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2003 (Spring) News and Messages - 1.


26 Queensland Road,
`Phone 01202 421615 Boscombe,
BH5 2AB May 2003

E - Mail Dorset.

Dear Friends,

The sun is shining, new foliage and blossoms are appearing on the trees so our thoughts turn to Summer and reunion time.


It will be an informal occasion for the meeting of old friends; tea, coffee and squash will be available. Why not arrange to meet up with some of your school day contemporaries at the familiar location of our former Junior school, St. Joseph's.

I have just heard that BONDS are hoping to come; ANNE, HELEN and husband MICHAEL from Canada, GENEVIEVE and possibly brother HUBERT! If you have any thoughts or ideas about future reunions, or about the Association, please get in touch with us so that we can discuss your suggestions in committee. Pass on information about the Past Pupils to others and encourage them to become members; it would be a great pity if the Association should die out through lack of support. The subscription is only 4.00 a year yet there are currently several members who are more than two years in arrears; we cannot afford to send out newsletters without the financial support of your subscriptions.

If this reaches you in time some of you may like to attend St. Peter's Open Day and Reunion on 1st June. More details in the letter.

We enjoy receiving all news; quite a lot is coming from contacts via the websites; I have included such news in the letter. Please keep it coming - the mention of a name can spark off so many memories.

We are very grateful to PAUL GILLINGS, Headmaster of St. Thomas Garnet's School, who allows us to use the school for our reunions, and to ROSANNA JONES (BREDDA), who prints the newsletter for us at the school, with Paul's co-operation.

For many years VAIL KENYON ( DANIELLS ) has made a marvellous job of typing the Newsletter for us; deciphering difficult handwriting, adding interesting illustrations from her software and always being so willing and cheerful . Now that I am trying to justify the purchase of a computer, I am attempting to manage it myself, with assistance from committee members. On your behalf, and especially from me, we thank Val most sincerely.

The Committee looks forward to welcoming many of you on 6th JULY. To those who are unable to attend please send us your messages so that you can be represented.

With all good wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Brooks( Browning) Chairman and Newsletter Editor.

Where appropriate the maiden name will be put within brackets, throughout the newsletter.

Many of you contribute to the hamper, which we send every Christmas to the Carmelite Monastery in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, where SISTER PATRICIA MACKENZIE lives. Sister Patricia was a pupil and a member of staff at the Convent in Boscombe. In January we eagerly anticipate the interesting letter of thanks which we receive, thank you , Sister Patricia, we always enjoy it so much. Those who have contributed towards the hamper receive a photocopy of the letter. I shall print some extracts of this year's news.

"Dear Everyone,

Once again heart-felt thanks from us all for your most lavish and welcome Christmas gift. It duly arrived on the Eve, 24th, and took an amount of unloading .... Everything desirable and mouth - watering was there and admired by all who crowded round to se the display. Seasonal fare of course, Christmas cake, puddings and mince pies, but a variety of tins, packets etc. too, plus lots of fresh fruit, celery & mushrooms, also cheeses.

This year there was an added festive touch: a pot of charming yellow chrysanths done up with red ribbon. it was a very useful addition to the chapel decorations. 2002 was a busy year here as usual but dominated by building, with much attendant noise in its early stages, ranging from workmen's transistors to pneumatic drills and sledge-hammers.

A small extension, giving better facilities for older sisters e.g. easier access to the nearby chapel and avoiding various staircases, plus a lift to the upper floor, and most fascinating - a bridge across to the garden, so the steps and steep slopes can be avoided ( remember we are built on the side of a hill ) - all this is now nearing completion.

Pardon my ironical laugh as work began last May and we were promised completion by September, October, November, etc . ....... Probably it is good for us to experience some of the frustrations and problems that I'm sure beset you and indeed everyone in today's world . ... I'll give you a few examples that we were able to laugh about, even if only afterwards.

At 5.45 one morning, on our way to Lauds, down the stairs to the Chapel we encountered heavy rain indoors. There had been some failure to join the new roof to the old one adequately. At once an array of pails was fetched & sheeting laid down to catch some of the water. It was like an obstacle course stepping round the buckets while rain fell merrily on our shoulders . After mid - January they may be back to continue their work!

At least we had some Community building in 2002 with clothing ceremonies for Sr. Carmel on March 17th and Sr. Barbara on, June 27th ...... We have had many retreatants and a number of groups using our extern quarters this year.

People value the peace, silence and beauty of our environment. Among the visitors were Youth 2000 for a retreat, the O. Carm. & ODC secular groups and local Methodist Lay Preachers. We specially welcomed a group of nuns from various contemplative orders in the U K - both Anglican and Catholic.

They stayed for several days and we often talked with them. They came across our 2 exercise machines (a bike and a treadmill affair) & enjoyed themselves keeping fit between their discussions.

Another ecumenical event was our hosting of a Paschal tide Taize Evening for the local churches and friends. The Chapel was packed and the singing almost raised the roof .....

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