we have had two more.

Many associations have foundered through lack of interest, it is pleasing to know that so many of you wish to retain the link, especially now that there is no school as a base to draw former pupils back.

I am sure that some of the attraction is the fact that we are still able to meet in part of our old school, for which most sincere thanks to PAUL GILLINGS, Head Teacher of St. Thomas Garnet's School, our former Junior School St. Joseph's.

Paul is, of course a past pupil. We are grateful to the Committee members, who make preparations and spend the afternoon looking after your needs; I was very aware that they had scarcely any time to talk to friends and would like in future to ask for volunteers to give them short breaks from their duties in the kitchen and at the subscription and reception tables.

I thank them for their support throughout the year. More Committee members would be most welcome; also your thoughts about the future of the Association. We hope to be able to arrange another tour of the former Convent sometime, if members would be interested.

Details of subscriptions and ways of paying will be found inside, and the Standing Order form and address of the Treasurer will be at the back, as usual.

Our thanks to ROSANNA JONES (BREDDA) who prints the newsletter for us at the school. On behalf of the Committee I wish you all the blessings of Christmas and a happy peaceful year to come.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Brooks (Browning)

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Once again the committee arrived early to prepare the Haii, TOMMY BROWNING and FRANK BROOKS were there to assist with the heavy work of getting the tables in place. Frank's sweet peas had obeyed orders and flourished in ail their glory, for the table decorations.

We tend to forget that boys were pupils at the Convent for many years, perhaps that is partly because we were scarcely allowed to acknowledge their presence! It is encouraging to have some 'Old Boys' among our members, and attending the reunions.

It is always so rewarding when past pupils have travelled from afar to be with us and to meet up with old friends.

NANCY PLACE (BREWER) had come from Merseyside and was particularly pleased to spend time with ANNE WORBY (BOND), who had come from Sussex. JOSEPHINE HENNESSY was home on leave from Libya, where she is a Nursing Sister in a multi national hospital, caring mainly for the oil industry personnel.

JO has been working in the Arab world area for about 20 years and is fluent in Arabic. We hope to have an article from Jo one day. LINDA HOOPER(HERBERT), although busy serving tea and coffee, was joined by Jo so they were able to have a good chat.

ANGIE WALSH had brought her parents Robin and JEAN (HUGHES) from Sidmouth, Devon in her Motorhome, they had camped on the Saturday night. Robin is now 90 and Jean has recently had her 88th birthday! PETER & RITA TOBIN (CARPENTER) also came from Devon.

SISTER MARY AGNES was over from CAMEROON, she and SISTER JOAN were driven from Portsmouth by SISTER RUTH MARY BROWN. Several people made the journey from London. We were very pleased to see the Sisters of The Handmaids of The Sacred Heart who had driven down.


ELIZABETH CANNING, RENZA CRADDUCK AND JENNIFER DANVERS (SHAW) also came from London & BARBARA TANNER (BROWNING) from Wimbledon. VERONICA PILLEY (HAMPTON) usually tries to get here from Southampton and CYNTHIA WATERS (EVELEIGH - SMITH) came from Essex.

Committee members LINDA HOOPER (HERBERT) and MAUREEN HUNT (DALY) also make the journey from Bristol and Swindon respectively twice a year to meetings, for which we are very grateful.

Apologies were received from :-

BETTY SAVORY; RITA WALKER (BROWNING) who was attending the christening of her grandson; YVONNE PENN (THIOLLIER) was also busy being a proud grandmother, her grandson's graduation was taking place at Durham University.

She wished to be remembered to all her friends. FIONA RITCHIE (MANSFIELD) wrote with her new address, she was moving house 2 days before the reunion so obviously was unable to come.

DEIRDRE FOSTER (CRICK) had family commitments too. SISTER CATHERINE MORTON was also over here from Cameroon, where she has very responsible work as Regional Superior of the Cameroon region of the Sisters of Christ.

Last year the four Communities were united under one Superior. Unfortunately Sister Catherine was unable to attend the reunion in Boscombe.

FR. PETER HACKETT S.J. was still convalescing after triple bypass surgery, he asked me to thank all who had sent him their good wishes and promise of prayers. 1 am pleased to tell you that he is making a very good recovery.

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