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2001 News & Messages - 1.

Dear Fellow Past Pupils,

We were delighted to welcome Fr. Peter Hackett SJ, who is now at Corpus Christi Church. He was able to meet up with several old friends. His brother, Fr. Paul Hackett, SJ is a Parish Priest in Scotland and the youngest brother; Fr. Mark Hackett SJ is a missionary in Zimbabwe.

Father Mark always keeps in contact with Jimmy and Jane O'Brien (Thurgood) and several of us were able to talk with him in August 2000, when he was in Corpus Christi Parish for a while.

Glenn Edgeley-Long was also present at the Reunion; although Glenn's children were not Convent Past Pupils all 6 of them were at St Peter's School; 4 girls and 2 boys.

We received apologies from several people. Betty Savory was very involved in a Churches Together afternoon. However we were not forgotten as Betty brought along a selection of her mouth-watering cakes for us. Several people would like your recipes for the chocolate and coffee cakes please Betty. Pam Brigden (Butler) was unable to attend as her husband was unwell; we hope that Malcolm is improving, Pam.

Joanna Crane (Bialobrzeska) was also caring for her husband who had suffered a heart attack. We pray that he is making good progress, Joanna. Gladys Archer telephoned Jean from London, she is gradually getting used to life on her own, after the death of her husband, and is always glad to speak to friends.

Renza Cradduck keeps in touch with her. Gladys sends her best wishes to everyone, unfortunately she was unable to get to the Reunion.

Sisters Kathleen Garrod and Rosa Cronin had previous commitments so were not able to come from London.

Deirdre Foster (Crick), Daphne Tavender (Hopgood), Margaret Moules (Philpot), Margaret Jaques (Mason), Pat Daniels (Perkins), Anne- Marie Butement and Lesley Johns all sent apologies.

Yvonne Penn (Thiollier), was sorry not to get down but it coincided with her grandson's wedding, we are sure that you had a happy day.

There was a 'phone call from Jane O'Brien (Thurgood) in the morning; she had received one from Genevieve Basto, (Bond). Genevieve had travelled down to Sussex to bring her oldest sister Anne Worby (Bond) to the Reunion; unfortunately someone drove into the back of the car at a roundabout, in the Chichester area, amazingly neither Genevieve nor Anne was hurt but the car was not usable. It was to have been the first Reunion that Anne had been able to attend, she was very disappointed.

We hope that there have been no delayed reactions and that we will see them next year. Jane herself was not well enough to come that day.


Remember that we rely on you for news; we all like to see a name from our school days which evokes memories, so please e-mail, 'phone or write. My address etc. is on the front page and Jean Walsh's on the back one. Jean can be e-mailed on her daughter, Angie's address, and that of her niece Anne, which will be given in this letter.

Jane Perez (Faulkner), who lives in Barcelona, has had a third daughter, Estela. Elizabeth Needham (Mason) wrote from Norfolk in May. It has been a difficult year for them with a grandson undergoing an emergency operation, from which he has now recovered, thankfully.

The death of the last member of her family, an uncle who died alone following a fall, was very sad. As next of kin Betty and her husband travelled back and forth to Sidmouth, Devon to sort out all his affairs. When she wrote they had builders in doing some necessary work.

Hopefully by now calm has been restored to your lives, Betty. Congratulations to Mia Costello on her appointment as Managing Editor of BBC Radio Solent, the first woman to hold the post in the 30 years that it has been broadcasting. Mia insisted on only working a four-day week so that time can be spent with her children Jack and Roxy.

Mia is married to former Radio Solent presenter Gordon Cooper. You may remember that we printed the news of her Royal Television Award for 'Sally's Story,' which followed TV presenter Sally Taylor's breast cancer surgery and re-construction.

Helen who lives with her husband and family in Plymouth, is expecting her 4th child any moment now! Her daughter, Freya, was born on November 25th. John McKinney, husband of Anne (Carpenter), has emphysema and is confirmed to a wheelchair. Anne, who taught at St Peter's School for many years, is now retired and is taking great care of John as well as minding grandchildren.

Geraldine Nicholls, (Mahy) enjoyed the reunion; she was pleased to catch up on news of Veronica Pilley's (Hampton) 3 children; Geraldine's son Stephen had been Richard Pilley's best man at their wedding. Veronica nearly always manages to come from Southampton for the reunion. Geraldine enjoyed talking to Peter Devlin. who she had known since he was a toddler when his father ran 'Devlin Newsagents' at Southbourne Crossroads.

Geraldine and Sally James and Anne Starbuck (Manning) go back many years too as she was friendly with their older sister Joan, who died some years ago. Geraldine's husband Deryck is not in very good health, we remember you both in our prayers.

Theresa McIntyre (1966-1972) is now working for the Disability Service Team part of the Employment Service at the Lansdowne, Bournemouth.

We had a lovely letter from Renza Craddeck thanking us for the reunion; she comes down from London every year and always enjoys meeting her friends. We do appreciate your kindness, Renza.

Nancy Place (Brewer) was unable to attend the reunion, as she could not leave her husband. She thoroughly enjoyed the newsletter, particularly Sister Patricia's (Mackenzie) letter. Nancy remembers Patsy very well for her outstanding intelligence and for the scholarship she won to Oxford.

Mildred Latheron (Scott) sent her good wishes to all her friends, as she was not able to come down to Bournemouth this Summer. She looks forward to reading about the reunion in the newsletter.

Carmen Bachelier (Petre) was meeting up with Stella Hore (Murphy) in August. Although they had kept in touch over the years they had not met for 25 years. That must have been some reunion! Carmen supplied us with some of the photos which we displayed at the last reunion and could be ordered. Thank you, Carmen.

Jean Walsh was surprised and pleased to meet Anne Marie Butement (Winstanley) and her family after Mass at the Sidmouth church. Unfortunately it was a day when Jean could not be hospitable as they were just preparing to leave on holiday.

Sally Wiggs (Plumer) wrote in June telling us that she reads the Past Pupils Newsletter 'with relish' every time she receives it. Sally was at the Convent from 1954-1958 approximately, so she often recognizes names from long ago.

Sally's sister Anne Rice (Plumer) kindly pays the subscription for her as Sally has been living in North America for 30 years, she has dual citizenship. Now they are living in Lyon, France for 2-4 years. Her husband Doug is a U.S. Marshal working with INTERPOL, which they are finding very interesting.

Sally loves living in France but does wish that she had listened to 'Mamselle' more diligently at school. She says, "she used to get very exasperated at our 'English girls' pronunciation of French; mine hasn't improved!" I'm sure you make yourself understood very well, Sally. Thank you for your appreciation of the newsletter.

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