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Boscombe Catholics    -    Corpus Christi Church   &   'Convent of the Cross'
- plus information for visitors on services in local churches in local towns, (see the left panel),

Corpus Christi Church -

Since 1896, Corpus Christi Church, - originally under the guidance of Father de LaPasture and with the support of Baroness Pauline von Hugel - has both served the people of Boscombe and been closely involved in the daily activities of the adjoining Convent.

The two religious organisations were seen as one by Boscombe Catholics. The priests provided the daily support for the Convent in addition to the main church and the presbytery grounds provided the venue for many of the Convent gatherings and events.

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history, Services and weekly Newsletter.
Corpus Christi past pictures.
Boscombe Convent -

This section of the web site displays the history and details of annual reunions plus many photos from the past and present in addition to past newsletters from the -

'Convent of the Cross - Boscombe Convent'
- for the benefit of those past pupils now residing in this country and around the world.

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