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2004 (Spring) News and Messages - 1.

26 Queensland Road,
`Phone 01202 421615 Boscombe,
Dorset. BH5 2AB

May 2004

E - Mail

Dear Former Pupils & Members of Staff,

How quickly the time comes around when we begin planning our Annual Reunion. As that time coincides with the joyful rebirth of life, following the greyness of Winter and the rebirth of Faith at Easter, following the sorrow of Holy Week, it is a time of hope and anticipation.

As always the Annual Reunion of our Past Pupils' Association wilt take place on the 1st Sunday in July, which is the 4th. at the Hall of St. Thomas Garnet's School. Parkwood Road. Boscombe from 2.30 to 5.30p.m.

Everyone is most welcome to come, meet up with old friends and enjoy a cup of tea in a relaxed atmosphere. People come and go as they please, if you have not attended a reunion before please make yourself known to a member of the committee, who may be able to find someone who was a pupil at about the same time as yourself.

We have a Visitors' Book for you to sign so that we have a record of attendance and a means of contact if we receive a request for news of the whereabouts of friends.

As Chairman of the Association I would like to thank the committee for their help and support throughout the year.

Please keep your news coming, we all look forward to reading about former pupils but I can only print the news which I am given, there must be many of you who could send in a few lines about yourself or friends, with whom you are in touch.

My address, telephone number and E-Mail address can be found at the top of this page. The deadlines for articles to be included are the end of the 1st week in November and the end of April.

We are very grateful to PAUL GILLINGS, the Headmaster of St. Thomas Garnet's School, who allows us to use the school hall for our reunions. We really appreciate being in our former Junior School, St Joseph's.

We also thank past pupil ROSANNA JONES {BREDDA), secretary at the school, who prints the newsletter for us, with Paul's co-operation.

Your committee looks forward to welcoming many of you on 4th July. Those who are unable to attend please send us your messages so that you can be represented.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Brooks( Browning) Chairman and Newsletter Editor.

Where appropriate the maiden name will be printed within brackets, throughout the newsletter. Names of former pupils and members of staff will be In capital letters.


JEAN WALSH ( HUGHES),PRESIDENT. Pupil and member of staff.

BETTY SAVORY, Member of staff.

I am sure you realise that without the work of your committee the Association would not continue to thrive. Many other such groups have foundered and disappeared. Unlike most other committees our members are not re-elected but carry on year after year, unless til health or other commitments cause them to resign. We welcome new members!

The driving force behind us all has been JEAN WALSH (HUGHES). It was her determination and work which kept the Association going and growing after the closure of the school.

Throughout the years Jean has acted as Treasurer/ Secretary. Now, however, due to failing eyesight, she is reluctantly having to give up those tasks. On your behalf we extend heartfelt thanks to Jean for all her devotion to the Past Pupils' Association. She is, of course, our President and is still very much involved in committee work.

CHRISTINE BROCKLEHURST (PLACE) has kindly offered to take on the work of Treasurer. Please take note of the change of address to which vour subscriptions should be sent It will be on the back page, as usual.

Many of you send news with your subscription please continue to do so, it will be passed on to me for inclusion in the newsletter.

MARGARET SIMPSON (ATKINS) will be organising the sending of the hamper and the distribution of the ' thank you' letter from SISTER PATRICIA. Your contributions for the hamper should continue to be sent to the Treasurer.

We ask for your continued support, if you have any ideas or suggestions we would be very interested to hear from you.

The committee meets twice a year, in October and March and the members work at the reunion to make it a happy occasion for all.

We look forward to seeing you on 4th July at St. Thomas Garnet*s School.

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