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2002 News and Messages - 1.


The 1st Sunday in July is always the day of The Annual Reunion. This year it was July 7th at 2.30 p.m. in the Hall of St. Thomas Garnet's School in Parkwood Road. In case you have not attended one before it is our former Junior School, St. Joseph's. Tea, coffee and fruit squash are available all afternoon. It was an informal occasion, just an opportunity to meet up with old friends. People come and go as they please, usually most have left by 5.30 to 6.00 p.m.

Paul Gillings, Headmaster of St. Thomas Garnet's School, kindly lent us a book which he rescued when the Convent closed. In it is a record of Prizewinners at the Junior School from 1936/37 until 1980. I have photocopied the pages and will have them at the Reunion for you to see and order, if you would like a copy of a particular page. It is also recorded on this web site - 'Junior School Awards at the bottom of the first (Main) page.

If you bring photos or old school magazines please make sure that your name is clearly shown, if they are passed round they can so easily get muddled with others; they are such precious and irreplaceable items.

We have heard that some of the younger Past Pupils feel that you are not catered for, the remedy is in your hands, if you want there to be an Association in the future you are going to be the ones to run it. Please put forward your ideas, they would be welcomed. We are keen to have younger members on the Committee, 2 evening meetings a year and help at the reunion is not very onerous, please consider it.

This will be of interest to many of our Past Pupils who have links with St. Peter's School. Some finished their education there, others had brothers, husbands or children at the school.

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Renza Cradduck was away on holiday; she sent her good wishes.
Marie Tarrant (Brown) was also away; she hopes to make it next year.
Barbara Tanner (Browning) had a knee replacement on 5th July; she is making good progress.
Veronica Treadwell (Browning) was unable to make the journey.
Genevieve Basto (Bond) was in the process of moving house.
Helen Warrington (Bond) had hoped to be over from Canada but they had to change their plans; they hope to be in the U. K. in early July 2003. Their 9th grandchild was due last July.

Nancy Place (Brewer) was unable to leave her husband, who is very ill.
Geraldine Ventham (Jolliffe) had the christening of their youngest granddaughter to attend.
Sheila Murray (McFadden) was away on holiday.
Jennifer Shaw (Danvers) had a heavy cold and felt unable to make the journey. Jennifer thanks the association for the expression of sympathy on the death of her mother, past pupil Marguerite Le Roy Dell. The mass we had offered for her was celebrated on 15th July at Westminster Cathedral.

Barbara Keay (Hawkins) was not well enough to attend. We hope that you will soon be feeling better, Barbara.
Anne Shotlander (Spicer) was at the parish priest's retirement party that day.
Barbara Putnam,(Foyle), Veronica Hatchard (Coope), Margaret Jaques (Mason) and Gladys Archer all sent their regrets and good wishes.

We made the Reunion a celebration of Sister Ruth Mary Brown's Golden Jubilee. The Committee, with the help of Vanessa Bennett (Larconnbe), Frank Brooks and Tommy Browning prepared the Hall. Frank's sweet peas and lilies had obligingly bloomed on cue and made the venue welcoming and fragrant. We set a place at the head of one of the tables with a gold coloured cloth and a vase of yellow lilies, in the hope that sister Ruth might sit down for a while, which indeed she did. So many people remember her, both as a pupil and as a teacher.

Our President, Jean Walsh presented Ruth with a flower arrangement, beautifully prepared by, Margaret Simpson (Atkins). On her return Ruth put the floral tribute in the chapel of the Convent at Bedhampton & the lilies made a blaze of light in the hallway.

We also asked for a mass to be offered for her intentions, at her parish church. Sister Ruth asked me to thank you all, on her behalf. A card was sent to Sister Brigid, (Helen Dunne), who is in London, she celebrated her Golden jubilee on the same day. Anne Shotlander (Spicer) wrote, "I remember singing at Sister Ruth's Clothing Ceremony. " And "... ! remember when Sister Brigid came to Boscombe; she had such a Wicked' wonderful sense of humour."

It was good to have new members at the Reunion and to see some members who have not been able to attend for a while. Committee members and helpers made sure that there was a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and cakes, we are grateful to them.

Paul Gillings is always so willing to make the afternoon a success, a past pupil as well as the Headmaster of St. Thomas Garnet's School he extends the hospitality of the school. We thank him. Paul has told us that the Hall has been redecorated in the school colours and a new crucifix, brought from Lourdes, is in place.
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