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2000 Xmas, News and Messages - 1.

Mary Brooks writes:-

On your behalf I would like to thank Paul Gillings, past pupil and headmaster of St. Thomas Garnet's School, for allowing us to use the hall and field and for permitting those who wished to go round the school.

The committee joins me in thanking all the helpers who gave their time and energies on Saturday evening and on the Sunday itself before, during and after the reunion. While they were too numerous to mention each one individually, I feel that a few deserve a special thank you.

The kitchen was manned all day, copious amounts of tea, coffee and squash were served. Thanks to all of you for helping to make the day such a success.

The two highlights of the day were the Mass in Corpus Christi church and the tour of the former Convent. The mass was a wonderful experience, a real celebration of our lives as pupils of the Convent. We have had so many expressions of appreciation. The atmosphere in the church was almost tangible.

Fr. Gerard Hughes SJ was the perfect celebrant reflecting the mood of the congregation, we are very grateful to him for sparing time from his busy schedule to be with us. Peter Walsh served the mass. The singing was organised and led by Sister Marguerite Cowerd, a past pupil. So many people have commented on the beauty of the unaccompanied singing, some remarked that they could almost see Miss Gobell conducting from in front of a pillar!

The readings were chosen by Pam Brigden (Butler) and read by Margaret Simpson (Atkins) and Sister Catherine Reynall. Sister Ruth Mary Brown composed and read the Biddings Prayers, which were so well suited to the occasion.

Most people found the tour round the Convent an interesting, nostalgic experience but for some, the changes were a little too painful. The chapel in particular, caused distress to a few. Nevertheless, it was an opportunity to relive old memories.

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Helen Warrington(Bond) writes:-

The tour of the Convent seemed to be a great success, it was funny to see the same doorknobs and flooring in the washrooms. Nice that the chapel is being utilized for higher learning and that the beautiful marble is still there. I found it quite a thrill after 50 years to go up the stairs we were NEVER allowed to set foot on because they led to forbidden territory!"

As I cannot be with you for the Jubilee Year celebrations, I thought I would write a few lines to greet you all and to let you know I shall be united with you in spirit. I hope that the gathering will exceed all your expectations and that it will be a most joyful occasion filled with happy surprises and plenty of chatter and laughter. I shall look forward to having echoes when I receive the Newsletter that you so kindly send so faithfully to me. Thank you for that.

I send greetings especially to my class-mates and the boarders 1943/44, to all my 'little' pupils in the junior school 1950-59 and all my 'charges' especially those of St. Michael's Dormitory.

May God continue to bless each and everyone!

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